Van Halen Rocks the Tokyo Dome! (Videos, Photos, Setlist)


From Wolfgang during Eddie’s solo: “Pop doing what he does best… Sitting”

Today, Van Halen played the Tokyo Dome, the second stop on their 2013 Japan Tour. Van Halen rocked the house of 50,000 fans and put on a superb show.

The setlist was the same as Tuesday’s show in Nagoya, but they swapped out “Jamie’s Cryin’” for another song from Van Halen,I’m The One“, which hasn’t been played since the 2007-08 Reunion Tour.


1. Unchained
2. Runnin’ With The Devil
3. She’s The Woman
4. Romeo Delight 
5. Tattoo
6. Everybody Wants Some!!
7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
8. China Town
9. I’m The One
10. Hear About It Later
11. Pretty Woman
12. Drum Solo
13. You Really Got Me
14. The Trouble With Never
15. Dance The Night Away
16. I’ll Wait
17. And The Cradle Will Rock…
18. Hot For Teacher
19. Women In Love…
20. Atomic Punk
21. Mean Street
22. Beautiful Girls
Dave’s Short Film “Tokyo Story”
23. Ice Cream Man
24. Panama
25. Guitar Solo
26. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
27. Jump


Van Freakin’ Halen Tokyo Dome :

(A review from mrC)

Well, I can die and go to heaven (?) now… I’ve finally, after being a fan for 30+ years, seen DLR and EVH together on stage at last… on a night when DLR was top form and in full control of 50,000 people in Tokyo Dome.

Dave was back on top, over the top, and back down again. Always a winner… King of the Hill.

Dave had something to prove as a recent resident of Tokyo …and he delivered in spades. As expected he was ‘the’ master showman… however this was special as he was able to use his recently learned Japanese language most effectively.

Dave, had special guests in the audience including sumo giant Konishiki who even starred with Dave in the mid-show 1970′s-Yakuza-style short film in which Dave could show off his new full-back tattoo on screen, a work of art which he’s been working on for nearly a full year here in Tokyo.

The 3 Van Halen family guys were rocking’ steady as always, played all the great songs for a full 2hr:15min. Alex was cool as a cucumber, lil nephew Wolfgang was solid as could be on bass… oh yeah… Ed has been “back” and consistent for the better part of a few years now.

He’s an inspiration to the rest of us guitar players for doing that voodoo he do so well… all so effortlessly.

Kiyo san had gotten us really good seats.. (well, the best I’ve had at a Tokyo Dome Show… but certainly nothing posh like Robert was able to swindle. ;) haha.

As you can see the light/video show supported the band which really didn’t need any support at all. They were ‘on’ tonight.

Surprise rare songs were: “I’m The One (Show Your Love)”, “Hear About It Later” and “Women in Love”.

The weather was pre-typhoon so it was really humid and raining the whole way to the show.. we all looked like a couple of soaked swamp rats by the end of the day but it was not what was in the forefront of our minds.

Kiyo ditched early… and Dan the man and I hooked up with Robert in Shinjuku Station for some eats and decompression. Thanks guys! The 30 year wait was worth it. My obituary will read: “he died a happy man”. (”,)b