Van Halen Voted “#1 American Rock Band of All Time” in’s READERS POLL

Over the July 4th Weekend,’s editorial and writing staff voted Van Halen the #6 American Band of All Time.

But when the PUBLIC spoke in their READER’S POLL, VAN HALEN topped ALL other bands! The people have spoken!

From Readers Poll – Top 25 American Rock Bands

The readers picked many of the same bands that made the final list – although certainly not in the same order – with Van Halen coming out on top. They made cases for higher placements for CCR, Wilco and Mountain and showed love for a few bands that missed out on the final tally, including Poco, Steppenwolf and Alice in Chains.

1. Van Halen

2. Guns N’ Roses
3. Allman Brothers Band
4. Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. Aerosmith
6. Wilco
7. Mountain
8. Poco
9. The Replacements
10. The Byrds
11. ZZ Top
12. Grateful Dead
13. KISS
14. The Ramones
15. The Doors
16. The White Stripes
17. Metallica
18. Nirvana
19. Steppenwolf
20. Talking Heads
21. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
22. Buffalo Springfield
23. Alice in Chains
24. Cracker
25. Foo Fighters

  • steve

    the people are idiots

  • Dirty Skirty

    cracker? no crue – this list also sux

  • PCH

    @ Frankenfoot: as others said before, read the headline. Greatest AMERICAN bands. Zeppelin and Black Sabbath /Ozzy are from England. But I still agree with you! These lists are dumb. I cannot even tell you ONE song “Cracker” even came out with, who the heck are they?

  • PN

    Cracker had a hit was the song “Low” in the mid 90’s.

  • alexandre

    For me,Van Halen (with Dave or Sam) is also the top one South American rock and roll band of all time!!! Greetins from Brazil!!

  • Lupercal

    People really need to learn that not every band that has existed (Zeppelin, Ozzy, Sabbath) were/was American. England did great stuff for rock too, so Zeppelin do not deserve to be on this list because they are truly an English rock band.

    That said, might be just because I’m young, but haven’t really heard much material from Wilco, Poco or the Replacements. Good to see VH is #1, where they should be! Some American bands have really shaken things up in the rock world, none more so than our beloved Van Halen.

    Also, looks like Nirvana got where most people wanted it – out of the top 10. Never really had a problem with them but I wasn’t around for Van Halen in their heyday and was barely a year old when Nevermind hit the shelves.

    I’d like to see Pearl Jam, W.A.S.P, Rage Against the Machine on here, they’re just preferences rather than bands that are “greatest”, but I’d like to think they were important.

  • Jungleland2

    MUCH better list

    Wilco is an amazing band and deserve to be there – The Replacements as well

    That said, if Van Halen and ZZ Top were the only bands left on this earth I’d be ok with it – now THAT would be a great Fall 2011 tour!

  • Rhymes

    I’d would put Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine up there too 🙂

  • Carnal Knowledge

    anythingleftinthatbottle must hate dominos also.

    The first list inspired outrage.

    This list is great.

    Imagine that….

    Original Van Halen fans border on being terrorists. Say something bad, or not give enough props to OVH, and they’ll take your freakin head off….

  • PN

    The Replacements came out circa 1981. I figured most would have at least heard of them.

    Carnal Knowledge is correct, die hard Van Halen fans are a tough group to please.

  • thor

    Glad to see (almost) no one complaining about the Allman Brothers Band…

    They were/are extremely influential…a true American original- an racially-integrated band from the South combing rock/blues/jazz…even country with exceptional musicianship…

    …and still sell out 15 shows in NYC every March to this day…

    That being said…VH rocks! and is a classic American band

    I am “ready”…

  • Eddie Van Wailin’

    Cracker wasn’t a terrible band, had a couple decent hits in the mid 90’s.

    I’d hardly put them on this list though as there are about 100 american bands of that era I can think of that are comparable or better such as Sponge, Better Than Ezra, Soul Asylum, Weezer, Candlebox, STP, Collective Soul, etc.

    Actually I’m a little surprised to not see Green Day on this list ahead of all of them to be honest.. they are probably the most successful and lasting band to come out of the 90’s era other than Pearl Jam.

  • Doughman

    Van Halen may not be the critics choice but they have always been the peoples choice!
    “WInners come and go but legends are forever” – DLR

  • BigDawg

    Van Halen is where they should be-right at the top. Also,like them or not,Bon Jovi should be on that list somewhere.

