Australia’s Soundwave Revolution Officially Cancelled

Van Halen Soundwave Revolution Festival 2011Sad news for rock fans in Australia – the Soundwave Revolution festival that was to be headlined by Van Halen has been officially cancelled because the promoter was unable to secure a second headliner. The five cities to be played were Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth from Sept 24th to October 3rd. Hopefully Van Halen will make it to Australia as part of their upcoming tour.


Soundwave Revolution 2011 has been cancelled

Bad news… Soundwave Revolution “as we know it” has been cancelled.

After hours of internet rumours, Soundwave Revolution promoter AJ Maddah has finally confirmed the news that nobody wanted to hear.

Maddah told Nova 969’s news team they were forced to pull the plug on the festival after the second-biggest headliner pulled out. Listen to the audio above.

“The festival as we know it has been cancelled,” Maddah said.

“We were scheduled to make a second announcement on the first of August – we had our festival co-headliner on that announcement… Their circumstances changed at the last minute and they had to pull out and unfortunately we don’t have enough time to replace them and we didn’t really want to go ahead with an incomplete line-up.

“We could have taken the option of linking through with the line-up as we have now – it would have obviously still been a much better financial outcome for us than to go through the road we have – but we just didn’t want to put an inferior product on the market,” he said.

Big acts lined up for Soundwave Revolution 2011 included Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Bad Religion, Panic! At The Disco, Hole, The Used, All Time Low, Sum 41, Dashboard Confessional, Relient K, The Pretty Reckless and more.

Maddah said plenty of bands would still be coming out to Oz.

“A lot of those bands are still coming and we are, you know, creating packages and what have you for them to (play) in clubs and other venues,” he said.

The story started to unfold this morning when Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia broke news of the cancellation via his Twitter account.

“Soundwave revolution is cancelled. I am bummed,” Zadinia wrote.

“Just got word from our management that the whole festival is cancelled. I hope I’m wrong but I was told it’s official. Anyone hear same? Maybe we’ll still come out and rock anyway! I’m hoping it can get worked out. We wanna rock u guys in Ozn (sic)”

Soundwave Revolution has just posted an official announcement via their Facebook page.

It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the Revolution Festival. Many of the festival bands will still be coming to Australia in that time period and team up to bring you some very special shows.

These will include multi band/mini festival line-ups in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We will be announcing these events in the next 7 days.

Tickets purchased online will be refunded automatically as soon as it can be processed. If you purchased from an outlet, refunds will be available next week from point of purchase.

  • Michael C.

    It’s been a full day now an Van Halen has chosen to do absolutely nothing as far as informing their fans what the help is going on. I hate to draw comparisons, but Chickenfoot would never do that. They care about their fans. Van Halen needs to get on the ball and realize that we, the fans, are sick and tired of their silence. There’s a point when it’s just not cool anymore, and they passed it.

  • Johnny the Boy

    That sux for the aussies, but the most troubling thing to me is that they are taking so long with the record. Regardless of everything, I personally think Eddie has lost a lot of faith in himself. Seems like ever since III tanked, he’s never gotten quite right again in terms of recording and trusting his instincts. I could be totally wrong here, but I hope he’s not overthinking this album. Ever track doesn’t have to be a Beethoven’s 9th, or have 60 overdubbed guitar tracks. I just hope if it ever comes, the album isn’t over produced.

    I’ve been a fan of VH since ’78. I always will be, but they definately ignore us fans. Hey VH, we don’t need to know what color your drawers are, or what you ate for breakfast this morning. We just want to know if something’s coming. There’s a fine line between creating buzz, and killing that buzz. Mine is starting to fade a bit. Somebody put a glass up against the door at 5150 already! Pay off the garderers or something!!!! Arrrgghhhh!

  • itchyscratch

    The Soundwave facebook page ( 2900 comments and growing) is now saying that Triple M radio are saying it was Aerosmith, not Floppy Cookies.

    Can I also point out that plenty of convention/concert/gig organisers claim that actors or bands have pulled out of an event when what has happened is that the organisers haven’t been able to meet the terms of the contract and the artists have every right not to appear. Especially if the organiser hasn’t been able to come up with the $$$$$.

  • Edward Lee Hagar

    @airborne5150 : they may not owe us anything, but if they are going to go so far as to let us know they are recording, getting dave back, and doing that lame tour they did, they can at least give us some updates or shut the phuc up once and for all. I think most of us are tired of waiting on something that most likely will never happen. I have waited longer for van halen to do anything than i had to wait for the Kiss reunion tour.

