Michael Anthony’s Cranking Up the Heat!


We've got some news for the Michael Anthony fans and the hot sauce connoisseurs out there: Michael has switched to a newer and larger manufacturer and distributor for his entire line of award-winning MAD ANTHONY'S SAUCES. This has brought a couple benefits: - For those of you who wanted more heat, Michael's heard the call and now all of his sauces are even hotter than … [Read more...]

AUDIO: Van Halen Live! Sweden “Monsters of Rock” 1984


On this day in 1984, Van Halen rocked Sweden for the first time! Here's a fantastic shot of The Mighty Van Halen performing at Rasunda Stadium in Stockholm during that very day. This was part of the "Monsters of Rock" stadium shows that wrapped up the legendary 1984 tour. Besides this unique photo, here's an excellent sounding audience recording of that very concert! … [Read more...]

Eddie Van Halen talks building the Frankenstein, honing the 5150 and EVH Gear


New Eddie Van Halen interview with MuscRadar! Read the intro here, and then read the rest at the link below. It’s been 21 years since Total Guitar last caught up with Eddie Van Halen. So, after an exclusive invitation to visit the man himself at his 5150 Studios, MusicRadar's sister magazine pulled up a chair to speak to one of the electric guitar’s greatest … [Read more...]

Video: Complete Sammy Hagar Interview on ‘Oprah: Where Are They Now?’


Last week, the Oprah Network gave VHND an exclusive video of Sammy Hagar's quote about Van Halen from his new interview with Oprah: Where Are They Now? Today we're featuring the complete 10 minute Sammy Hagar segment from Oprah: Where Are They Now?, which aired last Saturday, August 20th, 2016. The video is embedded above. As the frontman for rock bands Montrose and the … [Read more...]

Sammy Hagar Apologizes to Van Halen (Exclusive Video)


How does Sammy Hagar feel about Van Halen today? The Van Halen News Desk has been given an exclusive video teaser from the Oprah Winfrey Network about their upcoming interview with Sammy. He says something to Van Halen that he’s never said before. Watch the video teaser, above. This week’s episode of 'OPRAH: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?' airing this Saturday, August 20, at 10pm ET//PT … [Read more...]

Eddie Van Halen Interviewed For The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation


Edward Van Halen is honored to be a part of The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. Edward has been interviewed for a tribute video to Foundation, to be shown in October at the Americans for the Arts gala in NYC, honoring the Foundation with their National Music Education Award. Here's photos of Eddie and Janie Van Halen pictured with Vincent Womack and Foshay HS graduate Leo … [Read more...]

Van Halen 1984 Soundcheck Audio!


The internet is pretty cool sometimes. Back in 1984, a fan who somehow had access to the venue Van Halen was playing that night (San Francisco's Cow Palace) recorded a few minutes of the band's soundcheck. Hearing Eddie casually noodle around a bit is just great! Listen above. … [Read more...]

Listen to David Lee Roth’s Cover of ‘Baker Street’

TRS The Roth Show Victory Field

David Lee Roth's new episode of "The Roth Show" entitled "one last cup of coffee..." contains a great choice for a cover song — Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" — and it's superb! The haunting song features a hypnotic saxophone line, which has got to be rock's greatest sax riff. It's lyrics are ultimately about depression, transition, and weary aspiration. Listening to Roth sing … [Read more...]

Photos: Eddie Van Halen Live at Molson Amphitheatre Toronto


Last year was a crazy year for the VHND because of Van Halen's North American tour. Because there was so much going on, we somehow missed out on featuring these incredible photos of Van Halen performing live exactly one year ago at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre. Here's some incredible photos (pretty much just Eddie!) and the concert review from Eric Broadbent at Design39Media. … [Read more...]

Martha Quinn Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love With David Lee Roth


"I was so intent on not being razzle-dazzled by him" — Martha Quinn Martha Quinn was one of the iconic five original MTV VJs. She looks back at the early days of MTV in a new interview, as the history-making cable channel that launched her career (not to mention the careers of hundreds of pop artists) celebrates its big 35th birthday. Quinn was just 22 years old at the time … [Read more...]

David Lee Roth 1978 Texas Interview (Audio)


Here's a newly surfaced audio interview with David Lee Roth from way back in the summer of 1978! Van Halen was rolling through Texas for a third time during their grueling first tour. Radio station KTRN 1290 AM's Mad Martin interviewed David Lee prior to the Van Halen concert at the Memorial Auditorium in Wichita Falls on August 2nd. This little radio spot was recorded the … [Read more...]