Van Halen Heading to Australia (& misc news)



Van Halen hits the stage in Sydney this Saturday night! Naturally, we’ll be featuring youtube clips as soon as they come in, which could be as early as Saturday morning here in the U.S.

Yesterday Eddie Van Halen posted to facebook, “Heading 2 Australia…gonna Rock the Stone Music Festival!” Eddie also tweeted, “Australia get ready to Rock…I’m on my way!”

Wolfie tweeted, “Less than a week than Sydney can’t wait!! You all ready ?” And then followed by, “Almost time!!”

Kody Van Halen (Ed’s pup) posted, “Ummm, excuse me, but aren’t you forgetting something?!” along with this photo.

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Here’s some misc. Van Halen tidbits:

David Lee Roth outtakes from Japan TV appearance (March 2013):

A montage of David Lee Roth and Sensei Sueyoshi Akeshi performing Iaido:

David Lee on the cover of Japan’s BURRN! rock magazine:


Lastly, Diamond Dave will be a guest on the Australian TV program “The Project”, on Friday.