  • Dawn

    I really hope VH didn’t cancel. If they did, that can’t be good news. I really hope plans for an album are true. This stinks!

  • Atomic Pete

    @Johnny the Boy

    Agreed! If we don’t see an album this year
    it’s going to become very difficult for me to care.
    I was very happy for them to just leave us with
    the CVH albums and not risk trying capture that
    again but since they have obviously been recording
    I started to get excited about the possibility of
    some new material.Still hoping they don’t let us all down.

  • TheTruthHurts

    This could not be any more appropriate.
    Is anyone really surprised?

  • DES

    Seems to me that if Durst is denying any involvement it probably was lack of sales and VH was to get paid for an amount of sales by a given date..but lets face it… that bill was way too many bands…
    way to varied…why would you want STEEL PANTHER on a bill w/ VH..
    i suspect possibly it was AEROSMITH’s involvement who backed out but i cant believe AERO would ever agree to open for VH.

  • dan slaughter

    Feel for ya Halen High……lot of comments on here are right on the money IMO. Please give Janie a different gig….I can’t think of one other band that has PR this disorganized and incompent. The band needs to make an official release explaining what the hell is going on.


    Following the news of Soundwave Revolution falling apart yesterday afternoon, Triple M can exclusively reveal that the second headliner Soundwave Revolution were chasing was Aerosmith.

    Nui Te Koha broke the news on Triple M Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast this morning and went on to reveal that poor ticket sales were ultimately to blame for the festival cancellation.

    “The organisers were saying they were waiting for a number 2 headliner, but the fact of the matter was ticket sales were lagging,” he said.

    Also, it’s been confirmed that No.1 headliner, Van Halen will now not be touring Australia either.

    “There is no tour,” Nui said. “The word from the band overnight to me is that there are no plans to tour Australia. So no Van Halen.”

  • ba

    I, like others, thought this festival was a strange comeback for the band. But I think they want to be cutting edge again, pertinent to the modern rock scene, maybe even get some play on the X stations. That’s why the Revolution. Couple hundred thousand Aussie kids get to see them for the first time. Start a buzz.

    No way VH pulled out. Promoter would indeed be flippin out and putting it all on The Band, which he isn’t. I never even knew there was suppose to be a co-headliner? The playbill looked good enough, and who can co-head with VH? Uh, no one. No one would want to try, ask Black Sabbath. 🙂

  • vanhalendlrband

    If they tried bookin Aerosmith to “Co-headline” their could very easily be some ego issues there. Aerosmith would never go on a show before Van Halen, even though we all know they should and so does everybody else, Aerosmith just thinks they’re bigger. Guaranteed if that was Aerosmith’s deal. Guaranteed Van Halen agreed to start before them some dates as well cuz VH is humble enough like that.

  • Brian

    Dave planned and booked the soundwave shows and then forgot to tell the rest of the band until this weekend when they were mixing the new album…….

  • =VH=Rob

    What if it was Chickenfoot? Maybe it was Aerosmith, but I don’t see why they’d do 5 shows and nothing else. Steven Tyler has his Idol gig so they wouldn’t have been touring much after that.

    If it was Chickenfoot maybe they were hoping Chad would be free for a couple of weeks. Or they couldn’t find his touring replacement quick enough. The timing would have made sense for their new album. Who knows.

    Van Halen’s lack of updates of their site could be for legal reasons, as their contract may have been violated. Once again, who knows.

  • Diver Down

    The Aussies deserve some Van Halen- if the real band can’t make it then let’s send
    the best classic Van Halen band on earth- The Atomic Punks!!!! Let’s start a
    Facebook request for The Atomic Punks to play down under.

  • temple5150

    Sorry for you guys down unda…a dingo ate my festival! \m/

    Not surprised one little bit…If the band ever says or releases anything beyond this day I will bend over so the monkeys have more room to fly out.

    “A Little Ain’t Enough for Me…” – DLR

  • Gunslinger Eddie

    ATTENTION VH FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Before all the naysayers & EVH haters lose it and start with the “blame EVH” agenda it was just reveal on Melbourne morning breakfast radio station 3MMM that the second headliner act that pulled out of Soundwave that resulted in Soundwave 2011 being cancelled was AEROSMITH. Rumours at first said it was Limp Bizket that pulled out but that was not true.

    P.S. Seems Aerosmith were reminded by that post on here (VHND) of the VH tank incident back in the early 80’s. LOL

  • Gunslinger Eddie

    @ Michael C. I understand your frustrations of Van Halen’s non-existent internet status. But I have come to understand that Van Halen is ‘old school’. They don’t sit on a computer and tweet their life’s story, they instead sit on a drum kit, play guitar, bass, keyboards, sing or howl at the moon & drive their fast cars!! Thats the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle.

