Sammy Hagar’s Birthday Bash 2010 Recap

It was another ridiculously fun time down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for Sammy Hagar’s Birthday Bash this year. As usual, the Wabos and Michael Anthony were there to partake in the festivities.

On one day during the weeklong bash, a bunch of fans who were partying at a beach bar all day where pleasantly surprised when none other than Michael Anthony and his entire family joined them on the beach!

As for the four concerts that took place between Oct 8th and Oct 13th, this years birthday bash brought some changes. For the first year ever, Sammy Hagar decided to pre-sell tickets to his annual Birthday Bash event in Cabo. This changes brought mixed reviews by Redhead fans. Some die hards that have supported Sammy and Cabo for years expressed some negative statements in connection with having to pay for entry, stating that Sammy always promised that all of the Birthday Bash shows would always be free and that there would never be a cover charge. Some talked nostalgically about sleeping in line previous years stating that this experience created ever lasting bonds and friendships between fans. The experience of the line gave the fans the opportunity to spend a large amount of quality time with other huge fans and allowed them to make friends from around the globe. And thanks to modern technology and Facebook, many of these relationships have blossomed into lifelong meaningful friendships.

On the other side of the argument,  plenty of “newbies” stated that the reason they decided to travel to Cabo was simply because they were able to pre-purchase their tickets assuring them entry into at least one show. Many of them talked about how the line had kept them away in past years, stating that they would never feel comfortable sleeping on the streets of Mexico.

In fact, the previous two years presented fans with some health and safety risks, thanks to some very unusual weather. In 2008 there were threats of hurricanes and in 2009 there was flooding that resulted in many people getting sick. Concerns for fan safety has always been high on Sammy’s agenda and these concerns lead to his organization re-thinking the best way for fans to obtain entry into the Birthday Bash events.

There is still no confirmation on how Sammy and the Cantina will handle wristband distribution for next year. Surely lots of thought and planning will go into whatever decision is made by his organization.

This year, some of the good news was that Cabo’s weather was back to “normal,” which meant pristine, warm weather and low humidity each and every day during the 2010 Birthday Bash and not a single drop of rain or threat of a hurricane in sight. The bad news is that Sammy suffered from some health related issues that caused him to reschedule one of his Birthday concerts. His doctor was present and watching over him on October 12th when he insisted he did not want to let down his fans that traveled so far to see him. Although Sammy wasn’t feeling well, he took the stage against medical advice and did not disappoint anyone. By the next night, his actual birthday, Sammy was back on his “game” and put on an amazing show.

In the Cantina’s courtyard there was a live feed where fans could stand beside a cardboard cutout of Sammy and send birthday wishes to Sammy and to “shout out” to other Redhead fans that were unable to attend the bash. Many fans had fun with this and it got pretty crazy…

Two fans even decided to exchange wedding vows in front of their “Redhead Family” at the Cabo Wabo Cantina on 10/10/10. Jorge served as officiant. Yet another example of the family-like bond between the fans.

As always, “You go there once… you’ll be there twice” will probably apply to all the newbies who were there this year. Until next year when we are all “Face Down in Cabo”once again…

Here’s what Sammy Hagar had to say after the bash:

“What a party! This year was truly like no other. Mona could not come down early so the ‘Other Half’ rocked the house for two nights. Thanks Mikey! Then I got very sick and had to move a night back to the 12th. So sorry to those Redheads who couldn’t stay to use their tickets. Speaking of that, it blew my mind how many virgins were in the house, hello new ticketing system! There seemed to be a significant number of fans in attendance who had never been able to get in before this year. And they were a wild crowd to say the least. Welcome to the Bash! I was still not really back for the third night, I felt like hell but played anyway – I was delirious but had a blast. I exited the stage by going through the crowd so you know I was insane by the end of the show. Four nights and we only repeated a few songs, that’s the way the Wabos roll in Cabo. And how about the Fan Cam? I watched for a minute after the show and there was some crazy shit going on. Look for that on soon. Next year it’s your turn. The off night we previewed the new movie ‘Be There Once, Go There Twice’ and everyone tells me the fans loved it. That will be out before Xmas.

