Caption This Photo: David Lee Roth At The US Festival

David Lee Roth of Van Halen in front of the 300,000 + crowd at the US Festival, May 29th, 1983.

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  • Devi

    sorry guys, but the girls like ‘em. Confidence is a man’s most attractive quality. (Some might call it cockiness)

  • Asher H.

    I shouldn’t have eaten that burrito before the show.

  • BrownSound101

    “You can’t get this stuff no more.”


  • T-Daddy

    “Excuse me…. I’d like to ‘ass’ you some questions…”

  • Mark Stone

    “Ladies & Gentlemen…I give you: THE FULL BUG”!

  • Mark Stone

    “OK, Who wants to ‘Get Out ‘N Push’ “?

  • Mark Stone

    “Hey, man; give me something to write on!”

  • Deuce

    David Lee Roth finally shows his ass to the whole world instead of just his band mates and crew.

  • Joe A

    Look ! No Hands !!!

  • GAZZA5150


  • Gibson

    “I forgot the fucking pockets!”

  • GR44

    Who here feels a breeze?

  • angie

    I do recall Dave saying “Squirt me one more time and I’ll F$%K your girlfriend”!

  • Kleaver

    Could I get a blowjob. I’m DLR

  • puka dog

    “bootie call!”

    Seriously, people, we’ve been amusing ourselves with captions about dave’s ass for a week now. I’m ready for the “extensive update” on the new album.

  • drop dead legs

    I’ve done played and worked my ass off…now I got the proof!!! :)

  • drop dead legs

    ‘I brought my pencilllllll……’

    @ Mark Stone ‘hey man gimme something to write on man’

  • Kym

    the baked beans did it

  • Phillip Pierce

    The ever famous David Lee comment at any show…”LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE HERE TOOOONIIIIIGHT”

  • Robert Hohenshelt

    “We’ve got a full moon, a sea of faces, oceans of beer, all you women get to the back of the line- MELLANIE IS HERE!

  • http://RothArmy Jérôme

    I forgot my fucking boxer shorts !!!

  • http://deleted john

    look at all the money i`m making tonight!

  • Mike c

    Mike carney I believe we have the same name!!

  • jeff adams

    I just wanna say, as of right now, this tiiime tonight, more people have been arrested today than the entire weekend last year baby. You a rowdy bunch a mother fuckers man!

  • Mick

    Cant Get These Jocks No More

  • phill

    I’m so fucked up…I forgot my underoos…

  • Johnny


  • Chris Riley

    Was that the ‘tail’ that DLR gave to Steven Tyler for him to use as a scarf on his mic stand…..?

  • roger

    everybody want some ! how aboute you ? !

  • jonyrotn

    I should be able to afford a whole pair by now….

  • Jeff


  • Shine On

    “People, I was in SUCH a hurry to get to this gig that I flew here by the seat of my pants–and the air friction burned them off!”

  • Drika

    I would love to know how they’d feel in 2012 if they go ahead with their world tour in 2012. To stand in front of zillions of people once again… it’ll be a sellout tour allright. I have been waiting a lifetime…mid 80′s in Brazil last time I saw VH. Nearly got deaf standing close to speakers. My head was banging for 2 next days.. all worth it…It’ll be really emotional to have Dave as a front man once again. Boys, please leave your egos aside… Go and get it, you can do it. Crikey you can!

  • Will Pape

    I was at that show…Flew there in a fucking helicopter…The US Festival along with Vanhalen and Motley Crue changed my life and now I am a self-made millionaire living the dream, not in the crowd dreaming about it….

  • Mercury

    spandex or assles chaps
    You choose…