    Both you & I know they should be more transparent with their fans but I don’t blame Van Halen I blame their management or the people behind their PR. They should be on top of that not Van Halen. It reminds me of what the late great Peter Grant (the legendary manager of Led Zeppelin) said in his book, “I’m in control of their PR and the lads are in control of the music, we all have our jobs to do”. All these idiots that complain that its Van Halen’s fault is just plain dumb!!! These people have no idea the pressures Van Halen have. When they have an album/tour to promote that’s when they come out of their caves (mansions!) and ROCK!!! Leave all the internet, tweeter, facebook BS to the desperate ‘look at me’ cheap ass wannabe celebrities!!

  • Wilkster5150

    I agree with a couple of other posters on here. I’m a glass half full guy and if things were going sideways between Ed an Dave, we would be hearing about it. The mud would be slinging away in the press. This still sucks royally for our Aussie VH brothers and sisters though.
    I wouldnt be surprised if VH hits Down Under sometime in the spring, like they did in 98.

  • Marco

    I’m still waiting to see if – or when – they update their website. It was a miracle that it was updated at all.

    Seriously, if they leave that up there, that would be lame beyond belief.

    If this friggin’ CD is delayed again or we don’t get an updated from the site telling us SOMETHING, then…wait a minute…we’ve been in this situation for 10 years now…nevermind…

  • patt5150

    Well I’m guessing the reason Aerosmith had to pull out of the festival is because Tom Hamilton has been diagnosed with throat/tongue cancer (its back) and he is undergoing a new radical laser surgery to try and cure it. There’s no way they could tour without Tom, and I respect the band for not thinking of doing so in his absence. Get well soon Tommy-Boy we all love you here at the VH News Desk, you can beat this!!

  • Black Sand 78

    I’m going to be a realist. I believe that the Good Ship Van Halen may be taking on water. It may be sinking fast. I certainly hope not, but not only is the Australian tour off for seemingly mysterious reasons, but the silence surrounding the band is just silly and an utter joke.
    Remember the tweet heard around the rock world by producer John Shanks? That was in January. Not a word from him since. And Ross Hogarth, the producer/engineer, who about four weeks ago talked about Van Halen’s music being on fire? Not a word since.
    Fellow Van Halen fans, it’s time to get out your buckets before the Good Ship Van Halen turns into the Titanic. Iceberg straight ahead, my friends
    Also, I think we all know that the easiest job in the entire world clearly is working as Van Halen’s publicist or agent.
    The festival they were going to be headlining gets called off. And guess what? Media reports surface all over the place in the age of instant information, including a statement from the promoter, and all we hear in camp Van Halen are crickets. An update on Facebook? Nope. An update on their website? Nope. An official statement? Nope. Eddie commenting on Twitter? Nope. Wolfgang commenting on Twitter? Nope. Diamond Dave gets a free pass from me. If he comments, Eddie might give him a timeout.
    Unreal. Absolutely unreal.
    For the first time, I agree with some of the posters on this website. I believe that Van Halen, and Eddie in particular, have a total disregard for their fans. They take us for granted, or at least I think Eddie does.
    It just feels like a big screw you.

  • Al

    Regardless of what happened to cancel the show I,m sure the new music will still come out.Contracts were probably signed with producers and record companies etc,maybe even Lead singers.Who knows?Too much at stake.Its all good!

  • Dean

    I wonder if the problems in the financial markets may have had something to do with this. Perhaps, the promoters used various financial assets that have lost money in recent days as collateral for the tour.

    Maybe they invested the proceeds from ticket sales in the markets, hoping to make a few bucks over a few months and lost.

    Just a thought.

  • phillster

    Why the “VAN HALEN ONLY…AUSTRALIAN SHOWS”!banner on the poster then? What did “ONLY” mean?
    Now we`ve got “Limp-Dicsuk”&”Aerosmith”
    thrown into the mix of rampant rumors…
    This is VHND`s time to SHINE BABY!!
    I`m expecting One`Hella=VAN= update….

  • anythingleftinthatbottle

    I can tell you that if I were a famous musician I would never leave this much time between at least telling fans what the hell is going on. It is really not cool. They blow it this time and I am really done with all future VH purchases. And that includes guitars. May not mean much to ya but I work to hard for my money.

  • svl

    “ONLY” meant that VH were ONLY playing these shows in Austrialia, no other dates.

    As to everyone else, it’s just what I said in my earlier post. Shit business practices by a fucked up promoter. The Aussies should blacklist his dumb ass and avoid all his future shows like the plague.

