Van Halen Wins “Comeback of the Year”, “Best Rock Guitarist”, and “Most Valuable Player” in Guitar World’s 2012 Reader’s Poll

Guitar World has announced the official results from their 2012 Reader’s Poll in their February 2013 issue. Van Halen came in at first or second place in all 5 categories in which they were nominated. The results are as follows:

Comeback of the Year
Van Halen-44%

Green Day-8%

Best Rock Guitarist
Eddie Van Halen-52%
Billy Gibbons-15%
Joe Perry/Brad Whitford-9%
Neil Young-4%

Most Valuable Player
Eddie Van Halen-46%
Jimmy Page-20%
Steve Vai-15%
Billy Gibbons-11%
Tosin Abasi-8%

Best Rock Album
Clockwork Angels-35%
A Different Kind of Truth-27% (despite their album not even being included during the first four weeks of voting)
King Animal-20%
Psychedelic Pill-14%
La Futura-4%

Best Live Act
Iron Maiden-44%
Van Halen-24%
Roger Waters-17%
Pierce the Veil-6%

Biggest Disappointment
Bill Ward not in Black Sabbath-34%
Cancellation of Van Halen tour-31%
Death of Mitch Lucker-17%
Brian May beating Jimmy Page in greatest guitarist poll-13%

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The “50 Greatest Van Halen songs” issue

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