Eddie Van Halen 2008 Guitar Solo with SOUNDBOARD Audio

This is audience-filmed footage of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo from May 2nd, 2008, in Charlottesville, Virginia. What makes this clip special is that it is the only 2007-2008 Van Halen concert footage on Youtube that has audio from the soundboard. The audio is rumored to be from the ALD (an Assisted Listening Device for the hearing impaired that some arenas have).

Watch it here:

  • shawn

    It is cool to hear something from the tour with such good sound. I sure wish they would get to producing an album!

  • iain5150

    totally awesome, this should put to rest all the questions if EVH still has it. Full Stop, now as to the people who are complaining about new stuff, relax! Eddie just got done with a new tour with both Dave and his son and came off of rehab and did awesome. now it is time for him to reflect. He has to deal with the pressure of being a sober person first, a sober father second and a sober guitar player for the band 3rd. and believe you me if I was him I would say “Let me get my shit together and you won’t be dissapointed” Remember he’s got his son to worry about, with all the pot shots going out I would be more worried about keeping the relationship between me and my son on the front burner than worrying about what I owe the fans. He gave us his all on all their albums and tour stops, at least for me he did and for that I am grateful. but never for once did I feel like the band owed me anything. I waited 20+ years to see VH with DLR and I got to see a great show and I got my money’s worth if I can wait 20+ years for a show I sure as hell can wait a little longer for another album. They don’t owe me shit cause I’ve already become a better musician through their whole catalog of music and that is what they are all about the music. Music just doesn’t happen IT TAKES TIME and thats what they need. remember Wolfgang hasn’t even graduated HIGH SCHOOL yet, doesn’t anybody remember their senior year? If you need new stuff to listen to either create your own music, or listen and I do mean LISTEN to VH not just the lyrics but the MUSIC.

  • Joe S

    I agree with the 3 points you made about Eddie.
    1Being Sober
    2 A Father
    3 A Guitar Player

    If Eddie puts his sobriety number one he should have no problems. Eddie has got to find his serenity, to accept the things he can not change, find the courage to change the things he can and the wisdom to know the difference.

    There is an old saying, keep coming back it works if you work it and it don’t if you won’t. If he dose works it (his program/sobriety) his mind won’t mess with him like it did in the past. Eddie will be much calmer, be more in focused and he will do better, and just maybe we will get something new from him in the not to distant future.

  • Adam

    H’s still got it after 30+ years. Thanks, Eddie!

  • Matt from Australia

    Fair remarks about Eddie being sober – but I thought he was already in the best shape of hs life, never felt better ! Everybody keeps saying he was in rehab when the tour was postponed – but no one really knows that for sure, do they! Right now, fans of VH want some new music, hasn’t Eddie said on numerous occasions he as enough music over there at 5150 for a heap of albums….and what about this supposed live DVD? The guys need to get something out to the fans soon (while riding on the sucess of the tour) before interest begins to fade and it’s to late !!

  • garybuck2004

    From what I understand, Ed, his bro, and son have been writing music up at 5150 for the last few years before the recent tour. I’m not too worried when he’ll release the goods. I’m just happy to hear DLR sing as well as he did on the tour. Of course his voice has changed (a little).But he still sounds awesome. It will be exciting to hear how Dave’s voice will sound on new Van Halen music. Rock on Dudes!

  • SteveO

    Eeek. That was really sloppy. Was that before or after the mystery break?

  • Ted

    It’d be nice if, as a tradeoff of being sober, he didn’t go onstage looking like a suburban dad ready to man the ol’ Weber grill. But good for him, nonetheless.

  • Barry

    It was Magic in Charlottesville. It was the best of the 5 shows I saw on the tour. This video should give everyone an idea of why the tour took a brief hiatus. It is from the ALD. Eddie is still King and hopefully he will be running around on stage soon with some new material.

  • iain5150

    I must apologize for the last post, thats my roomate thinking he’s funny.

  • Ted

    It was good, but it was essentially the same thing he played when I saw them during them 16 years ago.

    I hope that something new is coming. Hell, I’d settle for a live album/DVD from this tour

  • Adrian

    eddie that was spot on but for god sake lose the wardrobe come on what happened to jeans and rolled up sleeves ala 1978 no short sleeve plaid shit.

