Van Halen songs in the movies

Better Off DeadThe following is a list of all the Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Sammy Hagar songs that were featured in movies throughout the years.  A “*” indicates that the song was released on the official soundtrack for the film.

Thanks to Dave Vincent and to the Van Halen Encyclopedia for this list.

This is as complete of a list as we can come up with. Can anyone add to this list? If so, please leave a comment.

You Really Got Me – Over the Edge (1979)*
You Really Got Me – Night Shift (1982)
[Movie Score] The Seduction of Gina (1983)
Donut City – The Wild Life (1984)*
[Movie Score] The Wild Life (1984)
[Movie Score] Back to the Future (1985)
Everybody Wants Some!! – Better Off Dead (1985)*
(Oh) Pretty Woman – Weird Science (1985)
Jump – Help Wanted: Kids (1986)
Jump – S.O.S. – En segelsällskapsresa (1988)
Good Enough – Spaceballs (1987)*
I’m the One (by 4 Non Blondes) – Airheads (1994)
Dreams – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)*
Humans Being – Twister (1996)
Respect the Wind – Twister (1996)*
Jamie’s Cryin’ – Howard Stern Private Parts: The Movie (1997)
Dance the Night Away – Howard Stern Private Parts: The Movie (1997)
You Really Got Me – Howard Stern Private Parts: The Movie (1997)
And the Cradle Will Rock… – Born into Exile (1997)
Fire in the Hole – Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)
Jump – Big Daddy (1999)
Hot for Teacher – Olympic Glory (1999)
Hot for Teacher – SLC Punk (1999)
Hot for Teacher – Varsity Blues (1999)*
Runnin’ with the Devil – Detroit Rock City (1999)*
Runnin’ with the Devil – Lost and Found (1999)
Runnin’ with the Devil – Little Nicky (2000)
Runnin’ with the Devil – Ready to Rumble (2000)
Dance the Night Away – Mission to Mars (2000)*
Ice Cream Man – Anger Management (2003)
Jump – Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005)
Catherine- Sacred Sin (2006)*
Rise – Sacred Sin (2006)*
[Movie Score] Sacred Sin (2006)
Panama – Superbad (2007)*
Everybody Wants Some!! – Zombieland (2009)

Easy Street – One Crazy Summer (1986)
California Girls – Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)
Bump and Grind – Less Than Zero (1987)
Tobacco Road – How I Got into College (1989)
Bad Habits – Sgt. Bilko (1996)
California Girls (by Atomic Punks) – Rock Star (2001)
Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody – The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004)
California Girls – Camping (2006)

Rock Candy (Ronnie Montrose) – A Star Is Born (1976)
Keep on Rockin’ – (Bette Midler) The Rose (1979)
Bad Reputation – Up the Academy (1980)
Heavy Metal – Heavy Metal (1981)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
The Girl Gets Around – Footloose (1983)
I’ll Fall in Love Again – Vision Quest (1985)
I Can’t Drive 55 – Moving Violations (1985)
Two Sides of Love – The Sure Thing (1985)
Two Sides of Love – Vision Quest (1985)
Burnin’ Down the City – Out of Bounds (1986)
Winner Takes It All – Over the Top (1987)
I Can’t Drive 55 – Back to the Future Part II (1989)
Rock Candy (by The Bulletboys) – Wayne’s World (1992)
Rock Candy – The Stoned Age (1993)
Stand Up (by Steel Dragon) – Rock Star (2001)

Play with Me – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)
It’s a Monster – Sleepwalkers (1992)
Play with Me – Jury Duty (1995)
More Than Words – Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
More Than Words – The Love Guru (2008)
Need I Say More – Smart People (2008)

  • Panama Red

    I was listening to the Howard Stern show when Private Parts came out. Howard said he asked the Van Halen camp if they would write and record an original song for his movie. But he wanted DLR not Sammy, and he said he didn’t care about Mike. He said he heard back from them that they wanted ONE MILLION dollars for ONE SONG!! Howard passed. I think this was when Ray Daniels was managing them.

  • Pete

    RED…that’s right about “Private Parts”, and then Dave gave him that horrible tune of the same name. It was weird to hear Dave “sucking up” like that to Howard, especially since he eventually started a competing radio show and was trounced. I love Dave solo, but that song was the worst ass-kiss “please put this on the soundtrack” tune I’ve ever heard.

  • EasyStreet

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned just how much Eddie stuff was in Back to the Future. Not only was there the “Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan” Walkman scene but let’s not forget the awesome scene when Marty McFly goes completely wild during his fill-in for Chuck Berry’s “cousin” on the song “Johny B. Good”. Also, when McFly’s band was trying out for the talent show, you hear Eddie jamming out a small part of Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love” and it is Huey Lewis himself that cuts them off saying “You’re just too darn loud!”
    Dave’s “Just Like Paradise” nearly became the theme song to “Beverly Hills 90210″ if not for some management misunderstanding. Eddie recently appeared on the TV show “Two and a Half Men” in which he came out of the men’s room with a Frankenstrat strapped on and played a small riff called “Two Burritos and a Root Beer Float” after explaining that he never knows when inspiration might strike. I’m sure there are many other movies and TV shows out there that contain some snippet of VH/Hagar/DLR music that haven’t been mentioned. And then there are endless references to the band and all it’s many dramas in countless movies. Sara Palin used “Right Now” as her introduction song in the 2008 campaign and also named a child “Van Palin” (middle name). I think it is safe to say that Van Halen has left a sizable footprint on American culture whether people want to admit it or not. Not many days go by without hearing something that involves some sort of VH attachment. Although I will admit that my ears and eyes are very trained in all things VH.
    As far as the DLR vs. Sammy debate goes…give it a rest!!! I think that a TRUE fan can appreciate it all. I have attended at least 1 stop of every VH tour (7 times for ’07-’08) and while some shows are better than others I would rather see Van Halen in any form over ANYTHING that is being pushed out by the record companies today. Eddie will always be King when it comes to hard ass Rock and Roll guitar!!!

  • EasyStreet

    Follow up: I did not mention the Sara Palin thing to start a political debate. It was not an endorsement for the GOP. I just wanted to show that VH was being used on one of the largest public stages that exists. So please…refrain from throwing your political views into the conversation. Although…in my opinion seeing Sara Palin swinging her hips to “Dance The Night Away” would not suck! Ha Ha!

  • EasyStreet

    My 2 favorite VH songs are “It’s About Time” (always pumps me up) and “Me Wise Magic”. It is ironic that both tunes involved the return of a former frontman. I guess it just goes to show that the guys are fully capable of finding the magic that made Van Halen so special with either Dave or Sam. The last tour was something that I had been waiting for since I was a freshman in high school and I took my young sons to see it in LA and in Grand Rapids. The are very devoted fans now and not because “Dad” says so. They truly do love the music and always put it on in the car. Now let’s lobby hard for an event that would be even more unbelievable than the last tour and call for a Dave and Sammy VH tour. I know…it will never happen. But then again, for the better part of 2 decades, I never though I would see Dave and Eddie hugging each other onstage in front of 15,000 to 20,000 fans night after night after the things that were said by and about each other for years. One can wish!

  • jsz57

    Dance the night away was also used in Mission To Mars

  • George

    I just watched Spaceballs on Netflix and “Good Enough” is not in the movie anymore. It was to be played when they were at the truck stop towards the end of the movie.

  • Scott

    What about “Just Like Paradise” from DLR’s album “Skyscraper? Wasn’t that in a movie, maybe the end credits to a movie? Anyone know anything about that?