Eddie Van Halen’s “Top Down” From ‘The Wild Life’

Another Van Halen News Desk exclusive! Here’s what we call “Top Down”, written and performed by Eddie Van Halen in 1983. This track is part of the musical score from the movie The Wild Life, released in 1984. Eddie wrote the entire musical score for the movie, playing guitar along with his electronic drum machine.

In the movie, the guys where blasting this song while cruising around in their convertible, drinking, smoking with the top down, on their way to a strip club. What’s more rock ‘n’ roll than that? You can’t hear much of the song due to their talking and the sounds of the traffic, but here’s the full, unedited track!

More on the way! Last week we released “Out The Window“, and the Van Halen News Desk will be releasing all of Ed’s music from The Wild Life score throughout the coming weeks, via our Van Halen Vault youtube channel (subscribe here). These are the full, raw tracks that Eddie recorded, before they were edited for use in the movie. So stay tuned, track #3 is coming soon…