Happy Birthday Sammy Hagar!

Cheers to Red Rocker Sammy Hagar, who turns 64 today. VHND will have a full report from Sammy’s Cabo Birthday Bash soon.

  • dan

    Happy birthday red rocker! keep rockin with chickenfoot!

  • Ricky

    Big thanks to your parents for having you Sammy!! We owe them greatly!!

  • Tim G.

    Happy belated Birthday, Sam. Rock on, brother.

  • dirtywaterdog

    Happy Birthday Sammy and thanks for all the great rock n Roll!

  • Renee

    I had no idea you were 64! Damn…you look geat dude! I always thought Sammy was closer to my age…late 40s…maybe early 50s. Keep on ROCKIN’!! Hard to believe you’re almost as old as my dad!

  • BrownSound101

    Happy Birthday Sam!! I was pleasantly surprised with the new CF album. Gonna catch you guys in LA on the 2nd. Cheers!!

  • Stan

    Happy Birthday, Sammy. One of my two favourite VH singers…….

    Have a GREAT day!


  • D.O.A.

    Temple…I’m in Wenatchee, and I was right in front of ya in row 2! That was fun, eh?

  • Russ

    Spaceman said: They Are Just a 70?s/ 80?s Band Like Journey and Yes.

    Just a 70′s/80′s band?
    Is the Pacific just an ocean?
    Is Chuck Norris just Chuck Norris?
    Is Everest just a hill?

    I understand the frustration but the influence of VH reaches far my friend…

  • dan slaughter

    @KEN A…..agree with your post 100%….awesome that you pointed that all out..

  • Rhymes

    Sam your the man! Happy birthday! I remember when I saw the New Haven video, and it started witth One Way To Rock and you guys were jumping around, and Ed were shreading and Sam would sing and shread a little. Just awesome! :)

  • Minock

    Sammy, you, Joe, Michael, Chad and Kenny are standin’ on top of the world!!! CHICKENFOOT: “III”, the besta 2011 album!!!

  • Valen

    Happy Birthday Sam, You The Man!!!!!

  • Rick Berdeski

    God damn do i a ATWD..lol

  • Rick Berdeski

    VH+88+ATWD=saturday night gonna happen

  • Myron T. Philpot

    Happy Birthday, Sammy! And many more to come!

  • derm

    I cant drive….65

  • minock

    happy birthday Sammy!!! you’re in the top of the world now with Chickenfoot: “III”

  • http://Vanhalennews TopJimmy

    I agree he looks alot younger than 64. Do you think the aliens had something to do with it?

  • McQuestion

    Man, he’s closing in on fucking 70! He looks amazing for his age! Well done, Sam! Happy birthday!

  • troy evers

    happy b day dave and sam, love them both, keep on rockin!

  • Frankenfoot

    Sammy looks great because he’s happy! He loves performing and making good music. He’s given the fans a ton. Happy B-Day Sam!

  • marcos

    Dam 64!!!!! He does’nt even show it….That fucker puts on show like if he’s 20 years old. More power to u bro keep rocking Sammy!!!!!

  • Strung Out

    Happy Birthday, Sammy!

  • http://www.minutethirtyproductions.com Jungleland2

    Sam looks and sounds amazing for sixty-F-ING-four. Proof that age is just a number

  • pabloramirez716

    Right Now: Micheal Anthony has a hang over !

  • Valen

    That’s what Dreams are still made of

  • Fabio PC

    Happy birthday from Brazil, Sam!!

  • Shine On

    Enjoyed watching your birthday bash online last week, Sammy! It was a lot of fun (sorry you didn’t get a chance to munch on your birthday cake before they smashed it into your face, though)!!

  • Shine On

    …It was great to see Vic, Mike, and Dave rocking out as well! You guys did a great job!!!

  • Big Sexy

    Could someone post the setlists from the Bash shows?

  • Shine On

    Looks like your wish has been granted, Big Sexy!

  • http://www.myspace.com/ewanwallqvist Ewan

    Congrats! Just read Sammy’s book. Very enlightening, sad and boosting at the same time. I have a whole new respect for him now. A lot of respect. May you live long.