    The GOOD ship VAN HALEN sails on, naysayers!

  • Snowman

    I don’t understand what the problem is. Like anybody cares about Aerosmith? And Ticket Sales? Honestly that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I don’t know the exact number of bands that was in the Festival but there was a crap ton. But its canceled so like any of our comments is going to save it. Also not like all of us was going to be able to travel and see it! lol We still have a new album and tour coming out here in america. VH!!!!!!!! \m/\m/

  • NEB

    Gosh, what will the VH website have to offer now???

  • Andrew Barnes

    Like I said, have some faith and loyalty! Fuck you Aerosmith.

    @yeahright Dude, what I was saying was they do not owe us any new music. You’re preaching to the choir about the consumption of Van Halen everything, I agree that they owe us their thanks and appreciation and love for giving them support, but haven’t you got what you paid for out of all those items you mentioned? I mean you didn’t buy a ticket to a show that hasn’t been announced, you didn’t pay for an album that hasn’t been made yet. You also are forgetting the impact they have had on our lives, and how they have lifted us above alot of shitty times! I remember being in Iraq and losing three of my best friends in one day, and the only thing that kept me level headed was Van Halen’s music, so who owes who what huh? I just hear constant shit talking towards the band. They have given you 33 years of the best guitar you will ever hear, not to mention that every rock band after them was in existence because of VH, even the Scorpions admittedly changed their sound to sound more like VH. You sound pretty selfish when you say that Van Halen owes you anything that you haven’t already gotten.

  • PN


    Sad to say this, but probably more people care about Aerosmith these days than Van Halen.

    However that’s no reason to cancel the show. I’m guessing the promoter was just losing money and needed an excuse.

  • Oscar

    You would think VH is a big enough act to be the only headliner for a bunch of Aussies!! Or anybody!!

  • drop dead legs

    I’ve gone thru this a thousand times in my mind, trying to make some sense of it….. When the lineup was announced earlier this year for SWR, I thought….’yeessssss!!’ I bought my ticket, kept updated on VHND as to what was happening with the status album, saw Dave’s message on, began to actually think, well just over a month to go…. we’re on the home straight…. then I cop a kick in the guts…. and over what?? an unannounced ‘2nd headliner’, which was never mooted on the SWR site pulling out of contract negotiations….. I didnt care who it was or why, I felt like shite. I agree that there is more to this dog’s tale than has been told….and its unlikely we’ll ever really know the truth. I was quietly relieved that it wasnt down to Van Halen as the given reason for this whole fiasco, however with the festival cancellation, what could possibly be stopping them from making the trek here??? Surely the whole admin thing of visa’s, itineraries, freight and transport, etc were all organised and finalised months ago, what is exactly stopping them at this point in time?? It isnt rocket surgery to find other large capacity venues and even expand upon the original tour dates including some of the major regional cities (as was done in 1998) as well as the capital cities. I’m still in shock about this whole situation, I would dearly love to punch the 7 shades of shit out of something inanimate and make it look as bad as I feel right now …….

  • Diver Down

    If tickets sales were doing well without announcing the second headliner, the
    show would have continued just fine. Fans would have been happy to have almost any
    band as long as Van Halen was headlining. Cancelled shows had to be shitty ticket sales and Aerosmith was a great scapegoat.

  • JasonBourne

    And Van Halen remains silent. Nice. Thanks Boyz

  • DonnieOz

    We know what really happened…Eddie’s back in rehab 🙁
    …just kidding, although that was my first thought…
    The “we don’t have a second headliner” excuse to me is BS.
    Who needs a second headliner when you have VAN HALEN!!!

  • Chris Van Harley

    One more thing. How cool would this be.

    Van Halen updates their site with these simple words.

    “Dont Believe everything you read. Get Ready to ROCK!”

    Dave, Eddie, Alex, Mike, and Wolf.

    **yeah see what I did there?

  • Snowman

    PN your on a Van Halen website. More people care about aerosmith? LOL what have the brought to the table?

  • Diver Down


  • http://none Dirty Duck

    A free t shirt for the first person to name the last album that aerosmith made that truly rocked…..

    T shirt will be available in S,M,L,& XL.
    Colors will be available in eiether white or black.

    Shirt will say on front: AEROSMITH: still sucking after 30 years!

  • Ruskin

    Anyone who thinks Van Halen isn’t responsible for this delusional. Look back at Eddie’s history. This fits in nicely with his personality. I’m sure when they signed their contract for this event, there was a stipulation that if they pulled out for any reason, it would be kept confidential. Time will tell.