Bocephus on his video with Van Halen

Back when Sammy was a new member of Van Halen, the VH boys would get good and crazy pretty often. They called their good-old boy humor together “Bocephus mode,” in honor of country star Hank “Bocephus” Williams, Jr, who they considered the craziest mofo on the planet.

When Hank got wind that they were using his nickname as a call to party, he invited Van Halen across the country line. Just as Van Halen was getting out from under the shadow of Roth, Hank Jr. was finally growing beyond comparisons to his father. Van Halen came to party in costume, appearing as Hank Jr.’s backup band in his video for “My Name Is Bocephus.”

The video was filmed in late 1986, shortly after the 5150 tour ended. Check out Eddie’s short hair and Alex’s newly shaved head!

[Video is no longer online]

  • BigDawg

    Awesome! Two true legendary acts in music history together.

  • Willie

    Thank God they kept that thing buried!!!!!

  • Dan

    They sure had some fun together back then. It’s a shame they don’t have that relationship these days.

  • scowboy

    the best music video ever.

  • Rubbing Wit Da Debbol

    Where have all the good times gone?

  • phil

    that was classic


    First off, I would like to say I love coming to the VHND to leave opinions with fellow Van Halen fans-this is great and for those who think it’s all “DRAMA” fuck off-this shit is fun and it is all worthy. I like Ed and the boys better when they drank,smoked and caused mayhem. I know you can’t keep that lifestyle up without dying, but it was just better hahah!!!
    With the exception of the Stones, no band has kept that train rolling and Van Halen will never, ever be the same. But I will keep posting these opinions because I want them to rise up and take back the crown, but I know I’m dreaming, I know these monkeys will never do the right thing again-Idiots!
    And for all those girls who keep attacking us for being pissed off that they cant get it together-you arent true VH fans because if you were you would stand up and scream for some action—VAN HALEN CORP STAND UP AND DEMAND NEW MUSIC!!!

  • Harry Ballsonya

    See this is what Sammy was talkin about right here! When a band loses it’s heart like Eddie has done, all of this fun stuff they did is now what it is and that’s history!

    It’s too bad Eddie is trying to forget his time with Sammy and Mike, it’s really too bad!

  • Rocko

    That was a cool Video by Hank Williams Jr.

  • rick

    To forget the time with Sammy and Mikey is the right thing to do because its forget-worthy.

  • Dan

    Hey Rick, put a sock in it ok. You’re such in the minority here it’s not funny. Get a life and go spew your hate elsewhere.

  • Ironhalen

    Wow man,it’s awesome you guys put this clip on here!Thanks so much!I’m so sick of the Chickenfart stuff,I mean i like Sam and Mike,but this is VHND.Thanks for diggin up stuff for us!

  • Null

    I remember when this came out I never watched CMT so much in the hopes that I could catch this video. I think I saw it once until the creation of YouTube.

  • Jungleland

    I think Dave was glad he was not in VH after he saw this..what a mess

  • Michael

    “Manager tried to break up the fun”

    Yup – that was the story of Van Halen for the next 10 years. Bloody manager.

  • ringostore

    Hank Williams Jr. is a patriot! Good influence for these guys!

  • ROB5150

    What a great time! I was an huge fan of Van Halen and my best friend was of Kiss, we had all the vinyl.At that time in Italy there was only a rock’n’roll magazine named “Metal Shock” and the first video music channel pass only pop-disco-shit videos, but our faith for this 2 great band still continues today!

  • Chomsky5150

    Now that’s a party tune!

  • rich

    They had one hell of a good time!