Eddie Van Halen News

After wrapping up Van Halen's 2012-2013 tour, Eddie Van Halen is currently on musical break. In the coming months, he is going to appear in Guitar Afficionado, and Esquire magazines. He is also set to appear in the upcoming photo book "Shades of Elvis".

Also, VHND is releasing Eddie Van Halen's music from the 1984 movie "The Wild Life". We will be putting out all of the music he recorded, unedited and uncut, straight from Eddie's tape.

Eddie Van Halen “Van Hauler” Trucks


On this day in 1993, Petersen Publishing Company gave away a Chevy C1500 red, white, and black striped project truck in a Sport Truck magazine giveaway. The truck is one of only two such beauties in existence. The other featured less stripes and was made for Edward Van Halen. Here’s a look at both “Van Halenized” […]

Eddie Van Halen “Driving Song” Instrumental from ‘The Wild Life’ Film Score (Exclusive)

Eddie Van Halen “Driving Song" Instrumental from 'The Wild Life' Film Score (Exclusive)

More music from The Wild Life! Here’s what we call “Driving Song,” a really nice guitar track from the 1984 movie The Wild Life. This has never been heard in full until now.  (This track was only played for a few seconds, about 27 minutes into the movie, as Eric Stoltzs’ character Bill was driving his truck). This piece, played on a stratocaster, reinforces the […]

Friends of the Boys: Visiting Jan Van Halen (35 Years Ago Today)

Friends of the Boys: Visiting Jan Van Halen (35 Years Ago Today)

The home where Eddie and Alex Van Halen grew up in Pasadena, as it looked in 2013. (Photo: Karen Nuremberg Sonner) A very unique story from 35 years ago today, by VHND contributing writer, Doug Fox. Written for VHND and The Editing Room Floor: Click, snap, clack, pop, clink … There’s a lot of things that go through […]

Rare Video: Eddie Van Halen Jams with G.E. Smith & The Saturday Night Live Band, 1987


Here’s a video of one of our favorite Eddie Van Halen jams ever. Embedded below is the elusive footage of Eddie Van Halen playing with G. E. Smith and the Saturday Night Live band in 1987. The video always get’s taken down from youtube, so it’s hard to find. Classic stuff! Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli appeared […]

Eddie Van Halen on How He Created His Signature Sound Using MXR’s Phase 90 and Flanger Pedals

Eddie Van Halen on How He Created His Signature Sound Using MXR's Phase 90 and Flanger Pedals

From GuitarWorld.com: This is an excerpt from the all-new November 2014 issue of Guitar World. For the rest of this story, plus Guitar World’s cover feature on Jeff Beck and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, not to mention features on Weezer, George Thorogood, the guitar pick revolution, Nita Strauss and Black Veil Brides, plus gear reviews (Epiphone, […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Eddie Tied Up


Eddie Van Halen gettin’ nutty backstage during the band’s “1980 Invasion” World Tour. “All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at VHND.com. Every weekend we feature a photo from a roadie, friend, or band insider. Many are never-seen-before exclusives. Tune in every weekend for more! For tons of live photos from this tour, see this: Photos: Van Halen […]

EVH iPad Hard Shell Cases & iPad / Tablet Soft Cover Now Available


Now you can ROCK your iPad or Tablet with Eddie Van Halen’s iconic guitar stripes! There’s three EVH Hard Shell Cases: iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad 2/3/4 Generation! There’s also a Zip Soft Cover for Tablets & All iPads! All items are now available at Van Halen Store. And, right out of the starting gate, they are all discounted. Get […]

Eddie Van Halen’s “Spanish Fly” Guitar Solo Covered on Piano! (Video)


This is amazing! Watch the video below of famous keyboardist Derek Sherinian cover Eddie Van Halen’s acoustic guitar instrumental “Spanish Fly.” Derek says he recorded this on his iPhone on 7/27/14 and adds, “God bless EVH!” Hearing this on a piano is like hearing it in a whole new light. It really shows what an incredible piece of […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Eddie Ready To Rock Japan!


Another never seen photo — Eddie Van Halen ready to rock a sold out crowd in Japan in 1978. He’s proudly wearing the original Van Halen logo tee from the band’s club days. To this day, that very shirt that he wore during the band’s first world tour hangs on display at 5150 Studios. “All Access” […]

Never Seen Photos of Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar Collection at 5150!

Never Seen Photos of Eddie Van Halen's Guitar Collection at 5150!

“Pretty maids, all in a row…” Feast your eyes on a real treat! Here’s some incredibly cool photos from 5150 studios that have just emerged, offering glimpses of many of Eddie Van Halen’s rarely seen guitars. These are definitely some of the very best (and only!) photos of Eddie’s axe collection that have ever come out of […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Eddie Backstage ’84


This week’s rare photo—the most popular guitar player in the world poses backstage in 1984. Van Halen’s legendary 1984 tour was their most massive tour ever, consisting of 75 crew members, midget body guards, and 175,000 tons of equipment loaded onto nine trucks and five buses, bringing the world’s biggest rock ‘n’ roll music party to millions […]

Exclusive: Eddie Van Halen “Love Song” Instrumental from ‘The Wild Life’ Film Score

Hear "Love Song" Eddie Van Halen

More music from The Wild Life! Here’s what we call “Love Song,” a pretty little guitar track from the 1984 movie The Wild Life. This has never been heard in full until now. This beautiful little piece, not reliant on gain and effects, could be a cousin of “Women In Love.” It’s very lovely, with a chime-like quality. […]