Van Halen Rehearsals Have Begun: David Lee Roth Huffington Post Interview 3/26/13

David Lee Roth gave a very entertaining interview today (3/26/13) with Huff Post Live. He definitely lives his life like there’s no tomorrow… he’s been very busy indeed! Dave takes questions from fans about Van Halen and just about everything else.

“I was rehearsing with the band last night… ‘The Might Van Halen’! Up out of the ashes! Or, at least out of the pajamas and onto the street! What more do you want of me?”

“It’s going superb! We’re getting ready to play in Australia… then we have 30,000 of our closest friends at the Tokyo Dome… and then from there we have a few more shows this season.”

“I told the makeup lady that’s all the lines in my four head are named after ex-girlfriends. This deepest one right here… that’s Stacy from Dallas.”

When asked about the possibility of new music, he said, “New music is always around the corner…”, but then basically skirted the question. Granted, the band Van Halen just released a killer album only 13 months ago. But of course their rabid fan base always wants more…

Huff Post Live even shows at 16:45 into the video!