Documentary About Artist Behind Van Halen’s “Fair Warning” Album Cover

There is a new documentary about the life of artist William Kurelek, who’s painting, “The Maze” was used for Van Halen’s “Fair Warning” album cover art. For more info about the troubled artist, see our Story Behind Van Halen’s Fair Warning Album Cover Art.


William Kurelek’s The Maze is a documentary about the life of celebrated Canadian artist William Kurelek, dramatically told through his paintings and his on camera revelations. The film takes an intimate look into the life of one of the 20th century’s most fascinating artists and his struggles with attempted suicide and a self professed “spiritual crisis”. Kurelek describes The Maze as “a painting of the inside of [his] skull which [he] painted while in England as a patient in Maudsley and Netherne psychiatric hospitals.” Kurelek’s surrealistic painting , featured inthe film, depicts a man’s unraveled head lying in a wheat field. A curled up laboratory rat, representing his spirit, is trapped inside a maze of unhappy thoughts and memories.

  • freddiegirl

    Duckie-Only one song off of FW? Mean Street. End of.

    Whisper-Save me a beer!

  • http://none Dirty Duck


    Trust me, lol, I love Mean Street as much as the next fan, but the reason I picked “Unchained” is because, to me, it’s the ultimate CLASSIC VH song (I’m also a sucker for the live video footage from oakland). Balls and humor….a great mix!

  • Full-Bug85

    @Wychwood: Absolutely agree with you there! Album work in general has really declined since CD’s began to take over.
    @Dirty Duck: Completely agree on techmusicbullshit of today! I see my son with his iPod and ALL his music crammed in there where small pics of album covers show up but you can’t even see them! No thanks. I have my iPod too but nothing like throwing the vinyl on and getting that deep sound!
    @freddiegirl: YES Mean Street! One of my favs ever! When VH were looking to reunite in ’96 my roommate and me would kick back, swill some beers and talk about how the concert would be. I said I wanted to see the lights go down and spotlights swirling and ed’s guitar wailing! Then hear Daves voice break in “ladies and gentlemen! I give you – THE MIGHTY VAN HALEN!” to where they rip into Mean Street! And when the drums kick in Dave does his famous split jump off the drum stage! Oh well, woulda been great…:(

  • 5150

    @ Dirty Duck

    I’m with you on that one.

  • Atomic Pete

    Right on man! Great story! It’s all just music to me too.
    I love Neil Diamond as well as Maiden and anyone who is cool.

    @John M.
    Yeah, I don’t think vinyl will ever go away.
    Sounds too good!

    Cheers bro! We could totally hang!

  • 5150

    @ Atomic Pete

    Cheers right back at ya! I could hang with you and Duck and slam down a few cold ones while listening to some VH. We’ll invite Freddiegirl (and her guitar) and hope she don’t outdrink us.

  • http://none Dirty Duck

    I’m totally there guys!

    Wish we all lived closer.
    How cool would it be to meet up with a bunch of you and have some beers and talk VH?!
    If anyone lives out here on long island shout me out!
    Trust me….I’m a great drinking partner! 😉

  • freddiegirl

    Duckie-I know it’d be great! One day we’ll have to have a meetup; maybe next year at a VH show! I feel the same way about Mean Street as you do Unchained; love it; best intro, I actually like it better than Eruption…great solo; great lyrics from Dave, great fade out; song’s got everything. VH at their angriest and their best. I do love that live Unchained video though.. 🙂

    Whisper-Is the party still going on? Save me a Corona.. 😀

  • jaaphalen

    @ Dirty Duck-Visit sis in Central Park. Work my way to ‘Memory Motel’. Love to see you man. Talk about all things VH, and anything else. Enlighten me man-1st 10 beers are on me, for all takers.

  • freddiegirl

    5150-Only it’s Corona.. 😉

  • jeff adams

    I too love the Oakland show w/ UNCHAINED, SO THIS IS LOVE, and HEAR ABOUT IT LATER, but the scissor kick in So this is Love is fucking amazing. Dave and the boy’s were on top of their game in 1981. I just hope they hate each other today as much as they did then and we should be in for a KILLER album.

  • 5150

    Corona? Sure! I will take a XX dressed up with “lucas”!

  • whispergirl

    Freddiegirl: the party ended. And I had the worst Friday ever. So much drama it inspired me to write a “play” on the other thread (with the picture). So I really need to party.

    Oh, pretty please!!!!!, let’s party.

    Ducky, Atomic Pete, 5150: Jaaphalen is buying beers. I want one. Okay, Jaaphalen? Forget one, Freddie will you drive me. I want to go ALL OUT.

    Musicalmike: I’m calling you bro. Where are you?

    And on Mean Street, Freddiegirl is soooo right. That’s the best Eddie solo. Okay from a non-guitar player, but still; I love that one the most.

    Ducky: Dance Baby

    And someone turn up the rock n roll, baby.

  • jaaphalen

    @ whispergirl-If Freddiegirl can’t drive you home I will. Just give me the keys and directions-you’ll get home ‘safe and sound.’ Windows down, jammin to ‘Mean Street’ Take care in that ‘urban jungle!’

  • http://none Dirty Duck

    I’m always dancin’ baby!

  • whispergirl

    @Jaaphalen: okay, now I get it. This is where we are; at that bar where you’re buying beers. Apparently, you, Ducky and I are closing this bar down. Fitting. Let’s get them to crank up the dance-floor tunes for a bit longer so Ducky and I can dance.

    Grabs Ducky to dance……

    And no, J, I don’t want to go home yet. I’m hungry, so after this place closes, let’s go to an all-night place to eat. After, if you want, you can drive my “apparently” really sought-after Mini (haha). Mean Street it is — in a mean Mini. It’s a six-speed; you can handle that, right?

  • Haywire

    Throw a tour, play Fair Warning front to back plus WACF, retire: end of the story! Everyone wins.