Rockin’ Cabo 2011: Sammy Hagar Birthday Bash Recap

Welcome to the Van Halen News Desk’s “Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash 2011” recap, which features setlists of all 4 of the wild concerts, videos of the outdoor concert, and newly imported Cabo Wabo merchandise. Enjoy!

Van Halen News Desk staff once again attended the annual Sammy Hagar Birthday Bash at the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As always, a couple thousand “Redheads”, as Hagar’s fans call themselves, made the annual pilgrimage to Cabo for the festivities. Many of the same people go every year.

Sammy has been celebrating his birthday at his club in Cabo every year since the cantina opened in 1990, in what was then a sleepy Mexican fishing village. Over the years the town has grown into a cruise ship destination and seaside tourist trap, at the center of which sits the Cabo Wabo cantina.

This year Sammy played four concerts that took place on October 7, 9, 11, and 13th. Special guests included Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, Chickenfoot’s new drummer Kenny Aronoff, Kenny Chesney, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, Emeril Lagasse, Food Network’s Guy Fieri star of “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives”, and Vinnie Paul of Pantera.

The first three shows took place inside the cantina, and then Sammy tried something new for his October 13 birthday gig, moving that show outside for a street party. All four shows were quietly being webcast at Hagar’s site on an experimental basis.

Sammy greeted his guests with beer & margaritas at the "Sammy Hagar International Airport"

Like last years shows, the tickets to the concerts were pre-sold on Sammy’s website for $55.00 each. (All the previous years, the shows were free, but lines formed around the club and down the block days before the event). Limited dinner tickets were available for sale in person at the Cabo Wabo Cantina via the traditional “line method”. Announcements for ticket sales are made on Sammy’s website several months before the October shows take place. For those fans hoping to make a future Birthday Bash event, some careful planning and a fast internet connection are needed to secure tickets to this popular event. Fans reported all shows selling out in a mere matter of minutes. Not at all surprising considering the magical environment of Cabo. Who wouldn’t want to spend time at one of the best parties on the planet at one of the planet’s best beach destinations?

One of the biggest draws for this annual event are the friends made. It is unlike any other vacation you could ever take. When else can you go on vacation and find yourself surrounded by a few thousand of your closest friends and comrades? Everywhere you go, you will meet kindred spirits anxious to include you in the party. Each year you will find yourself surrounded by more and more people that you know and eventually because of these connections, you will have friends around the world all united by the love of music, laughter and fun.

Sammy Hagar's Parking Lot Concert at Cabo Wabo, 10/13/11

The biggest highlight and change for 2011 was the unprecedented event of Sammy holding his Birthday Bash concert out in front of the Cantina, right in the street! A temporary stage was constructed and the street to the Cabo Wabo was barricaded and shut down for this celebration. Even the bar across the street from the Cantina agreed to participate and provide space for the event. There were also many people spotted on top of buildings, parking structures and businesses trying to sneak a peak at the show. Definitely a noteworthy change to his traditional birthday concert.

Another highlight was the first official public appearance of Chickenfoot since their last tour, debuting all ten songs from the newly released second album “Chickenfoot III“, as well as highlights from their debut album. Chickenfoot performed with their “replacement” drummer Kenny Aronoff on October 9th inside the Cabo Wabo Cantina. This was their only show before their recently announced “club tour” which takes place in early November. What made it even better was this was a surprise gig! No one knew Chickenfoot would be there!

Chickenfoot's First Concert of 2011!

A big highlight for the writers at Van Halen News Desk was having the opportunity to hang out with Michael Anthony and his family backstage in the legendary “Green Room” inside the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Michael is simply one of the nicest rock stars you could ever meet. He couldn’t be a more genuine and down to earth. He’s super excited about the new Chickenfoot album and upcoming tour.

Kevin Dugan (Mike's tech), Beth from VHND, Michael Anthony & Jeff from VHND

Just as we reported in past years, if you have ever thought about attending a Birthday Bash celebration in Cabo or if you ever get a chance to visit the Cabo Wabo Cantina, prepare yourself because….”Go there once, Be there twice” (or three times, or a dozen times, as is often the case).

Birthday Bash Set Lists

2011 Birthday Bash show #1
October 7, 2011

Cabo Wabo
Good Enough
Top of the World
One Way to Rock
Three Lock Box
Right Now
I’ll Fall in Love Again (with Kenny Chesney on vocals)
Beer in Mexico (with Kenny Chesney on vocals)
You Really Got Me (with Kenny Chesney on vocals)
Poundcake (with Kenny Aronoff on drums)
Foxy Lady (as Chickenfoot (Sammy, Mike, Joe Satriani, and Kenny Aronoff)
Whole Lotta Love (as Chickenfoot plus Chad Kroeger on vocals)
Born on the Bayou (Sammy, Mike, Vic, Chad Kroeger, and Kenny Aronoff)

Show #2 (Chickenfoot Night)
October 9, 2011

Big Foot
Last Temptation
Alright Alright
Sexy Little Thing
Different Devil
Jack & Diane (Mellencamp song, partial)
Up Next
Soap On A Rope
Come Closer
Three And A Half Letters
Down The Drain
Something Going Wrong
Dubai Blues
Lighten Up
Oh Yeah

