Jim Florentine Disgusted by NFL Picking Beyonce Over Van Halen for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Comedian Jim Florentine is disgusted that the NFL chose Beyonce for the Super Bowl over a band like Van Halen. In his recent podcast, the co-host of VH1’s ‘That Metal Show’ goes on a long, hilarious rant about it.

“Did ANY male heterosexual football fan get excited when they heard that it was Beyonce doing the halftime show?  NOBODY. Van Halen would have been perfect…”

In fact, this makes Jim’s 4th podcast about Van Halen, and we recommend listening to them all. Here’s the complete list:

1) Audio from Exclusive Van Halen Show, part One (1/7/12): (featured on VHND here)
His first episode of his “Comedy Metal Midgets” podcast this year is entirely about Van Halen – a unique and humorous account of attending the exclusive Cafe Wha? show. It’s 48 minutes long, 18 of which is a LIVE recording of Van Halen performing at the cafe! Although it’s just an audience recording, it’s definitely the best sounding audio that’s surfaced from the concert. The band tears through “You Really Got Me”, “Runnin’ With The Devil” and “Somebody Get Me A Doctor”.

2) Audio from Exclusive Van Halen Show, part Two (1/13/12): (featured on VHND here)

3) Recap of Super Bowl/Review of New Van Halen CD (2/6/12): (Not previously featured on VHND)
After listening to “A Different Kind of Truth” just twice, Jim is convinced it’s a classic. (VH review begins at 17:15).

4) Jim is Disgusted by the Choice of Beyonce Doing Super Bowl Halftime Show (10/19/12) as noted above.

Listen to all of these free podcasts on iTunes here.

Despite rumors and speculation that Van Halen could perform at the Super Bowl halftime show next year, the NFL has decided to go with Beyoncé. Van Halen was clearly the people’s choice, however. In ESPN’s own poll, a full two-thirds of the 150,000 unique voters voted for Van Halen to perform.

This past July, Van Halen issued an Open Letter (through VHND.com) regarding the rampant rumors that they will play the Super Bowl next year: