Van Halen Tops Guitar World’s List of Best Albums of the Eighties


In early 1990, the editors of Guitar World magazine sat back, grabbed some coffee and painstakingly selected what they considered the top 50 guitar albums of the just-ended Eighties. Van Halen’s magnificent 1984 topped their list as the #1 album of the Eighties! And not only that—Van Halen was the only band that three albums that […]

Top 10 Van Halen Music Videos

Top 10 Van Halen Music Videos

The VH1 documentary “All Time Top Ten: Van Halen” counts down the top 10 Van Halen songs. Former MTV VJ Mark Goodman takes you through their wild history while he rolls out their top 10, which is basically a list of their favorite Van Halen music videos. “Few Rock bands have risen to the height of Van […]

Van Halen All Access Photo: Eddie Backstage ’84

Van Halen 1984 tee

This week’s rare photo—the most popular guitar player in the world poses backstage in 1984. Van Halen’s legendary 1984 tour was their most massive tour ever, consisting of 75 crew members, midget body guards, and 175,000 tons of equipment loaded onto nine trucks and five buses, bringing the world’s biggest rock ‘n’ roll music party to millions […]

Exclusive: Eddie Van Halen “Love Song” Instrumental from ‘The Wild Life’ Film Score

Hear "Love Song" Eddie Van Halen

More music from The Wild Life! Here’s what we call “Love Song,” a pretty little guitar track from the 1984 movie The Wild Life. This has never been heard in full until now. This beautiful little piece, not reliant on gain and effects, could be a cousin of “Women In Love.” It’s very lovely, with a chime-like quality. […]

Tribute to Uncle Manny Roth (1918 – 2014)


Photo: Uncle Manny Roth backstage with David after the Van Halen “Friends and Family” dress rehearsal at the LA forum. Feb 8th, 2012. Our respects and condolences go out to David Lee Roth and his family—his Uncle Manny passed away on Friday. “Uncle Manny has passed away,” Roth wrote on his website. “He was 95 years old. He […]

EVH Unchains the New CIRCLES Guitar


Today, EVH Gear announced the new edition to the Stripe Series lineup—the eye-catching “Circles” model! Based on one of Eddie Van Halen’s most iconic axes, the Circles takes inspiration from the guitar used on the 1981 Fair Warning tour, known to fans as the “The Unchained Guitar” because Eddie plays it in the band’s official live music […]

Van Halen All Access Photo: Eddie’s Tiny Destroyer


Who shrank Eddie Van Halen’s Ibanez Destroyer?! Very rare shot of Eddie in Japan. Photo by Koh Hasebe, 1979. We don’t know anything about the miniature guitar above, but below is a photo of Wolfgang holding the real thing, which he calls simply, “My favorite.” Most Van Halen fans first saw a black-and-white image of Ed’s […]

Live Photos: Van Halen at the 1978 “Day on the Green” Festival


On this day in 1978, Van Halen performed Bill Graham’s Day on the Green Festival in Oakland, California. Here’s several LIVE photos from their blistering set! Van Halen took the stage after AC/DC and delivered a slightly abbreviated set, since Pat Travers, Foreigner, and Aerosmith would follow them. Even then, the young and hungry band had the balls […]

Backstage Photos from this Day in 1978: Van Halen at Oakland’s “Day on the Green” Festival


Eddie and Y&T’s Joey Alves backstage at the Day on the Green Festival, July 23rd, 1978. Photo by Bill Frates On this day in 1978, Van Halen performed Bill Graham’s Day on the Green Festival in Oakland, California. Enjoy a plethora of backstage photos from before Van Halen took the stage! 57,512 rock fans witnessed the […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Returning to Holland, 1978


The Van Halen brothers in Holland on May 5th, 1978. This stop, two months into their first world tour, was their first visit back to their home country. Photo by Kees Baars. “All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at Every weekend we feature a photo from a roadie, friend, or band insider. Many are […]

David Lee Roth Shows Off His New Tattoos (Video)

David Lee Roth Shows Off His New Tattoos (Video)

Friday, July 18, 2014: David Lee Roth, of Van Halen, was spotted at LAX, returning from Japan, where he’s recently gotten the latest in a large catalogue of traditional Japanese tattoos. The video above is from

Van Halen #2 Highest Played Artist on US Rock Radio!

Van Halen #2 Highest Played Artist on US Rock Radio!

An extensive new study shows that Van Halen is the 2nd highest played band on US rock radio!  This info is from a fascinating article on on the state of rock radio in the US. Congrats to Van Halen for getting more spins across the country than nearly every other rock band! (Only Led Zeppelin […]