Video: MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive Pedal Demoed by Guitar World

MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive pedal

The folks at Guitar World made a great video demo for the new EVH 5150 Overdrive. The MXR design team has collaborated with Eddie Van Halen to deliver a full range of powerful saturation and hyper-driven tones right at your feet. The resulting EVH 5150 Overdrive joins hand-adjusted multi-stage MOSFETs with a full complement of controls to deliver overdriven tube-like … [Read more...]

EVH Gear Introduces “Lunchbox” Sized 5150III 15W LBX Head


New from EVH Gear! Don’t let the size of the new EVH 5150III 15W LBX guitar amp head fool you. The easy-to-carry “lunchbox” head is a mighty sonic force to be reckoned with, its packed to the gills with searing tone! Armed with five ECC83S (12AX7) and two EL84 tubes for incredible high gain sound, it performs like an arena-filling champ. Two flexible channels, the famous EVH … [Read more...]

Dramatic Reading: Van Halen – “Right Now”


Something lighthearted! You'll never hear Van Halen's "Right Now" the same way again... The website Consequence of Sound has a brand new segment; Dramatic Readings. Twice a month, they bring you some of the finest acting ever seen on any stage as master thespians recite some of their favorite lyrics from 80s rock and hair-metal bands. Previously, we have … [Read more...]

Van Halen Halloween Costumes 2015! (Updated)


Update 11/3/15: Gallery added with 33 more photos!  Here's our collection of 40 creative photos of Van Halen, or VH-related costumes that people sent us this Halloween. Enjoy, and start thinking about your costume(s) for us to feature on VHND for next year... Diamond Dave in purple spandex. Note the fury boots, circa 1980! Love the attention to detail! Do you prefer … [Read more...]

I Waited 31 Years to See Van Halen — And it was Totally Worth It


Photo: Kevin Estrada From L.A. Van Halen taught me how to be cool. No, that's a lie. I was never cool, especially not as a high school freshman, when I bought 1984 on vinyl at Sam Goody's at the mall in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. I was so uncool that I was almost too shy to buy it. The Police's Synchronicity? Sure, I plausibly looked like a kid who would (and … [Read more...]

New MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive Pedal Delivers “Whole Spectrum” of Eddie Van Halen Guitar Tones


First came the phaser, followed by the flanger, then the wah… and now Eddie Van Halen finally has a signature overdrive pedal to his name in the form of MXR's EVH 5150 Overdrive. Benicia, CA (October 27, 2015) -- The MXR design team has collaborated with Eddie Van Halen to deliver a full range of powerful saturation and hyper-driven tones right at your feet. The resulting … [Read more...]

Alex Van Halen To Be Honored For Charity


The Nashville Drummers Jam 7 is a charity event that pulls in top players in Nashville that honors a drummer while donating to a charity. Past drummers have been Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart, Jeff Porcaro, Jerry Gaskill, and John Bonham. This year it's Alex Van Halen! And the organizers say it's gonna be the most epic Nashville Drummers Jam yet. Al was cool enough to send … [Read more...]

Eddie Van Halen SLIP-ON Sneakers Now Available!


Announcing the new EVH Slip-Ons! Eddie Van Halen's iconic guitar stripes on a classic slip-on shoe! Just slip 'em on and hit the ground runnin'! Currently available only at, where they are in stock & shipping now. Order yours here! Low profile, slip-on canvas shoe similar to Vans. Elastic side accents for a nice fit without the hassle of … [Read more...]

Did Sammy Hagar Almost Replace Van Halen’s David Lee Roth in 1977?


We'll never forget the first time we heard the rumor. It was 1986, just when Van Halen started doing press around the release of “5150,” the band’s first album with Sammy Hagar. Band members were saying that even before they recorded their first album, someone within the Van Halen camp actually thought it would be a good idea to get rid of David Lee Roth and replace him … [Read more...]

David Lee Roth’s Ten Greatest Van Halen Song Lyrics


“If I should ever do a book of my lyrics it should come with a bong, a thesaurus, and a driver-side airbag.” – David Lee Roth In celebration of the great Van Halen frontman, here is my list of the top ten Diamond Dave song lyrics. Some may lead you to deep thought, some may lead you to ruin, while others may lead you to utter confusion. 10)  "When was the last time … [Read more...]

Eddie Van Halen’s New EVH Graphic Series Guitar Picks


Here's an exclusive look at the guitar picks Eddie Van Halen's been using on the 2015 tour! The graphic artwork on the new picks are sourced from some of the most widely recognized guitars in the world; Eddie Van Halen's "Frankenstein," white with black stripes guitar, black with yellow stripes guitar, "Circles" guitar and "Starbody" guitar. Without a doubt, these are the … [Read more...]