Every year somehow seems to be better than the last. Playing with Chickenfoot for the Cantina’s Birthday was a blast, but nothing compares to the Bash itself. We have big plans for next year…..will you still need me, will you still come and see me when I’m 64?”


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(thanks to 5150Mike)

Friday 10-8-10 (Special guest Vinnie Paul)

Good Enough
Top of the world
Best of Both Worlds
Finish What ya started
Right Now
Sexy Little Thing
Why Can’t this be love
Runnin With the Devil
Heavy Metal
Whole lotta Zep

Saturday 10-9-10 (Special guests Vinnie Paul and Emmeril)

Shaka Doobie (The Limit)
There’s Only One Way To Rock
Three Lock Box
I’ll Fall in Love Again
Rock n Roll Weekend
Rock Candy
My Kinda Girl
I’ve Done Everything For You
Ain’t Talkin Bout Love
I Can’t Drive 55
Mas Tequila

Tuesday 10-12-10 (Special guest “Bling Bling”) :

Love or Money
Baby’s on Fire
Goin down
Make it last
Rock Candy
Bad Motor Scooter
Satisfaction (David Lauser on vocals)
Sexy little thing
Whole lotta love
There’s only one way to rock
Finish what ya started
Runnin with the Devil
Fight for you right
Mas Tequila

10-13-2010 (Special guest Steve from Smashmouth)

Shaka Doobie (The Limit)
Sympathy for the human
I’ll take you there
Three lock box
Your Love is driving me crazy
Space Station No. 5
Rock Candy
Bad Motor Scooter
Marching to mars/I feel good
Right now
Live it up
Everybody must get stoned
Red Voodoo
You Really Got Me
Ain’t Talkin Bout Love
Sexy Little Thing
Heavy Metal
When I’m 64 (Chorus)

  • J5150C

    @ 51yr old fan: I agree with you 100%. It is all “moot” up to now because nothing has been said or done. Let’s, however, get the machine into perspective here: If they do decide to put out, knowing we are the ones that made them rich, they would be doing it for us; the fans. On the other hand, as a 45yr old musician and VH fan that I’ve been since 1978, I would rather listen to material that is driven by the need to express one’s inner most hunger for creating bad ass music (That was VH in the past. Now? who knows?). Thus, if I go out and buy material that is done for the fans, I think it is highly plausible that we won’t be too satisfied, considering the musical history of the band. Besides, we need to remember that EVH said in the past that he wrote for himself, and that if he thought it sounded great, it might please the masses, as well. So, we’ve been second in the list of priorities Mr. EVH has had – and still has – in his musical indeavor. That’s nothing new, so why consider it differently after all this time. That being said, I read so many posts here stating how VH or Ed owes the fans and what not. But in all fairness, we got them there and we did it willingly. Nobody forced me to go out and buy VH music or EVH products, for that matter. Do I feel they owe me? Not at all! In terms VH, the past 32 years of the VH world have been a cool ride. If they keep it coming, well then bring it on. If not, I thank the four incarnations of Van Halen for a wonderful musical experience!


  • http://none Dirty Duck


    Enough of the financial aspect ok?
    You sound like a moron….

    These guys are ALL loaded…yes, including dave!
    Your gonna sit back and tell me that dave was broke, and that is why he needed to do the reunion tour? Bullshit!
    I’ll bet my 1970 chevelle that dave was sittin’ pretty for many years waaaay before he stood back on stage for those reunion shows. Granted he got a helluva lot more with this tour, but you know what? He fuckin’ deserves it! The guy put a lot of time and effort into the band during it’s best years, and if it wasnt for his contribution who knows if the band would have been as popular. And as far as “admitting” the fact that it was sam who kept VH alive? Ha ha…ok man. Thats why as of today many of those songs sound so dated?
    Alive then dead now.

  • Snoova

    “”I saw the”OtherHalf”tour,What balls to call it that,really.
    Might as well called it the”van halen is dead and this is all that`s left”tour.””

    I agree Philster. Considering the tour was in 2006 and the last VH tour was 2004. Mike and Sam were gone and there was no sign of Dave returning. That title pretty much sums it up!!! Other Half tour… great show wasn’t it? I saw it from the stage. Excellent show! Looking at that huge crowd and the smile on Mike’s face though… I’m not sure how you say he “lost”???

