8-Year-Old Drummer Plays Van Halen’s ‘Jump’


Young drumming sensation, Avery Molek, returns with another Van Halen song...this time it's their #1 hit, "Jump." In addition to playing along perfectly with the beat, Avery can seen smiling exuberantly as he lip syncs to the words to the classic song. (Avery's currently 9, but was 8 when this video was recorded). “I love rockin out to Van Halen! They kick butt!!” says Avery. … [Read more...]

Two Van Halen Mentions In Popular Culture This Week…


There were a couple random Van Halen mentions in popular culture this week. Very cool to see Van Halen constantly being referenced on TV and elsewhere … First, in "The Goldbergs" TV show, when one character was asked to explain his SAT test answers, he replied, "The correct answers just happened to form the Van Halen logo.” You see, sometimes Van Halen IS the answer to … [Read more...]

Sammy Hagar Is Ready to Make Peace With Eddie Van Halen


Some interesting quotes from Sammy Hagar were released today in Rolling Stone (that were NOT included in their interview yesterday, which was about the 30th anniversary of 5150): Earlier this month, Sammy Hagar bumped into Metallica frontman James Hetfield. "The first thing he said was, 'Is it true?" says Hagar. "I said, 'What?' He goes, 'That you guys [in Van Halen] are … [Read more...]

Sammy Hagar Talks ‘5150’ on its 30th Anniversary


Rolling Stone conducted a new interview with Sammy Hagar for the 30th anniversary of 5150. Here's highlights from their interview: When David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1985 nobody knew if the group would survive. The flamboyant frontman was the face of the band, and when his cartoonish videos for "California Girls" and "Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" went into heavy … [Read more...]

30th Anniversary of Van Halen’s ‘5150’


“Hello, bayyyyyy-beh!” 30 years ago today, Van Halen Mach II was born! 5150 ushered in a decade of #1 albums and sold out tours with vocalist Sammy Hagar. Where did Van Halen get the idea for the "5150" title? 5150 is the California statute for holding those with grave mental disabilities involuntarily for 72 hours and sometimes longer pending further psychiatric … [Read more...]

Gene Simmons Talks Lost Seventies Van Halen Demos


While speaking with Rolling Stone about the 40th anniversary of Kiss' Destroyer earlier this month, Gene Simmons digressed to reflect on the anniversary of some other recordings he made in 1976: his demos with Van Halen. It was 40 years ago this summer that Simmons discovered Van Halen and recorded several demos with the band, including one electrifying session (which … [Read more...]

New EVH “Classic Stripes” Bandanas Available


Just a heads up for the for the fans of Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar stripes.... EVH has now released a line of Bandanas in all three "Classic Stripes" color schemes! Theres a new & improved Red/Black/White Bandana, along with the new color schemes Black/White & Black/Yellow. You can grab them individually, or all three in a Complete Set at Van Halen Store. … [Read more...]

The Roth Show: “Victory Field…”

TRS The Roth Show Victory Field

DLR: "As kids we knew nothing, later on we learned nothing, and soon after achieved nothing. My accountant says soon I'll have nothing. All this would've been impossible without football..." A new episode of The Roth Show is live, “Victory Field...” Listen to the full episode below. … [Read more...]

David Lee Roth’s Official Site Remixed


David Lee Roth has remixed the new site, davidleeroth.net. The main change being, there are now placeholders for more videos. The black background is overlaid with line drawings of Go boards. Dave has a little something for Everybody Wants Some & Eddie the Eagle, as both films feature Van Halen in their soundtracks. Links to all of Dave's social media are there, … [Read more...]

Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ Featured in ‘Eddie the Eagle’


Van Halen's "Jump" is highlighted in the new film "Eddie the Eagle." According to the Consequence of Sound, it's the most on-the-nose use of Van Halen’s “Jump” ever committed to celluloid." It's a great movie, and it's still playing in theaters. Check it out if you haven't already. Van Halen songs have been used in movies a lot lately. Besides 'Everybody Wants Some' coming … [Read more...]