Unearthed: Van Halen Video – Fresno 1978 & 1979 (2014 Upgrade From Master Reels)

UPDATE (April 10): Currently, all his videos are offline except the one above.

We left the other ones embedded below in case they come online again in the near future.


HUGE Van Halen news regarding old concert footage! Yesterday, out of the blue, newly upgraded footage of Van Halen’s 1978 and 1979 performances at the Selland Arena in Fresno, California appeared on Youtube. There’s five video clips, all of them obviously nothing more than teasers. And teasers they are! These new INSANELY GREAT Fresno upgrades are by far the highest quality audience-filmed footage of early van Halen!

The  new Youtube channel boasts that the footage has been “remastered Frame by Frame HD Uncompressed…from my original Fuji single-8 films.”

Four years ago, we featured the 2010 upgrades of this footage, which was better than the ultra-blurry stuff that was previously circulated among collectors. But this new stuff is MUCH better, and it’s straight from the master reels.

Just don’t hope for the complete shows to come out, because the original taper didn’t film the complete shows. (He filmed only around 25 minutes of each of the two shows.)

This amazing footage shows what an unstoppable force the band was in the early years. Granted, these clips are only short teasers, but when you watch any of the old VH footage, you see that no rock band was EVER as fierce, energetic, and as entertaining as these four boys from Pasadena. There’s precious little footage that proves this, making these teaser clips a real treat! So crank it up, crack open a beer, set your setting to widescreen and 720p, and ENJOY!

1979 Intro Teaser

1979 “On Fire” Teaser

1979 “D.O.A.”

1978 Intro

1978 “I’m The One” 1-minute teaser

1978: Last half of “Bottoms Up”