Van Halen 2007-2008 Tour Highest Grossing in Band’s History

From Van Halen’s official newsletter:

Arena Concerts Sell Out Across The Country, Grossing More Than $93 Million

(Los Angeles, CA) June 5, 2008 – Nearly a million fans journeyed from all over the world to witness the landmark VAN HALEN tour, which kicked-off in September of 2007 in Charlotte, NC and wrapped up June 2, 2008 in Grand Rapids, MI. VAN HALEN, featuring Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen delivered their bombastic live assault performances to legions of loyal fans at 75 arena concerts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Performing live with Roth for the first time in more than 23 years, VAN HALEN proved its timeless catalog of hits still packs the punch it did decades earlier. Each night, the band treated the capacity audiences to a dream set list of more than two hours of VAN HALEN gems plucked from their original era. Favorites including, “Jump”, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, “Panama” and more, received a jolt of vivacity and spirit.

“We send our thanks to the countless new and lifetime fans that helped make this tour our most successful,” said VAN HALEN in a joint statement. “We also send special gratitude to the tireless efforts of the VAN HALEN touring crew, Live Nation and the media, as well as opening acts Ky Mani Marley and Ryan Shaw,” the band went on to say.

Now that the final bits of confetti have fallen, VAN HALEN has their sights set on bright horizons with exciting developments on the way.


  • Ray

    Saw the tour, it was the best show all the classic tunes
    Thanks Ed,Dave alex and wolf rock on guys…………….

  • Fred Tubbs

    Well, I loved the show when I saw it last year. But, of course this was the highest grossing tour in band history… tickets were $70 for the cheap seats.

  • tim stone

    Wolfgang brought new energy………..what a load of crap. He played fine, but stood in the shadows. VH is not Vh without Michael Anthony. Somehow or another this band screws everything up. Greatest Hits albums, Hall of fame, Reunion tour with a child who was.nt born until 13 years after the first album. They are so incredible as a band that they are great in spite of the best efforts………

  • Adam

    Hugely pleased the guys managed to get it together in the end. So many wasted years, though and most importantly Mike should be there… The music’s great but the soul’s gone. I’ve got nothing against Wolfgang whatsoever but Mike back in the band would put a big time smile on a lot of faces and make the whole thing feel a lot more genuine. Good point fred tubbs made about the pricing too: anyone can rake it in by jacking up the price when there’s no competition and huge demand!!

  • Boristone

    I enjoyed the show as well but “Really” wished that Mikey was there. To me it feels like Eddie was selfish and screwed. Mike deserved to be there.

  • Rockn

    Saw the guys 3 times during the tour…..Greensboro, cleveland, and Indianapolis…No complaints here..All those complaining about Wolfie…Hey it was his first tour…Give the kid a break..He did a fine job on bass and harmonies..Tix may have been a lil steep but well worth it to me….Looking forward to the next tour….Peace

  • TheBrownSound

    I hope, there will be a new album and a tour across europe.

  • debra

    Saw the show 7 times this tour. Was 2 and 3rd row for 3 of the shows. One word AWESOME!!!! I think Wolfie did a excellent job for his first tour!! Stop crapping on Ed, there is 2 sides to every story (who knows what really happen with Mike) maybe he just wants to be with Sammy. I don’t care what anyone says , this tour was the best and hope they come back real soon with some new stuff!!

  • Jeff

    Cool tour but it appeared to be the same show every night as far as songlist goes.Maybe with some new material they can choose different songs for selected dates.Great to see Van Halen on top of their game.

  • Wil

    I saw the boys in Des Moines right after a blizzard, the regular three hour drive to Des Moines took us five and a half hours and it was well worth it. I thought Wolfie did a great job considering everyone was waiting for him to screw up. I can’t wait for new music but, honestly, I am expecting them to implode before we get it.

  • http://deleted Aftershock

    The show I saw on this tour was fantastic. It would have been great to have Michael still in the band, but it was not to be. All factors considered, Wolfgang did a good job. He was in a tough, almost no-win position. These shows were about seeing Ed and Dave together again and hearing the classics. The tour was a great success on that front.

    That being said, seeing this tour officially hailed as the highest-grossing Van Halen tour ever is funny. I think the same thing whenever I see the film industry tout at the end of the year that this was the best year in ticket sales yet. Well, if you keep raising the prices there’s a point where that becomes so, even if less people are actually going to the movies.

    What I’d like to know is how many butts were in the seats on this tour, compared to previous tours. (And no, I’m not referring to people sitting during the show.) That stat would be more useful for evaluation.

