Eddie Van Halen News

After wrapping up Van Halen's 2012-2013 tour, Eddie Van Halen is currently on musical break. In the coming months, he is going to appear in Guitar Afficionado, and Esquire magazines. He is also set to appear in the upcoming photo book "Shades of Elvis".

Also, VHND is releasing Eddie Van Halen's music from the 1984 movie "The Wild Life". We will be putting out all of the music he recorded, unedited and uncut, straight from Eddie's tape.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s Shares Photos of His Dad’s Legendary Guitars


Following Wolfgang Van Halen on Instagram and Twitter has been paying off lately! Throughout the week, he’s been digging into his father’s incredible guitar collection, and teasing us with glimpses of A Different Kind of Treasure Trove. For our many readers who aren’t on those sites, we’re featuring his pictures here. If you are, be sure […]

Eddie’s Still Got His Jumpsuit


So cool to see Eddie Van Halen still has his pink jumpsuit from the 1980 Invasion tour, and that it still fits! Wonder what other classic stage clothes he still has…

EVH Stripe Series Star Guitar Coming Soon!


Here’s the info on the newest EVH Stripe Series guitar to be released soon from EVH Gear. (Release date to be announced). EVH Stripe Series Star Model, Rosewood Fingerboard, Black and White Stripes With its distinctive body shape and black and white gloss “1980 Invasion” graphic finish, the EVH Star model is without question one […]

Happy Birthday, 1984! Eddie Van Halen Looks Back on Van Halen’s Landmark Album

Eddie Van Halen on 1984

Van Halen’s 1984 was released 31 years ago today! Van Halen’s 1984 album and tour were the pinnacle of Van Halen’s popularity. To this day, the album remains an absolute classic, and the tour goes down in history as on of the biggest and most extravagant (and costly) rock tours of the decade. Even after the eighties were […]

Eddie Van Halen to Tap Into Why Reinvention is Quintessentially American


UPDATE 1/9/15: More details about this will be announced in the near future. The VHND is attending the event and we look forward to bringing you details next month. (NO MORE TICKETS are available for the event). Eddie Van Halen will be speaking at the National Museum of American History on February 12th. From whatitmeanstobeamerican.org: What […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Hangin’ at 5150


Eddie Van Halen having a good time at 5150 Studios with Riley Cote & Daniel Carcillo of the Philadelphia Flyers. All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at VHND.com. Every weekend we feature a photo from a roadie, friend, or band insider. Many are never-seen-before exclusives. Tune in every weekend for more! Dan Carcillo is a […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Ed & Wolf Jamming Today


Today, half of Van Halen jammed together. But this time it was Wolf on the drums, and Eddie on the bass! If YOU could join them on guitar, what songs would you want to jam? (Photo from Wolf’s Instagram) All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at VHND.com. Every weekend we feature a photo from a […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Crazy Eddie

All Access Photo

Eddie Van Halen getting just a little bit crazy side-stage at Portland Meadows, Oregon, August 18th, 1993, during the Right Here Right Now tour. This never seen pic is courtesy VHND reader, Jon Storms. “All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at VHND.com. Every weekend we feature a photo from a roadie, friend, or band insider. Many […]

Happy Holidays from the Van Halens!


“Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!” (Posted on the Facebook pages of Eddie Van Halen & Kody Van Halen)

Eddie Van Halen: ‘If there was any other vocalist I’d like to make a record with, it would be Joe Cocker’


Joe Cocker, the British singer whose impassioned, gravel-voiced covers of popular rock and blues songs were an indelible sound of 1960s counterculture, has died at age 70 after a battle with lung cancer. Cocker died Monday at his home in Colorado. Even a hard rocker like Edward Van Halen fantasized about making music with him. […]

Guitar Legends Recreate Photo 30 Years Later


What’s 30 years between friends? Back in 1978, Eddie Van Halen was thrilled to be touring with one of his idols, Black Sabbath. As this 1978 backstage photo shows, one day Queen’s Brian May attended a Black Sabbath/Van Halen show and hooked up with Eddie and Tony Iommi backstage. Luckily for guitar buffs, someone snapped […]

This ‘Panama’/’Beat it’ Mashup is a Real Thriller! (Video)


Okay, so we all know that whilst producing Michael Jackson’s Thriller album in 1983, Michael’s producer, Quincy Jones called up the hottest guitarist on the planet—Eddie Van Halen—and had a conversation that led to Eddie playing the immortal guitar solo on “Beat It.” But what if it was the other way round? Imagine if—while David Lee Roth was […]