    How can people that absolutely hate over 60% of a band’s history claim to be a fan? Doesn’t that make you “a guy that likes a couple of their albums?”

  • http://none Dirty Duck


    I’m probley the only one who feels this way, but i’m happy that VH hasnt jumped on the internet bandwagon. Half that shit comes off so fake and phoney is amazing people NEED that to feel special. What a bunch of fruits. Seriously.
    Back when there was NO internet…NO facebook….what did you guys do to survive between those albums? Wait for your fan letter to come in the mail? Pathetic.
    Why anyone cant just “listen to the music” and leave it as that is beyond me. I can completely understand being part of this technical generation and wanting that…..but to be over the age of 30 and need an update from the band to get thru the day? Please…..
    A word of advice? Shut of the computer and get outside and get some fuckin’ fresh air. Stop worrying about what the band is doing and have a little mystery in your life. Everything is too overexposed today and I’m thankful VH aint part of that.

  • Just some dude

    SMH as to the identity of “snoova”… are you a musician? (Not that I would necesarily believe you ;-) )

  • keith

    Nice article, BUT WHERE’S THE PIC’S ???

  • keith

    …and are you girls done fighting yet ? Geez ! Wish there was an adult VHND site

  • http://none Dirty Duck


    Believe me man….many of us die hard classic vh fans are not jeaolus of sammy at all , or anything he’s done since VH. You can quote me on that one!

  • mjc

    @phillistar,do you expect Mike to wait years for the lazy bros. to get their act together,HELL NO!.The only reason Dave is in is because he agreed to be another one of dysfunctional Ed’s pathetic puppets.

  • J5150C

    We ain’t finished yet! Still have some bras to snap and some nipples to pinch! Ouch!!

  • mjc

    51 year old fan,you’re always spot on.

  • R A 812

    People are upset about Sammy playing classic VH, but in the past, Sammy walks off stage and Mike Sings the songs. Thats what I remember. Sammy doesnt really participate in the classic VH. He knows it is not his place. It is Mikes thing.

  • Snoova

    Just some dude…

    What does SMH mean?

    Yes I am a musician. Drums for about 25 years, guitar for 3. When I say I saw the show from the stage I mean I was with the onstage crowd. Not “in the band and onstage”. Did you think I was trying to imply I was Vic Johnson or something? ha ha

  • Just some dude


    That’s cool dude. I didn’t know if that’s what you were hinting at… so just wanted to clarify.

    Drums for 20 years, eh? I know a band that will be looking for a touring drummer coming up. But you have to play with a bunch of Van Halen traitors! (JK)

    (JK = Just Kidding);-)

  • def b loud

    Long live The Duck!!! Son, it’s your brand of common sense and love of all things VH that keep me coming back to this site. Thanx Bro…

  • Stone

    Duck: Deny jealousy all you want, but you diehard Roth fans wouldn’t be even talking about Hagar if Roth was actually working.

  • phillster

    get over the new year`s thing already,
    wasn`t funny the first12times&it Ain`t now.
    if you were onstage you must`ve been holding one of those tall, fake booze glasses,
    Daren from staten island,
    Nah man, “it ain`t me babe”.lol
    Mike QUIT=VH=You can`t say “i LEFT Because they were`nt doing anything”and Then act surprised when they start DOING something
    without you.I got no sympathy for the dude.HE BLEW it.
    You sound like the type of guys that come home
    from a bad day at work and kick the family dog.
    Can`t relate.
    Gotta LUV the DUCK,he may be “dirty”,
    but his view is crystal

  • Tom

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw the Dave-era VH tunes on the set list….after 4 albums and the whole trying-to put the past-behind attitude he is still singing some of those songs.Guess he has to please everyone lol.And I agree about some songs….I couldn’t bear to hear anybody but Eddie play “5150″…easily his most overlooked solo….every time I hear it it sends chills down my spine.And 51 yr old is right.No news,no reason for fans to be disappointed.Who promised us a new album?Nobody.Who said anything about a tour soon?Not the band.But I dont see Dave as Ed or anybodys puppet.The band are a puppet to the business,which is one reason Mike got tired of waiting around.It was all business in VH.They become a brand,not a band.As soon as you release an album,it is product,just like cereal.As soon as they signed that contract in 1977,they all became a product,and that is fact.Took Ed longer to realize and accept it,but thats life.Live and learn

  • Randy

    Never mind that they played classic VH, can you believe they played a Kinks song?! Oh well, at least it was classic Kinks. I’ll never forget when bassist Pete Quaife was replaced by John Dalton. They said Pete left the band on his own, but I think he was pushed out. It was just never the same with John. I believe the Pete years were the best, and anyone who liked John can suck it! I just wish the Davies brothers would get their shit together and do something for the fans. Regardless, it just doesn’t seem right, Sammy playing a Kinks song.

