CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth From Van Halen

CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth From Van Halen

CIA agents reportedly seeded false information in Rolling Stone and other media outlets to convince the public that Roth was toppled solely by his bandmates in a bloodless revolt. Another gem from The Onion: LANGLEY, VA—Shedding new light on a tumultuous period of upheaval that dominated international headlines nearly 30 years ago, the U.S. government declassified … [Read more...]

Eight Steps to Becoming a Legendary Hair Metal Guitarist


Guitar World recently made a pretty funny list, Eight Steps to Becoming a Legendary Hair Metal Guitarist. Just try to read through this list without thinking of Eddie Van Halen! Here it is: From fashion trends to movie remakes, the '80s are back with a vengeance. But are neon-colored Wayfarers and tiger-print bikinis enough to bring back the decade’s most recognizable … [Read more...]

Middle East Unites in World Peace, Celebrates With Van Halen!


This week's episode of South Park, titled "Ginger Cow," featured an animated appearance of Van Halen! In the episode, Religious leaders come together in Jerusalem and settle their issues, and World Peace is finally achieved! The leaders announce to the gigantic crowd, ”Today, we are all united as one! Let us celebrate, under one symbol!” And then, on a massive screen, the crowd … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Van Halen Movie Tribute Video Compilation


This is spectacular! It's a fun video montage of many VAN HALEN songs and references in the movies. A MUST-SEE! Creator Brian Bernhardt: "This is a fairly thorough compilation of Van Halen references that have appeared in movies over the years. Hope fans of the band enjoy it! I know there are other references out their that I did not include. Here's to Van Halen!!!!" Movies … [Read more...]

Alex Van Halen and House Speaker John Boehner at the U.S. Capitol.


From Daily Mail: In an effort to round out the public persona of House Speaker John Boehner, his office has released a set of behind-the-scenes photos of the top Republican charming babies, working in his garage and teasing musician Alex Van Halen.  Coming on the heels of the latest batch of 'behind-the-scenes' photos from the White House, which has gone viral online, the … [Read more...]

Jim Florentine Disgusted by NFL Picking Beyonce Over Van Halen for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jim Florentine podcast

Comedian Jim Florentine is disgusted that the NFL chose Beyonce for the Super Bowl over a band like Van Halen. In his recent podcast, the co-host of VH1's 'That Metal Show' goes on a long, hilarious rant about it. "Did ANY male heterosexual football fan get excited when they heard that it was Beyonce doing the halftime show?  NOBODY. Van Halen would have been … [Read more...]