  • reservoirgoose

    I am a huge Van Halen fan and I must say this video, or rather the sound quality of Eddie’s playing, is really sloppy. Whatever was used to record/transfer the sound was beneficial in highlighting this fact because Eddie doesn’t have sheer volume and distortion to cover up any sloppy work. We heard a straight EVH playing. I’m not sure how a dozen people think this was a premier performance on Eddie’s part.

    I have listened to Van Halen for years now, and this recording really didn’t inspire any more faith in Eddie’s ability to play well during live events. I saw him at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit and, as a young Van Halen fan, the show was pretty neat – but his playing was by no means anything compared to the 1980s footage I’ve seen online or on DVDs.

  • randy

    Is it just me or does it look like Eddie has a wedding ring on?

  • Joe

    As much as I love vintage VH this is proof that we ALL age, regardless of socio-economic status. I’m no virtuoso by any stretch of the imagination, but with all due respect….this is kinda sloppy in my opinion. I’ve seen him play 1,000 times better. Make no mistake…he’s still the King, but…well, I’m just saying. I do agree that dude could grow his hair out, dress the part and look like the gigantic rock star that he is.

  • Mtnbiker

    From that day in 78 sitting in the front seat of a Chevy pickup listening to a solo called Eruption and wondering what the heck that was,seeing them in 84 at the S.F Cow Palace on the Jump tour. In having read the above posts, it aint about hair or clothes or shoes, thats all icing on the cake. Its simply about the guitar and what comes out of it that stands the test of time. Eddie simply needs to kick the booze, raise his son, and live on. Anything after that is a gift….

  • HideYourSheep

    Maybe it’s because he’s still playing the same solo he’s done since 5150, but Edward didn’t seem to have his heart into what he was playing. It seemed more like he was just going through the motions note for note without FEELING what he was doing.

    I don’t think it’s a reflection of his status as a guitarist. I love the guy and he’s a legend. I do think the above video shows how stagnated his solo has become over the years. He’s such a talented guy. I’d like to see him mix his solos up every so often for himself and the fans. So much talent hidden behind the old solo.

    I’m happy to see him sober and in good health though! 🙂

  • RobbyVenice

    Alright..Maybe Eddie is reading this…I am 41 years old,I have a 15 year old son,I began playing guitar at 11 when i heard eruption , Father killed and very poor by 13, Played in bands and had a repertoire of 35 great ( not good – great! )songs , best friend killed at 15, bassist killed at 20 ( no more band for ten years ) ,various great bands and lots of drugs and alcohol til i was 35 and went sober faced down my demons and now i have a great relationship with my kid , i just built two custom guitars ( not like eddies – my own style ) I have my own business and live at the beach…IT AIN’T EASY ,I ALWAYS AM WORRIED ABOUT MONEY AND I FALL (WANNA DRINK) ALL THE TIME BUT I STAY SOBER AND KEEP GOING…If a poor kid who never made it can do it so can Eddie…Lifes’ too short …good luck Eddie and try to remember how good you have it!!! p:s I could’ve been a contender….but i love my life and it is good…do it for all of us who didn’t make it Ed.

  • http://na John Greggs

    that solo was flawless… it was great to see them on tour. Dave sounded so good…much better than the RIBFEST TOUR….looking forward to the new album with the current line up….because now there is going to be 3 Van Halens recording stuff together……

  • Chris

    Very entertaining – I enjoy the sound collage part in the middle the most – probably the freshest part of the entire performance.

  • JF

    It’s hard to be “Top Shelf” every night, but even if this wasn’t his best performance, I still prefer a sub-par Eddie over anyone else. There comes a time when a 50+-year-old cannot hang with his 30-year-old self. That said, Eddie still hangs pretty well. I do agree with an earlier poster: it’ll be nice to hear him release some new stuff.

    Also, I found it interesting that he was on his neck pick-up the entire time; I always thought he did most of his solo stuff on the bridge.

  • http://VHND TheManTheMyth

    Yup Eddie has the modern day Clapton look going on. Plaid shirts are cool… I personlly own a few.

  • Joe

    dude, that solo was so not “flawless”

    i saw every tour beginning on the women and children first tour…

    ed’s not 23 anymore

  • ME

    And as for all the shit talkers here… this old school VH solo sounds just right..its standard issue Eddie void of any mistakes.

    Don’t EVER fuck with Eddie.


  • von holland

    ed cant win. trips me out people bitch that he plays like edward van halen or plays the lick repertoire he created and 4 million players tried to lift. give me a break , give him a bump of charisma and a few hits off a joint, its 1978 all over again! however , if we want him around except the clean , 54 yr. old ed.