  • Mark S.

    For the purpose of this site, it´s a really good thing that the Cherone era of Van Halen was a bust. Because if Gary would have been successful in VH, it would be yet another thing to fight about on the VHND. People in Gary´s camp would have gotten on here and wrote that all the Dave and Sammy people were full of crap and listed all the reasons why!!!!! lol

  • freddiegirl

    Dirty Duck, I have to agree, I’m glad that VH isn’t overexposed; it keeps a mystique going about them. I love that.. :) And to the Sammy fans, no, I don’t expect Sammy to ignore 10 years of his musical life but I do remember his reluctance to sing DLR-era stuff when he first joined and as an already long time VH fan I couldn’t really appreciate that. So yes, before I was informed that it was Mike who sang those songs here I was surprised.

    I don’t understand the people here who say things like “Oh, are VH collecting unemployment now?” Yes, it’s awesome for the sake of the state of rock music (which is dismal) that Chickenfoot are touring and making new music. But…that doesn’t make VH’s contribution to music; which is vast, moot. If they never make new music I thank them for the wonderful music they did give us; they don’t owe us anything really; a new cd and tour at this point is just gravy. Plus…another chance to see Eddie now that he’s sober? Awesome! It makes me sad that Eddie might be rock music’s last real guitar hero; we who love music that is electric guitar driven should be happy that he’s going to (probably) go on the road again with his (mostly) original lineup one more time for us to enjoy. Because who else is there? Really? Please don’t say Yngwie Malmsteen…just don’t.

    And to the poster who said they were rooting for the new VH cd to bomb; what an awful thing to say. I prefer AC/DC with their Bon yet I was happy when they went number 1, what was it; last year? I was just happy to see them in the number one spot just as I’m happy that Chickenfoot does well. I want rock music to make a comeback; sick of processed crap like Kanye and all the American Idol people. So why do we have to argue? We should all be rooting for the new cd to do well!

  • DavesGroupie

    I hate people who say spot on.

  • phillster

    The Rolling Stones are a brand too tom,
    and as a BAND,they always deliver the goods.
    Thier bass player quit too(Bill Wyman).
    but it didn`t stop them from still rockin`out ever since.
    Mikey F`d up.
    his mistake.
    =VH=much like life, has moved on.

  • patrick

    are you guys sure mike wasnt singing the dave era stuff?@Davesgroupie,i hate in when people only see the lead singer and forget there are other people in the band.

  • Rocko

    Happy Birthday Sammy!!

  • Les

    Sam He Ain’t is a funny old timer. Charges for the birthday party, and then plays tunes that he can no longer sing. Need more blues riffs like Bitten, because he cannot deliver the goods.

  • Les

    Question for all the Sam He Am sheep: When Hager dies, will his Bday bash end? Or will you travel down to Cabo to hear Iglesias perform Rock candy?

  • SCAR

    Look at all the fucking stupid drama queens on here!!! I know I’m a hard core VH loving mutha fucker and I love all versions of VH!!!! It’s a fucking pity to be so closed minded and not appreciate the kick ass music VH put out after DLR. Granted classic VH is near and dear to my heart, but I have to give props to the Red Rocker for kicking ass and taking names later stepping into DLR’s shoes!!!! You got to even respect Gary for giving it a try, keeping VH music alive. Shit, I’m down with anyone who appreciates all versions of VH and all the hater’s can go fuck themselves!!! Fucking peter heads!!!!

