Van Halen News Desk addresses the new album rumors

Van Halen“We believe big time in publicizing the shit out of ‘we ain’t talkin’.’ First we make goddamn sure that everybody knows we ain’t saying anything…”

-David Lee Roth, 1997

We at the Van Halen News Desk feel that the majority of fans and even music news websites have misinterpreted Janie Van Halen’s recent statement. Many people are reacting as if Janie simply said that Van Halen is NOT making an album.

Janie gave a vague, two sentence statement to Rolling Stone: “What is going around is exactly that, rumors. I don’t have any updates at this time.” She did not deny the rumors. She didn’t confirm them, either.

The rock community is so hungry for new music from Van Halen that it believed what it wanted to hear. The rumor spread like wildfire. The fact that this was simply a rumor got lost in the excitement, and, in a matter of days, websites and countless radio stations were reporting the rumor as fact. Janie wanted to clarify that the news that was going around about a “new Van Halen album coming out next year” was only rumors and that it was not actual news that was put out by the band, and therefore not anything that people should count on.

If Van Halen is currently writing music for an album, you can bet that she would not admit it now. Van Halen is not the type of band that frequently gives their fans updates on what they are doing. That’s because they don’t want to say anything until their plans are 100% solid and everything is in place. If the band really is working on new music for an album, you wouldn’t hear it from them until the album is finished. They would not want to announce any plans that might not come to fruition.

For those who say that Van Halen must not care about the fans because they do not give them frequent updates… just the fact that Janie clarified that the “news” was just rumors proves that the band does care and doesn’t want misinformation spread. They don’t want want the fans to count on something happening that they didn’t say would happen.

Some loyal VHND readers have been asking us why we don’t simply contact Janie and ask her if anything is going on. Suffice to say, we do have a rapport with Janie, and if there was anything she wanted us to know at this time, she would let us know.

So, will we see a new Van Halen album and/or tour next year? The facts are, two guitarists who are friends with Eddie – Dweezil Zappa and John 5 – have both recently admitted to hearing new Van Halen material and that it was killer. That’s good sign. Time will tell.

  • Let’s Rock

    Good God, what is next?
    The future of Van Halen:
    1970′s – Let’s play and see what happens
    1980′s – Let’s think about what we are playing and see what happens
    1990′s – Let’s talk about playing and see what happens
    2000′s – Let’s dream about playing and see what happens
    2010′s – Let’s joke about playing and see what happens

    If Wolfgang is the future of Van Halen, fold up the tent!

    The past, present and future of Van Halen is Dave, Eddie, Alex and Mike. Sammy is exceptable. All others are forbidden.

    We all know this to be true. So let it be written, so let it be done!
    The nation still waits.

  • Tommy Boy

    Throughout music history a truly talented successor/offspring to a previous well-known respected musician (i.e. Julian Lennon, Rossanne Cash) has never been spawned…I’m sure Ed hopes his son would strive to change that and carry on the Van Halen name in glorious glory!

  • bbl70

    Nice post RUSS. I agree completely with your angle. Very well put.

  • Let’s Rock

    It is not that Wolfgang is not talented but history is against him as Tommy Boy mentioned above.
    All the greats have had kids but none have followed the success of the parent (Presley, Dylan, any of the Beatles, the Stones, the list is endless).
    When Dave fell out of the puzzle, I never thought that Van Halen could sound good again.
    Sammy stepped in and Van Halen was never Van Halen again but the substitute wasn’t bad.
    Sammy stepped out and Gary just got walked on.
    Something was missing during Gary’s shot and that something was Mike.
    A reprise of VHIII is as unacceptable as the its original offering.
    If Dave, Eddie and Alex can not understand this, we are all truly lost.
    May the minds of these great musicians come to their senses before one is lost? I’m not so sure anymore.
    I’ll take a substitute but damn it’s hard when the real thing is right there!!
    I want the Trans-Am but give me the Pinto!! Damn it!!
    The nation waits.

  • roth for president

    spot on russ…also,most of the material ed had was written prior their reuinion with roth,so if they wanted to put out an album,ed maybe had to start from scratch so to speak. which may explain what is taking so long.this time around,ed wont put anything out unless he feels it some exceptional music..

  • mikey

    According to reports Eddie has been demoing music since the VH3 tour ended what was that? 12 years ago? Eddie has claimed to have hours of music ready to go but has never bothered to put any of it together for an album. It been reported that Eddie and Dave have spent time the studio in the past but Eddie has never been satisfied with it. Why should I believe now will be any different.

    In other words I’m not holding my breath.

  • Matt from Australia

    I think Russ is on the right note there, if not sounding a little bit too hopeful of it sounding like classic VH (maybe just a sprinkling of classic mixed with new sounds?).

    Whatevers’ going on over there, they are definately working on something. Like I’ve said, as long as we don’t hear any negativity from Dave – we can all stay positive!

    Still wondering what was cut from Ed’s video on Lopez. If VHND is giving us readers the impression they are tight with someone within the VH camp, how bout letting us know what that was? After all wasn’t it something the fans would have really liked?

  • ringostore

    The opening statement by Dave, 1997 says it all. If he is with this band again, he will do it right.

    Dave is the Donald Trump of Rock and Roll.

  • brian

    Yeah I definately agree with the “relax” idea.
    Things are cool. I think Russ bringing up Wolf’s influence over Eddie is probably right on.

    He’s listening to all the old DLR stuff and wants Ed to get back to that. For that alone, Wolf’s presence is a very good one.

    If things were blowing up, we’d be hearing Dave vent about it all. Come on, we know that.
    Dave’s probably showing up every once in a while to put some stuff down and to check out what Ed’s doing *that* day.

  • Let’s Rock

    You guys just don’t get it.
    Eddie alone is not Van Halen. And the reverse, there is no Van Halen without him.
    We need all of them.
    Dave has to be Dave. He cannot just walk in from time to time and say “Eddie, what ya got for me!?”
    The first six albums are about four guys making music.
    The next four were about four guys making music.
    The last one was about one guy making music.
    The next one needs to be about four guys making music.
    If we go back to just one guy making music; end it, please.
    This seems too simple for the common man I guess.
    The nation waits.

  • jeff butler

    it’s sad that a musician of edward’s talents has not given us, the fans, anything for the most part of 15 years. if they cared at all they would address it and / or make some new music. pathetic.

  • Dave

    Our long national nightmare……………….continues

  • Manion

    Dave’s silence means he’s still in the band and that’s a good thing.

  • Skutch

    I can’t believe there are so many comments about this non~announcement. Dave’s silence means he living his life. They are doing anything guys. Wake up.

  • BEN G

    As a since the beginning and always the Van Halen fan, I hope the rumors come true. It’s too bad Mike is out, I hope the next chapter measures up.
    I would love to see a tour with everyone, Sammy, Dave, ED, Alex and Mike. Have an evening with Van Halen, a three hour show with an intermission like Rush does these days. I’ll just keep dreming.

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