New song by Anklelock features Gary Cherone on vocals

Anklelock : Anklelock (Comin' To Get You) feat. Gary Cherone of Extreme/ex-Van Halen - SingleA new song “Coming To Get You” from the Boston band Anklelock features Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen, Tribe of Judah) on vocals.

Anklelock’s guitar player Bill Bracken tells the VHND: “I just released a song with a side project called Anklelock. It features Gary Cherone on vocals. Gary and I have worked together off and on for the past eleven years and I asked him to sing it. The song was written by myself and my drummer (and former WBCN DJ) Derek “Deek” Diedricksen.

“By the way, I am huge fan of I am a guitar player from the Boston area. I have been fortunate enough to hang and party with Michael Anthony and Sammy a few times through mutual friends. Still haven’t met Ed yet. I’d probably pass out! LOL.”

Deek says, “Had a blast recording this tune with Gary, and its definitely very different/more aggressive, as compared to his other work/material. Having never met the guy before this, he’s about as nice, humble, and hardworking as they come – which are rare traits for people who have made it in the rock world.”

You can purchase or sample the tune on CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon Napster, Rhapsody, etc.

  • Van Foot

    Well looky there, even a band called Anklelock is releasing new music with former VH members.

    And all we get from the VH camp is Rasta guitars from Zappa and Lopez 100th episode cameos.

  • o1need12

    Van Foot… and yet none of the formers have put out anything that holds a candle to anything in VH’s catalog!!!

  • John

    This is stretching it!

  • Jor-L5150



  • Jimmy

    Please….this is the era most are trying to forget..thx anyway

  • SinnerS

    Gary sounds great!

  • halenguy51


  • Phil

    I’m not even trying to care.

  • Tom Mc

    Bill Bracken is a fantastically talented guitar player and deserves a wide audience. The tune rocks hard and I’m glad it’s getting heard.

    Hi Bill! Hope again to be back in the Boston area sometime and catch a gig. Nice to know you’re a fan of VHND.

    Tom McNamee

  • http://none 12beerstogo

    Whose Anklecock?

  • Magnesium Jake

    I am a huge fan of Van Halen and still play VH III a lot in the car on road trips. Gary is an amazing talent and several of the tunes on that disc were stellar (Without You, The One I Want, Year To The Day, From Afar, etc.). Good for Gary to be working, and if you haven’t picked up the last Extreme disc than you should.

    For Eddie and the boys, it is time to shit or get off the pot, seriously. If there is no new music in the near future it is over and they all need to move on. Later,

  • Brian

    I actually though Gary wasn’t bad at all with VH- the album’s song writing and sound quality were just poor, and it was more or less Eddie’s solo album. If you watch any of the live VH stuff, Gary looks and sounds solid on stage. This new Gary tune’s VERY different, but not too bad. Not what I would have expected all at- which ultimately isn’t a bad thing…

  • Chris

    Anyone who doesn’t like “III” has either A) never heard it or B) Doesn’t listen to Van Halen for Eddies playing. “Van Halen III” has Eddies best(album wide) playing since “5150″ and probably his 5th best, behind “Fair Warning” “Van Halen” “Van Halen II” and “5150.”

  • Van Foot


    I’m not sure what your comment means or why it was pointed in my direction. I’m not comparing catalogs; I’m not saying that VH hasn’t put out some great music several decades ago. What I’m stating is that Extreme is back together, Chickenfoot is strong, and other (former) members of Van Halen are very active and apparently enjoying some level of success…except Roth of course.

    The catalog of Van Halen is undoubtedly some of the best music I’ve heard, but I’m not quite sure about all the drama associated with the band.

    I’ve been a longtime fan, but Van Halen’s lack of connectivity with its fans and greed over the past decade has been staggering. Eddie has whined in several articles about past band members and how “fans” just pirate and don’t respect the time and effort that goes into making new music.

    The music speaks for itself…don’t forget that all members, except Al (Ed’s brother) have found their way to the door over the course of Van Halen’s history. That, unfortunately, has spoken boldly to the condition of the band its inherent dysfunction.

  • Michael J.

    Anklelock tune- LOVIN’ IT! Good for you Gary! Solid stadium-rock type tune.

  • aaronindm

    Go Ankle-foot!

  • http://none Dirty Duck

    Another corny name for a rockgroup…
    Jeez…doesnt anyone have any imagination anymore?
    Anklelock? Christ….

  • o1need12

    van foot

    I get tired of everyone comparing chickenfoot, sammy solo, waborita and whatever other form of ex members to the real deal. yes they are putting out music, big deal it’s not like(see my comment) it’s the caliber of any of vh’s catalog. i guess i find it hard to understand why people cant separate all the former entities from the current line up. if there is a current line up. if theres not a current line then so be it. i got a library full of 3 different eras of awesome music from the band. Ed isnt gonna put a album cause the fans are cryin for one, and im not positive it would be that great at this point anyway. although it probably would. im not saying your not a fan, but to all the whiners and nay sayers why the hell are you on a van halen website? which brings me back to vhnd……get the other crap off here and start another site for it for christ sakes!!

  • Booger Man

    Hi Gary, saw you and Extreme on The David Letterman Show around 94ish or 95ish. Cool.

    Also saw you in Del Mar Ca. in July ’98. You were great. Rock on.

  • Booger Man

    Anklelock. Haven’t heard of em yet. That almost sounds like Achilles Last Stand. Hahaa

  • Booger Man

    BTW, I also saw DLR at Del Mar Fair in 1994. He was retrospective, but still killin it.

  • dude

    Cool but the band’s name sounds like AnkleCock.

  • Booger Man

    I think Gary Cherone should be proud as heck. I mean “Fire in the Hole” was on the “Leathal Weopan 4″ movie score at the beginning.

    That right there is cemented in history!

    (Hey Gary, call Mel, Iam sure he remembers.

  • Brian J

    I think that Anklelock band tune is actually pretty damn decent! Keep on doin’ your thing Gary!