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After wrapping up the Van Halen's 2012-2013 A Different Kind of Truth Tour, lead singer David Lee Roth is currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He has recently appeared on many radio shows and done several interviews, all of which can be found below.

Naturally 7 and David Lee Roth Gettin’ “Happy” Backstage in Tokyo (Video)

DLR with Naturally 7 Backstage in Tokyo (Video)

David Lee Roth attended Naturally 7‘s performance which took place Sunday night in Tokyo. He visited them backstage, and it looks like they have some fun! Watch them sing “Happy” in the video above. Below is Naturally 7′s performance on the Arsenio Hall Show from April 4th, 2014. They blew everyone away with their powerful, a cappella […]

Van Halen Working on Mysterious “Project”

Van Halen Working on Mysterious “Project”

David Lee Roth mentions in the new episode of The Roth Show that his band is “Working on a great Van Halen project” but also that he “Can’t announce anything, or I’d have to come find you and swear you to secrecy.” You can watch the episode embedded below. (Though no clues are to be […]

Exclusive: David Lee Roth on Van Halen’s “College of Musical Knowledge” (Audio)

EXCLUSIVE: David Lee Roth on Van Halen’s “College of Musical Knowledge” (Audio)

David Lee Roth was inspired by our article 40 Years Ago Today – Van Halen Hits the Sunset Strip! so much so that he sent us an exclusive audio describing how important it was for Van Halen to spend years playing Gazzarris in the mid seventies. He calls it their ”college of musical knowledge.” Listen to Dave’s 5-minute […]

The Roth Show: The New York City Way 2 – Let’s Dance!

New Roth Show!

In episode 2 of the new season, your host, David Lee Roth, reveals more of The New York City Way’s plot with a focus on dancing, The Pill, Soul Train and so much more!

7-Year-Old Drummer Avery Plays Van Halen’s “I’m The One” (VIDEO)

Little Avery is back with "I'm The One"!

Our favorite little drummer is back! And this time, he attempts another Van Halen deep track; the scorching “I’m The One” from Van Halen I. How do you think he did? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Related Avery Molek Stories: Our original feature on young drumming prodigy Avery Molek, 6-Year-Old Drummer Shreds Van Halen’s ‘Hot For […]

David Lee Roth Interview with Allan Handelman, 1980

David Lee Roth Interview with Allan Handelman, 1980

Allan Handelman sets up the interview: It’s was Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Recorded at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia during the tour to support their third album, Women And Children First. It was out of control madness that turned out to be a radio classic. David is still a regular guest on my […]

Video: David Lee Roth & Mike Love Perform “California Girls”


Music legends David Lee Roth and Mike Love performed together at The Society of Singers’ 21st ELLA Awards last night (Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The event honored Mike Love, lead singer and co-founder of The Beach Boys, producer Nigel Lythgoe, and backup singers The Waters Family. “Look at all these smiling […]

The Roth Show Season Two Premiere: The Roth Show is back!


“Where is David Lee Roth?” He’s back! It’s the premiere of Season Two of  THE ROTH SHOW! This 44-minute episode has blown us away! Our host, David Lee Roth, is entertaining as he discusses “The New York City Way.” His video editor must be exhausted, as she compiled no less than a hundred video/film clips (mostly from […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Jungle Studs


One of David Lee Roth’s personal photos from his many jungle adventures. This is from a trip to the Highland Jungles of New Guinea in late ’84. Dave shares some home video from this adventure here. “All Access” Van Halen photos is a weekly feature at VHND.com. Every weekend we feature a photo from a […]

Happy Holidays From David Lee Roth


David Lee Roth posted these two photos on his facebook page this week, wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

David Lee Roth’s New Commentary for the Classic “Dave TV” Special


David Lee Roth has just uploaded newly recorded commentary for “Dave TV,” his collection of videos and interviews released in 1986. The new commentary, which can be viewed above, was not included on his new Greatest Hits/The Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD) released last month by Rhino. While that collection has the full, original “Dave TV” special […]

New Van Halen Music and Tour in 2015?


A (somewhat recent) interview with David Lee Roth is currently making the rounds on music news websites. The interview one one that David Lee Roth did with Jim Florentine (from That Metal Show) for Ozzy’s Boneyard on SiriusXM. In it, David mentioned that the four members of Van Halen were beginning to work on new music. He […]