  • snoova

    One more time for the record…

    Mike sang “running with the devil” at the bash…

    Dave Lauser sang “Ain’t talkin’ ’bout love” at the bash…

    Sammy ALWAYS mixes the songs up at the bash. You never know what you are going to hear or who might step out on stage. On that note, the first two show sets were more Van Halen heavy because Mona was not at the bash till the last night.

    philster – Mike “lost” one tour…

    By the way, Van Halen still wishes you a happy new year! (Cracks me up whenever that gets posted… that and “The Nation waits…” haha ha

  • keith

    Its amazing how everyone go off topic form what the post wasw originally about. Please Girls, leave it be. Maybe VHND should just post the words Van Halen or Chickefoot or what ever , no pictures, no stories, cuz all you girls keep taking it off path anyway. How pathetic.

  • mjc

    scar,very well said.Keith you’re right,a few people here take a headline and turn it into something it’s not.I’ve occasionaly done it myself!

  • Jonesey

    SCAR, I agree. Those jealous Roth fans can go screw themselves. What did Hagar ever do to them?

  • Yes I Ate One Too

    Sammy’s Birthday Bash was a lot of fun. Seems like the only people ‘bashing’ it are the ones who weren’t there…….In other words, keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing of.

    So what if he sang Van Halen songs. He was in Van Halen.

    The weeklong party was awesome. The weather was awesome. 5th year in a row of going. Too bad the VH brothers can’t do something like this for their fans….

    Oh, and by the by, wasn’t that Eddie Van Halen on guitar for all those ‘crappy’ Van Hagar albums, and the VHIII project? Thought so…..

  • John

    I love both eras of Van Halen. That’s why I enjoy going on this site to get Van Halen info, tibits, etc. If I didn’t enjoy one era or the other I would still check out the site but I wouldn’t waste my time on articles that were based on an era I did not have a liking too. I totally understand if someone prefers Dave over Sammy or vice/versa. Most people I know like both about the same. What is mind boggling to me is how much time people spend reading articles about someone they supposedly hate and even more so providing lengthy commentary expressing why they think they have some expert opinion as to which version is better.

  • phillster

    Hey Snoove!! Happy friday!!
    YES,You`re Absolutely right.Mike`s only lost 1 tour.
    Just happend to be the most IMPORTANT
    tour of his Entire career.LOL
    In case you all of you forgot,
    “RRockers” Only do press when they Have To promote something,Or if thier career`s “on the line”.
    =VH=`s career isn`t anymore “on the line” than LEDZEP,STONES,”theWHO”,Beatles,or ANY other Legendary band.
    Legends don`t have that problem.
    Maybe Sam&Mikey does.
    Maybe some of you just lost hope in your favorite thing.
    Not Me.

  • Just some dude

    It’s really the fans that “lost” out on the last tour. It rocked, don’t get me wrong. But you know you’re lying to yourself if you didn’t feel something was missing… (I mean besides 3 decades of Van Halen music)… MAD MIKE! harmonizing on the vocals and rocking out on the bass.

    But I’m beating a dead horse here. SCAR said it best. The negativity is killing me. I hope the brothers come out of 5150 in a couple of months to drop a bomb so us whiny bitches will shut up.

  • Tom

    I agree with you SCAR.I own all the VH records,and the first time I saw them in person was with Cherone,and it kicked ass.I like Extreme and think he’s a great singer.He gave 100% and pulled out all the Dave-era songs fans love and the Sammy ones that still kick ass.That show was all killer and no filler.Many dont like VH3,but I do.It was different from any VH record before it,and was meant to.A new album,a new singer,a new chance to explore music.Since 1978,VH always released whatever they thought was the best they could do,love or hate it,fuck you if you dont,you paid for it attitude lol.And thats all there is to it.i dont expect a new VH album to sound like the ones before it,nd I pray it doesnt.I want to be shocked,floored,and knocked on my ass like I am every time I hear Ed pull out a riff that kicks ass or a solo that leaves my mouth hanging open.I want to be surprised,and that is something VH always delivers on.You dont know what you will get,but its always VH

  • phil

    well said SCAR! i have seen VH every tour since 1981 and appreciate all versions of VH. it’s entertainment, some folks just take it a little too seriously.

  • 51yr old fan

    it seems to me if you don’t agree with phillster or duck you are not a true fan. interesting isn’t it.

  • patrick

    lol…why is it some people consider themselves the judge on who is a real van halen fan?