David Lee Roth’s New Commentary for the Classic “Dave TV” Special

David Lee Roth has just uploaded newly recorded commentary for “Dave TV,” his collection of videos and interviews released in 1986. The new commentary, which can be viewed above, was not included on his new Greatest Hits/The Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD) released last month by Rhino. While that collection has the full, original “Dave TV” special as part of the DVD, it does not include the additional audio commentary featured here.

Roth had wanted the official release to include an audio track with his commentary, but Rhino vetoed it due to explicit language. We’re not sure why that was a big deal to them, but it was.

Dave does a lot of reflecting on the “Roaring ’80s,” as he called them. Even though he was probably the most popular rock ‘n’ roll frontman of the 1980s, he willingly pokes fun at himself here.

Lots of great lines:

‘I watch these [’80s videos] and thought, “Wow, I was into that fashion or that style.” And then I thought, “Wow, I launched that fuckin’ style!”‘

“I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, we have lost our way. But the good news is, we’re way ahead of schedule!”

“I’ve often wondered if I would’ve been the same “Diamond David Lee Roth” if my wardrobe choices had been different. And you know what? The answer’s fuck yes. I would have been the same “Diamond David Lee Roth” if I dressed like Harry fucking Potter.”

“On a personal note, I feel fairly confident these are some of the best times of my life. Looking back now, even I envy me.”

Here’s to Dave for sharing this with us!