Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone playing together in Arizona

Gary Cherone’s current side project, HURTSMILE, will be opening for Sammy Hagar and the Wabos one night only–this Saturday, June 4th in Tucson, Arizona–at the AVA Amphitheater at Casino Del Sol. (more info).

FYI for those who live in Arizona – Hurtsmile is also playing this Friday, June 3rd at Club Red in Tempe, Arizona.

For more about Hurtsmile & their killer debut CD, click here.

  • VH3

    looks like some AZ fans will get to hear Vanhagar and VHIII material.

  • Karl

    Might ‘Hurtsmile’ be the worst name for a band in the history of the world?

  • ba

    Sammy sure does like teaming-up with other Ex-VH lead singers! First Dave, now Gary, next with be Sammy Hagar opening for Chickenfoot.

    P.S. I still feel bad for Gary. He was truly in a no win situation.

  • F’n Rockstar

    Would love to be at that show…

  • Benny

    The new Hurtsmile cd is pretty darn good. I always liked Gary as a singer. His brother is playing guitar on the whole cd. Its got a modern rock guitar sound to it.

  • jim

    Cherone, Sammy, and Anthony should all join the stage at the same time and play some VH tunes. They can call themselves “The Class Acts”.

  • TearItUp

    Their music doesn’t sound bad at all but Hurtsmile has to be one of the worst names for a band!

    Guess Sammy felt like sucking up to Gary after he got booed on the Jimmy Kimmel show for dogging Cherone & the VH III album.

  • Artimusbill

    Would be cool. I wonder if Gary is “required” to perform any VH material.

  • james

    I was just listening to VH3 the other day on my way to band practice and I was thinking, damn this is a good album! The song writing and the lyrics are deep. For me it seems to get better all the time with age. Gary ROCKS!!!

  • http://NA Ken

    Is this a coincidence or is Sammy Hagar once again trying the ride the VH coat-tails? I can just imagine him on stage in AZ ridiculing EVH & using Gary as a means to do it. Pathetic

    I would love to see Gary perform again! I saw him as the lead singer of Extreme back in ’93 & then again as the lead singer of VH in ’98. He’s great; a class act. Sammy on the other-hand should give it up!

  • hikerman

    What a show would love to see this

  • ME!!


    No, Karl, I believe I could name off about fifty right now that are far more ridiculous.

  • jasonbourne

    Before thoughest judge VH3, really listen to it, read the lyrics, and watch the Austrailia pay per view show. Gary can trump Dave and Sam anytime.

  • Sparks in ’11

    @ Karl- the name Hurtsmile is way up there (or should I say, down there) with Toad the Wet Sprocket and Big Head Todd and the Monsters. A better name would’ve been Wince. Means the same ting!

    I saw Extreme in ’09. His voice was great, but he was in and out of key the whole night. It was right around the death of Michael Jackson and they did a spot on cover of Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’. There’s a great version of Mean Street from that tour on YT.

  • Shan Halen

    I saw all three VH lead singers (and M. Anthony) in one concert at a show in Massachusetts (late summer of 2002). There was a good vibe when Cherone and Hagar performed together. It was a great all around show, although my ears have been ringing since that night.

  • Tooey

    I’m with you Jim!!!

  • hawk51

    Soon!!This really wont matter!

  • Halen Goer

    All are great front men. Gary just didn’t fit into the VH mold. I hope they all continue to produce music… you can NEVER have enough rock!

  • pat

    @ken… do you really expect sammy to ignore what he himself has refered to the best 11 years of his career?he was in van halen for 11 years,its time to except it and move on.

  • Garrett

    Sammy’s in a band named “Chickenfoot” and we’re gonna beat up on Gary for “Hurt-Smile?” I’d say both are equally ridiculous ; P

  • sammy lee cherone

    @ Shan Halen

    I saw the same show. Sammy brought out Mike for a couple songs then Gary came out before the encore if I remember correctly. Saw that from the lawn before sneaking down to 5th row to see Dave. Great show!


    Hurtsmile already played “without you” from VH3 in Maryland a few weeks back. Lookup “hurtsmile without you” on youtube. Actually not to shabby.

  • Lupercal

    Jeez, everyone. Calm down. Gary was on Sammy’s live album “Live: Hallelujah”, released 2003. 8 Years AGO. And he and Gary sang a duet of sorts on “When It’s Love” – its not great, but all this “riding the VH coattails” thing is rubbish.

  • lipconyer

    As a HUGE VH fan and Extreme fan, I thought Gary would fit. Guess it don’t always work the way you think. He didn’t fit the motto of “We aren’t this way because we are in a rock band, we are in a rock band because we are this way”. Long live VH!

  • MN5150

    DLR played a lot of or nothing but classic VH during his solo years. I found nothing wrong with that or with Sammy playing Van Hagar. Of coarse theynare riding the VH coat tails. It’s good business and what fans want to hear. If Sammy did Roth era… That would be over the line.

  • Tom

    Karl,Sammy is in a band called Chickenfoot….Hurtsmile is’nt nearly as bad

  • anythingleftinthatbottle

    Funny, Tom, I wrote practically the same thing and it wasn’t posted??? It is strange. I guess I just can’t find the rule sheet on the home page. I am gonna go back now and look. You’re right, ‘chicken-foot’ is a most unfortunate name for a band. But my name sucks too. There, I put my self down too so I think that will make us all FEEL better. I said ‘sucks’ when describing my name and ‘unfortunate’ when describing the a-fore-mentioned band name;MUCH more politically correct.

  • hikerman

    It would really be cool if everyone who was in Van Halen at one time or another could all get together for one cool show, the fan would love it. Just dreaming I guess

  • brown_m&m

    Chickens and the word chicken is just automatically funny somehow. Hurtsmile is just awkward. Sounds like incest or something. Hurtsmile wins worst.

  • Smile through the pain boys

    Search for the articles on how the name “Hurtsmile” came about. When you know, it makes perfect sense.