Eddie Van Halen Striped Flip Flops Now Available!

VanHalenStore.com is proud to announce the release of EVH Brand Signature Striped Flip Flops from legendary rock guitar icon Eddie Van Halen.

The Premium Flip Flops sport the iconic Van Halen stripes from Eddie’s guitars. The Flip Flops are available in Red with White and Black stripes, modeled after his infamous red, white and black striped Frankenstein guitar, White with Black stripes, which pays tribute to the guitar Eddie rewrote the rules with in 1978, and Black with Yellow stripes, which pays homage to the guitar that Eddie displays on the back cover of Van Halen II.  Fans also have the option of a discounted Complete Set of all three color schemes.

EVH signature striped flip flops follow in the footsteps of other EVH signature items like Wolfgang guitars, 5150 amplifiers, EVH guitar accessories, as well as signature apparel such as unisex t-shirts and classic canvas style striped sneakers, beanies, neckties, and bandanas.

VanHalenStore.com offers the “World’s Largest Selection of Van Halen Merchandise” and it’s currently the only place that has the EVH Flip Flops in stock and shipping now. Order today and you’ll receive them well before Christmas!

EVH Flip Flops

Red EVH Flip Flops

White EVH Flip Flops

  • Expanded Consciousness

    Imagine how much all this shit would have sold in 1984.

  • Tater Salad

    Awesome!!! I need these now lol. Remember the picture of Eddie in flip flops awhile back and someone said he needed striped flip flops? Obviously someone was paying attention then 🙂

  • umar

    Holy shit! Those are sweet!

  • dwalter

    Apparently there is no EVH footwear that I can resist. Just placed my order. 🙂

  • tompson

    Wow, those look AMAZING. Good for Eddie doing this. It’s nice to see that in the last couple years the VH merch dept has been waking up after being asleep at the wheel all these years. The would be crazy to not sell this stuff to the fans.

    Of course, they would also have to be crazy to not make new music, so hopefully the rumors of a 2011 album and tour are true, and then VH will be firing on all cylinders next year!

  • Ted

    Maybe we will see Eddie wear these on the next tour haha 🙂

  • Adrian

    SO HOT. All summer long next summer its happenin

  • mjc

    Next up,cargo shorts&pants!Somebody else mentioned striped bras&panties for women,then you need striped heels to go with those.Ed’s about to ignite the world of fashion on fire!!

  • phillster

    I already wish it was summer again.
    This is going on the Xmas list.lol

  • Mark V.

    The red will be great for cabo!

  • wingman

    I can’t believe they made these. awesome.

  • walteR

    Now if they do Red & White striped rubbers,,, I am moving away !!!!

  • Bluesbro

    These are great. Love the tie, beanie and the flops. At least it is not another shirt!

  • http://www.youtube.com/joshkosh95 Josh

    These are pretty mad but can’t Eddie at least focus on the new album promotion so we know whats happening and start giving us some freakin new music?

  • SCAR

    Pretty fucking cool!!!

  • Myron T. Philpot

    Oh freakin’ c’mon!!! Striped flip-flops?! You gotta be kidding me. This is just the living end.

    Meanwhile back on planet Earth, growingly-impatient music fans wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…

  • Roth_Babe_85

    These flip-flops would look great — if they also made a Franken-stripes string bikini for a girl like me!

    But seriously…..I hope Diamond Dave is getting his fair cut in all this merchandise……he was just as responsible as Eddie for making VH the mighty rock band we all love for eternity

  • The Business Imperative

    Just think, after all these years practicing guitar and keyboards that Mr Van Halen would actually turn out to be a marketing genius! Who would have thought?

    I am just waiting for the EVH Premium Cigarettes that come with the stripe pattern on the filter, and a special health warning on the box: “WARNING these will make you rock!”

    Thank you VHND for keeping us up to date!

  • Karl

    Myron T. Philpot


  • Top Jimmy

    Isn’t this exactly what Ed criticized Sammy and Mike for?? Hawking Tequila and Hot Sauce??

    I could care less – in fact I ordered some flip flops. If he had done this 25 years ago he really would have made some $$.

  • phillster

    Man you people love to bitch&moan.

  • ben

    I like ’em !

  • bsc

    I feel a summer VH tour commin’!!!!


    Maybe this EVH merchandise is Ed’s new wife trying to cash in 🙂 Ed seems to have learned a thing or two about business from Sam…

  • http://www.youtube.com/joshkosh95 Josh

    “I hope Diamond Dave is getting his fair cut in all this merchandise” Its “EVH” so I doubt Dave would be getting any money from it. Eddie created his guitar not Dave. But I see what you mean.

  • Scottso

    They’re on my Christmas List…

  • jeff adams

    I DO have high hopes for new music. The merchandise is not my thing, but it looks cool on other people. I am very curious to hear what Dave, Ed, and Al are going to put out. I’m a huge fan of Dave, but was not impressed @ the 2007-2008 reunion show. Ed, and Al don’t worry me, Dave does. Love the dude, but………….we’ll see.

  • Dutch Riviera

    I’m just glad nobody has called these “thongs”.

  • Myron T. Philpot

    That’s right, Dutch. The striped thongs for Roth Babe 85 are coming out next year under the name “EVH G-Strings.”

    If not that, here’s to hoping she gets her striped, slinky string bikini in 2011. Here’s to further hoping she’ll share some pics too. 🙂

  • Scottyb

    I like the way the thong runs up the back of her….

    This stuff would sell 10 fold more if they had some new music to ignite the fan base, and get the younger generation instrested in VH. Come Eddie, give us some new music and enough with the merch until we hear some new tunes.

  • RobCT

    Very cool stuff EVH is coming out with! I will definitely get some to wear at the beach next year! Now all we need is DVD/Blu-ray….Eddie? Alex? Dave?

  • Tommy Boy

    Top Jimmy…Ed’s beef with the hotsauce and tequila was he thought they were using his music (even though they contributed) to promote those items. These are obviously different products and a different situation.

  • Towers McQuestion

    Speaking as someone who owns a VH red and white striped tie from the Van Halen store… this is different from tequila and hot sauce… how?

  • Scott

    You would think the bottom tread pattern “ovals (EVH)” would of been Guitar Picks with same logo.