  • Trav nasty

    Van Halen rocked out!!

  • Scott

    Let me say this! As an avid Van Halen and David Lee Roth freak! This tour has kicked ass!

    I saw the show in Atlanta, Indy, Charlotte, St. Louis and Cincinnati. Not one show let me down. Atlanta was special b/c that is where the sound went out during Eddie’s solo, and then he used one of Alex’s drumsticks to finish the solo and it was awesome.

    Sammy Hagar should just retire his ass, b/c after this tour there will not be a need for him anymore.

    I saw VH in the original days with Michael and I have to say that Wolfie played as good if not better. Who needs Michael Anthony’s stupid immature bass solo’s with Jack Daniels anyway.

    David, Eddie, Alex and Wolfie I want to thank you for making my dreams come true. VH with DLR once again. There will never, I mean NEVER be another show that compared to these.


  • Pat


  • Matt from Australia

    Dave, Ed, Alex, Wolfie……hurry up and get your asses down here to Australia. There are fans down here dying to see some live Van Halen !

  • Big Chris

    I agree, the Boyz need to get on a World Tour, take a short break to get into the studio and then hit the road for another US TOUR. Eddie said in 2003, before the Hagar reunion, that he had enough tracks set down, tracks from the original band, like the current tour, to complete 3-4 albums! Lets get it done! And I still say, and fans, brothers and sisters, as a former Bill Graham Presents employee whos first VH concert was in 79, and 47 shows later, the FANS deserve a FULL VAN HALEN TOUR, with Michael on Bass, Wolfy on Rythem or better yet, bring the Key Boards that we used to set up BACK STAGE and that are still set up back stage with a former Night Ranger guy playing during JUMP and other Key board tunes, on the stage and have Wolfy learn to play them, and then open the show with DAVE, the the FANS via internet PICK the greatest DLR ERA tunes and play them for an hour or more. Then, the FANS pick the VAN HAGAR era tunes, and SAMMY COMES OUT and jams for an hour or more, then they have TWO MAJOR ENCORES, with a DAVE PICK, then a SAMMY PICK, then one with BOTH OF THEM, like EVERY BODY WANTS SOME, because you what, EVERY BODY DOES WANT SOME!!!!! SOLD OUT SHOWS ALL OVER THE WORLD and a HUNDRED AND NINTY THREE MILLION!!!! SOME BODY GET ME A DR, and GIVE THIS TO EDDIE!!!!!!

  • Roger

    It was a beautiful thing to see. Eddie was awesome. For those who missed Mike, it is Wolf that made this happen. He’s the one who got Eddie straightened out. He’s the one who had a fresh love for the music, who played the classic tunes in his Dad’s ear and helped get Dave back in the fold. Wolf picked the set list. Wolf on the stage every night was the perfect elixir for Eddie. Now let’s hope for an album!

  • David

    Im sure WVH is very talented, im not gonna deny that BUT as far as earning the right to be there i dont think so. He didnt pay his dues, its MA who deserves to be there. He put up with a lot of crap and gets kicked out for an apparent lack of loyalty?? EVH must get a kick out of making everybody, including the fans, miserable.

  • pskibobby

    i heard that a live dvd from the tour is coming out.
    any news???

  • budcat1

    Bring back Mike! Saw the show in LA, bring back Mike!!!

  • Rocko

    That’s because they sound ten times better now that they did bak then before Hagar join the band. Also because Ed is playing better than He did in 2004 even though I enjoyed Alex, Hagar and Anthony’s performance. Plus Dave finally got his head out of his egotistical ass and sang like he was supposed to do on the recording but better now. Also Dave and Eddie both have matured enough to perform good music together for over 20 years. Finally they made their music the way it was supposed to be made and I mean MUSIC not sound like a fucked up circus act courtesy of Dave back then. This tour is the best of the Roth Era and I hope 2010 or whatever they say will be better than ever.

  • TopCat

    I am amazed at how many good reviews this show has gotten. I had previously seen them in 2004 w/Sammy and thouroughly enjoyed the show for 75.00. Then, fast forward to 2008. The show was ATL and the sound was terrible. Eddie’s solo could not be heard due to a software gliche or something. A friend of mine experienced the same thing in Toronto. All I know is I paid 150.00 to hear hugely loud muffled tones. Dave seemed to be in dream which was not what I expected. He was noy very animated like days of old. I love their music but it’s the last time I’ll pay enormous prices for a concert. Nowadays, it’s too much about the money and not enough about the fans.