Van Halen Interviews, Part 6 (Video)


The sixth and latest in a series of “interview” videos from Van Halen features Ed, Al and Dave sittin’ around, shootin’ the shit. Off the cuff and no editing. These guys have a LOT of amazing shared history together. Enjoy!

“The Trouble With Never” Word Jazz


Here’s the third “Word Jazz” video from David Lee Roth…  

“HoneyBabySweetieDoll” Word Jazz


“HoneyBabySweetieDoll” Word Jazz from DLR. “Honeybabysweetiedoll” song preview:

Song by Song: “As Is”

More DLR on “As Is”… “As Is” preview:

David Lee Roth: Super Later

Rudy Leiren makes drinks for the Van Halen crew, 1982

Something for VHND from Diamond Dave…

Song by Song: “You And Your Blues”


David Lee Roth on the new song “You And Your Blues”: “You And Your Blues” preview:

DLR: Word Jazz Lyric Test “As Is”


This is video of David Lee Roth at the Alvin Ailey studio talking about the new song “AS IS” and what he calls Word Jazz.

Song By Song: “China Town”


David Lee Roth on “China Town” from the new album A Different Kind Of Truth: “China Town” preview:

Exclusive Video: David Lee Roth Talks Tattoos


David Lee Roth sent the Van Halen News Desk a new video about the lyrics to “Tattoo”, the first single off Van Halen’s forthcoming album, “A Different Kind Of Truth”, due Feb 7th.

Never-Before-Seen Van Halen! “You Really Got Me” Acoustic


Here’s a first! Van Halen has released video of an off-the-cuff acoustic performance, just for their fans online. It’s the band performing “You Really Got Me” is from Van Halen’s “Downtown Sessions” footage, shot at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Very cool to see them loose and having fun, giving us a different flavor […]

New David Lee Roth “Scrapbook” Video


David Lee Roth has reached out to the message board by giving them some very cool exclusive content. A nearly 8-minute video entitled, “David Lee Roth Scrapbook Chapter 1″, which was shot over the last year or so, can be viewed below. Photo Stills from the new DLR Video can be found here.

Van Halen – King of Gazzarri’s

The band just sent us a new tidbit, just for! We’ll call it “King of Gazzarri’s”! How fucking cool is this?! Van Halen, just sitting around, laughing and sharing memories from the club days? More to come!