Tonight: Van Halen Live! (Update)

Tonight’s the night! Van Halen will play an intimate club gig at the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village, which was originally owned by Roth’s uncle Manny Roth. We’ve been told that this event is not a press conference, and that there won’t be a Q&A. Rumor is the band are going to perform a 45-minute set. Fans are dying to find out if the play a new song or two! Van Halen News Desk staff will be in attendance and we’ll be tweeting updates on VHND before and after the concert, so stay tuned! (You’ll be able to read the tweets right on VHND, or you can follow VHND on Twitter).

Check out the Cafe Wha in 3-D here.

UPDATE: Rumors are the new album title is “A Different Kind of Truth”.