Must-See Fan-Made Video for Van Halen’s “Tattoo”

Here’s a fan-made video of “Tattoo” that people are raving about. It really brings the song to life…

Van Halen – Tattoo (Fan Video) from Michael Wood on Vimeo.

This was made by Michael Wood from San Ramon, CA. His website is

“Lots of people have videos on YouTube of themselves playing guitar and totally rocking on some crazy Eddie Van Halen riff or showing how close they can get to Eddie’s tone… but I can’t do that.  I play guitar – because of Eddie, of course – but I’m not THAT good.  But, as a video producer, Final Cut Pro editor and a die-hard Van Halen fan, this is what I can do.  So I did.  And I love seeing fans creating whatever they can – art, music… whatever – all inspired by a common source: Van Halen music.  Here’s my first contribution to the online Van Halen community.” -Michael