Singers On A Plane: 30,000 Feet Above the Ocean with Diamond Dave!


Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach had quite the experience yesterday! While flying home after performing at the Stone Music Festival in Australia, he noticed that one of his fellow passengers was none other than Diamond Dave! Here’s what he posted to facebook once he landed in Los Angeles:

“30,000 feet above the ocean w Diamond David Lee Roth! From the #YouKnowYouveMadeItWhenFile, I just spent an incredible 14 or so hours in the air with the one & only David Lee Roth. We had a great time Rockin’ Australia last night and I was very excited when we got on the plane together this morning to come back to the USA. I sat in my chair and just couldn’t contain myself with excitement. I walk…ed over and Dave and I planned on talking for a bit and then catching some Z’s, but we ended up Laughing and singing & carrying on together for hours!! We got asked to keep it down after a while from the people next to us. ‘Scuse us for livin’! Can you imagine trying to sleep in a plane sitting next to David Lee & myself? It was every bit as fun and loud as you think it was & one of the highlights of my life. He regaled me with all sorts of details about everything you can imagine and I enjoyed every second of it as you can imagine. I told him how he was such an inspiration of being fit and healthy when I was a kid reading Creem Magazine and he was doing monkey-fu in the Amazon jungle. He was fascinated by my Broadway stuff and we talked about music and life & girls & comics & rock ‘n roll! He was so nice and intelligent and fun to talk to & it was the first time we have ever encountered each other sober I believe. No, in fact I know! ha ha. Thank you David Lee Roth for everything you have done for rock ‘n roll and I am proud to call you my friend!!”

Sebastian Bach performed at the Stone Music Festival yesterday (April 20th) at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium. Bach is part of the new supergroup, KINGS OF CHAOS, featuring present/former members of Guns n’ Roses, Def Leppard and Deep Purple. This was their first live gig ever. They opened for Jimmy Barnes, Aerosmith, and Van Halen.

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