Van Halen Asks Which Deep Cuts Fans Want to Hear On Tour


“Trying something new today at rehearsal…” says Wolfgang Van Halen today, while posting a video of the band rehearing a deep track that has NEVER been played in concert before! Can you name that tune with “the fabulous shadow”? Watch the video below. Additionally, last week, Wolfgang tweeted, ‘Working on setlist ideas right now… Which “deep […]

Meet Eddie Van Halen & Win Tickets/Swag (Charity Auction)

Eddie Van Halen 2015 Guitar World Cover Shoot by Ash Newell

Bid now on this rare opportunity to meet Eddie Van Halen and see Van Halen from 2 artist reserved seats at the North America Summer/Fall 2015 tour date of your choice! The winning bidder will also take home a swag bag to remember this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Recently, Edward Van Halen donated a signed EVH Striped Series guitar […]

Read Eddie Van Halen’s New Interview with Guitar World

Read Eddie Van Halen's New Interview with Guitar World

From Van Halen accomplished a lot during the seven and a half years between the release of the band’s debut album in 1978 and David Lee Roth’s departure from the band in 1985. However, one thing Van Halen never did during that period was release an official live album, even though almost every other rock […]

Video Proof That Eddie Van Halen Is A Human Being

Video Proof That Eddie Van Halen Is A Human Being

I love making fun of him when he can’t remember how to play something. He didn’t know I was filming till he looked up. A video posted by Wolf Van Halen (@wolfvanhalen) on Apr 20, 2015 at 2:35pm PDT Wolfgang Van Halen posted a funny video of his dad (via Instagram) rehearsing for the upcoming summer tour. […]

Eddie Van Halen Donates Signed Guitar For Charity


Edward Van Halen donated a signed EVH Striped Series guitar to the John Varvatos 12th Annual Stuart House Benefit. Stuart House is an internationally recognized, model program created by the Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center to serve the special needs of sexually abused children. In a child-friendly setting, Stuart House brings together a multiagency […]

‘Led Zeppelin Meets The Temptations’ — David Lee Roth Explains What Musical Ingredients Created the Classic Van Halen Sound

Roth Explains What Musical Ingredients Created the Classic Van Halen Sound

‘Have you ever used the term “Party like a rockstar?” I’m the guy you’re talking about.’ —DLR David Lee Roth stopped by Sway in the Morning in 2013 or 2014 and proudly opened up about his past and connection with “urban music.” He even freestyled live and hopped out of his seat and danced with Heather. […]

Eddie Van Halen Is Guitar World’s June 2015 Cover Story

Eddie Van Halen Is Guitar World's June 2015 Cover Story

From Guitar World: We figured you wouldn’t mind a sneak preview of the next Guitar World cover! For the June 2015 issue, guitar legend Eddie Van Halen is back, making his first cover appearance since the February 2014 issue. In our new exclusive interview by Chris Gill, the guitarist chronicles the making of Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, […]

Watch Van Halen & Ted Templeman Talk “Jump” Origins & More

Watch Van Halen & Ted Templeman Talk "Jump" Origins & More

Here’s a new Japanese TV special featuring three different Van Halen interviews. David Lee Roth and the Van Halen brothers sit back at David’s house and reminiscing about old times. Guitar World’s Editor-in-Chief Brad Tolinksi talks Van Halen. And new interviews with Ted Templeman are also interspersed. The band delves into the origins of “Jump.” Dave explains […]

David Lee Roth: Rock’s Best Martial Artist?


From FIGHTLAND BLOG: When a reporter with Metropolis, Japan’s leading English magazine, asked David Lee Roth if he was studying kendo while living in Tokyo in 2013, the Van Halen singer and solo star was quick to correct him. “No it’s not kendo. It’s kenjutsu. And I’m going for my menkyo kaiden and I’ve been doing that […]

Eddie Van Halen’s Revealing New interview


It’s rare that Eddie gives an interview, and this new one from The Washington Times sure doesn’t disappoint! Ed talks old demos, bootlegs, new material, Wolfgang’s own music, the setlist, rarely played songs being worked up, David Lee Roth, a new amp with the brown sound that’s got everyone excited, and more! Here’s the full interview. Well worth reading! […]

The Eddie Van Halen Tremolo Mechanic — Video

The Eddie Van Halen Tremolo Mechanic — Video

From Guitar World: Van Halen’s recent Jimmy Kimmel Live performance affords an almost perfect glimpse of Eddie Van Halen’s legendarily unique approach to tremolo picking. The incredible speed and consistency of his take on this technique has been a source of fascination for 35 years. In Van Halen’s approach, the picking hand hangs suspended in mid-air, with no […]

Van Halen 2015 Concert Tickets On Sale!


Purchase your tickets for The Mighty Van Halen! ON SALE NOW! All General and VIP tickets are for sale at Ticketmaster/LiveNation. VAN HALEN is touring North America for 39 dates beginning July 5 in Seattle, through October 2 in Los Angeles. Special guest Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band will support all dates. GENERAL TICKETS for most venues are priced from $35 to $150 on […]