VHND’s All Access Photo: Almost 5150 Time!


Eddie, Alex, and Michael happily pose with their new singer, Sammy Hagar, shortly before the release of 5150. This was one of the first photos ever taken of the “new” Van Halen. “All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at VHND.com. Every weekend we feature a photo from a roadie, friend, or band insider. Many are […]

Eddie Van Halen Interviews Les Paul

Happy Birthday, Les Paul! EVH interviews Les Paul!

Happy Birthday, Les Paul! In 1986, Guitar World put Eddie Van Halen and Les Paul together in the same room to talk about what they knew best. From Guitar World: Almost three decades ago, Guitar World writer Steven Rosen brought together Les Paul and Eddie Van Halen for a quick chat. It would be the […]

Let’s Make a Deal!—Alex Van Halen’s Crazy Cash for Locks Program


Happy Birthday, Alex Van Halen! For his birthday today, we’ve got a never-seen photo and never-heard crazy story from the band’s 5150 tour! Many people don’t realize that Alex Van Halen has always been the biggest prankster in the band. He was arguably the most wild and out of control during the band’s 1986 5150 tour—he even shaved […]

Van Halen’s ’5150′ VS. David Lee Roth’s ‘Eat ‘Em And Smile’ – Great Rock Debates


From Ultimate Classic Rock.com: Rock and roll history is rife with intra-band family feuds, but perhaps none received quite as much publicity or caused a bigger fan base rift than Van Halen’s ugly divorce from singer David Lee Roth in 1985. Certainly, this was the battle royal of ‘80’s hard rock! After all, no other American band did […]

This Day in 1986: Van Halen’s First Concert With Sammy Hagar


28 Years ago Today: Van Halen performed their very first concert with Sammy Hagar as frontman. Here’s the little-known story about that concert and the days that led up to it. (Including some exclusive quotes from Sammy Hagar). As the first scheduled concert with their new frontman drew near, Van Halen’s new album wasn’t even finished […]

Rare 1986 Pro-shot Footage: “Why Can’t This Be Love”


We’ve all seen Live Without a Net, filmed in 1986 in New Haven, CT, during Van Halen’s first tour with Sammy Hagar. This is not from that release. This is something most fans haven’t seen, as it was only aired outside the U.S. back in the ’80′s. This live performance of Van Halen’s #2 hit single, […]

1986: EVH on “5150” vs. Vai on “Eat ‘Em And Smile”


From Premiere Guitar: How Van Halen’s split broadened the musical landscape of the mid-’80s. I remember the days of running down to the mailbox to see if the latest of many guitar magazine subscriptions had arrived, always hoping for one of two players to be on the cover: Eddie Van Halen or Steve Vai. Nothing […]

Abom Goes “Inside” for 25th Anniversary of Van Halen’s 5150


On this day in 1986 (March 24th), Van Halen released “5150″ – their first album with vocalist Sammy Hagar! From Ain’t It Bale News: “Hello, bayyyyyy-beh!” Sammy Hagar was riffing on 1950s disc jockey-turned pop star Jiles “Big Bopper” Richardson when he let out the banshee wail kicking off one my favorite rock records of […]

Interview with Les Paul and Eddie Van Halen from 1986


Back in 1986, Edward Van Halen and Les Paul had the pleasure of meeting each other at the opening of Guitar Center in Los Angeles. Thankfully, the long talk that they had together that night was recording and transcribed. Enjoy. From UltimateGuitar.com: Rock Chronicles. 1980s: Les Paul By Steven Rosen In 1986, Guitar Center opened […]

Bocephus on his video with Van Halen


Back when Sammy was a new member of Van Halen, the VH boys would get good and crazy pretty often. They called their good-old boy humor together “Bocephus mode,” in honor of country star Hank “Bocephus” Williams, Jr, who they considered the craziest mofo on the planet. When Hank got wind that they were using […]