  • Matt ( from Mass )

    Glad to see that Van Halen gets the number one spot!

    I would definitely replace CRACKER & POCO with TOM PETTY & BON JOVI

  • LegalBevo

    Finally, one of these goddamned polls got it right! With apologies to the DLR fans, a Hagar-era title comes to mind : “It’s About Time!”

  • Joe

    Webster defines American as “a native or inhabitant of North America or South America”.

    That definition would make the boys in Rush eligible!

    I guess they meant “US bands”.

  • Dave

    It’s cool to see my two favorite bands on the list — Van Halen and Wilco.

    For once a list I can agree with.

  • jeff adams

    There isn’t a list or a critic or anyone for that matter that could sway me to believe that Van Halen wasn’t or isn’t the greatest, coolest, mind-blowing band that ever walked the face of this earth. Van Halen is #1 in every catagoy. Not only did Van Halen have the blistering tunes like “ON FIRE” and “ROMEO DELIGHT” but they could also pull off a tune like “BIG BAD BILL” or “HAPPY TRAILS” and as far as I’m concerned those are two cool tunes and they were both Van Halenized. I’ll try to analize this another way – Van Halen LIVE in the 70’s and early 80’s is like if someone is really religous and they go to church and God actually came out and read the gospel. That’s how we felt in those day’s going to a Van Halen concert, except Dave was God.

  • Crazies on my block

    Rush is not an american band . They are Canadian hoser..

  • Carnal Knowledge

    I guess Bachman Turner Overdrive is the only true “American Band”……

  • Brian

    Can’t believe gunsNroses would be voted anywhere near the tope ten. Rose’s voice sounds like a squeeling granny. Tone deaf groupies I guess.

    VH is the best in the game, hands down.

  • Bil

    I’m all for VH being on top, but I’m really surprised that Journey didn’t make the list.

  • Halen High

    freddiegirl says:
    “Thanks Halen High…glad to be back! I saw your message on the Dave’s message thread…”

    Hey freddiegirl that’s great to hear 🙂

    Sparks in ’11 says:
    “I wouldn’t know a Poco song if it fell on me”

    Same here – I’ve never heard of them.

  • Dean Wood

    I love VH with Roth but come on, Btter than the Doors? Doors 1 ill give VH a close 2.

  • ringostore

    Aerosmith used to brag they were number one. So did Bon Jovi. As if they really care with this obscure list.

    I guess the readers are kids imitating note for note today’s guitar players with no originality or thinking out of the box.

    Glad to see VH make it, but it is a weird list. Like they gave thought to number one, but got lazy after number 2.

  • Towers McQuestion

    Well deserved and perfectly placed. Were I making a list of all time best rock bands worldwide, no holds barred, Van Halen would also be #1, tied with Led Zeppelin.

  • Dan

    Obvious Choice for #1, I knew I was right and my parents were wrong.

    Glad to see CCR getting their props…ditto to ZZ Top

    However I consider Steppenwolf to be Canadian… small discrepency.

    No votes for the MC5?

  • http://None Dirty Duck

    I’m suprised that many around here arent arguing that BALANCE should be #1!!!! I mean, that’s the thinking around here right? LOL…christ.

    Damn right VH debut is #1….changed the face of music and inspired countless bands…hands down, a rock masterpiece.

  • hikerman

    Jo Dee Messina or Sugarland should be #1 and # 2

  • G-Dog 1966

    Would have been happy to see Boston in there. VH deserves it of course. I believe there was a group called “The Beach Boys” who were Rock. Lynyrd Skynyrd were considered Rock in my book. Three (AMERICAN ) bands. I think Motley Crue ,Ratt, Styx, Cheap Trick, need to be on this list. Just a thought.

  • G-Dog 1966

    OH YEAH…The Eagles…LOL! Queensryche get a mentin in my personal book.

  • Let’s Rock

    BTO, Boston, Kansas, Grand Funk, CCR, Journey, Styx, Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band, Chicago, The Cars, Foreigner, Night Ranger, Three Dog Night, Live, Nickelback, Steely Dan, Steve Miller Band, Zebra…..etc

    Come on, get with it!!

    THe Nation Waits

  • Fonso


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!V A N FUCKING H A L E N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let’s Rock

    And how about Heart..

    Everybody forgets how good they were in the beginning.

    The Nation Waits