Show #3
October 11, 2011

Los Tres Gusanos

Love Or Money (Los Tres Gusanos – Sam, Mike &David Lauser)
Baby’s On Fire (Los Tres Gusanos)
Bad Motor Scooter (Los Tres Gusanos)
I Can’t Drive 55 (Los Tres Gusanos + Vic Johnson)
Runaround (Los Tres Gusanos + Vic Johnson)
Rock Candy (Los Tres Gusanos + Vic Johnson)
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (tease) (Los Tres Gusanos + Vic Johnson)
Runnin’ With The Devil (Mike  on lead vocals, Vic and Vinny Paul  on drums)
Heavy Metal (Sammy, Mike, Vic and Vinny Paul on drums)
Shaka Doobie (Los Tres Gusanos + Vic Johnson)
Finish What Ya Started (Los Tres Gusanos + Vic Johnson)
Fight For Your Right (to party) (Sammy, Mike, Vic, Brad Wilk (drums) and guest Guy Fieri)
Whole Lotta Love (Sammy, Mike, Vic, Kenny Aronoff)
Rock ‘n Roll (Sammy, Mike, Vic, Kenny Aronoff)

Show #4
October 13, 2011

Performed by Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Vic Johnson, David Lauser

Cabo Wabo
I Can’t Drive 55
One Way To Rock
Why Can’t This Be Love?
Three Lock Box
Right Now
I’ll Fall In Love Again
When I’m Sixty-Four
Make It Last
Shaka Doobie
Happy Birthday (crowd)
Top Of The World
Best Of Both Worlds
Mas Tequila
Eagles Fly

10/13: “Cabo Wabo” & “Can’t Drive 55” & “One Way To Rock”:

“Three Lock Box” & “Right Now”:

“Happy Bithday” & “Top Of The World”:

Check out our of coverage of previous B-Day Bashes:

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  • derek

    @ rothleaps, if this site only had news on the current Van Halen, there would be no news. if not for Chickenfoot and some old shit from way back, like old pics from Zloz, this site would be blank. well almost blank, im sure you would be here spouting your crazy shit.

  • No Mas Tony

    KAYSER SOZAY says:
    “I do agree with you though that he [Sammy Hagar] needs get whatever closure is needed to stop being hung up on how his tenure with VH ended (both times). He’s had good reason to be bitter about that but it’s certainly not doing him any good to keep bringing it up now…”

    SPARKS says:
    “… the recent Sam rant about Mike’s recorded vocals being used on the ’07-’08 tour is baseless and as I said, just kicking dirt for the sake of kicking dirt. Intentional or not, the guy does come off as bitter. He could talk about how proud he is of all of his kids or who he wants to see in the Superbowl or what his favorite midnight snack is, but no. Time and time again, he does dredge up either the bad times he had in VH or their current inaction, unsolicited mind you!”

    HALEN HIGH says:
    “why does he continue to talk about Van Halen at every opportunity in the media? He is either attempting to generate publicity for his album, which is in desperate need of it, or he is gripped with bitterness and anger and can’t let it go.”

    This is a sentiment that’s echoed by myself and so many others. I think Sammy needs some counseling. I don’t know… maybe an intervention or something. I could see him walking into Cabo Wabo some night and Dr Drew would be sitting there with all the members of chickenfoot, and be like “sammy, you need to LET IT GO, MAN!” Granted, Eddie & Dave haven’t given an interview in like 6 years. But when they did, they sure as hell weren’t saying crap about Sammy. One time an interviewer asked Eddie about Chickenfoot, this was like 3 years ago I think… and he was just like, “I wish him well with his supergroup, whatever that is, blah blah”… maybe a hint of cynicism, but downplayed and non-combative. But Sam comes off as a scorned ex-lover when he rehashes the same contention repeatedly in interviews. And by fanning the flames he’s just giving the haters more reason to hate. And I think about the possibilities if Sammy would’ve bit his tongue, just wished the ex-band mates well and carried on doing his own thing. Maybe there would be a possibility of a Foot | =V/-/= tour—- how sweet that’d be. But with current tension due to Sam’s mud slinging; I doubt we’d ever see that come to fruition. Sammy should just find a way to move on. He has too many positive aspects of his life he could focus on; a decent new album, a smokin HOT wife, loads of cash, all the tequila he can drink, etc, etc… Life is TOO short. Even when he had his first fall-out with Van Halen, after they did the Twister soundtrack. Sammy made that song, “little white lies”, which was originally was just about racial tension in the south. But he also worked in his feeling of being betrayed by Eddie and then manager, Ray Daniels. It was a cool little jam, nice dirty-south-bluesy-rock kinda sound, and a clever video to match. IMO. And even though he was venting, at least it had some creative merit. So much cooler than just shooting off his mouth in interviews. I wish Sam wrote a song instead of a book.

    Well, enough rambling for one night.

  • Halen High

    jaaphalen – I haven’t heard about his book. That should be a really good read……with a glass of red, or two, or 10. And I’m not a wealth of knowledge on all things rock n’ roll – sometimes I’m amazed at other people here for their amazing knowledge of rock history.

    @ Melton and Bubba – rather than launch childish insults at Leaps – why don’t you address the claims he is making and offer an alternative argument?

  • kayser sozay


    You are a valued and respected member of this community. You are,however, in violation of the rules and regulations for As a reminder, I direct your attention to Leaps’ posts above. It is forbidden to discuss anyone who is not a CURRENT member of Van Halen at this website. Please withdraw your question about Brian Johnson forthwith as he does not qualify. I thank you in advance for your future compliance.

  • Sparks

    Leaps- I’ve been anti-Sam’s-big-mouth for years now. I don’t know why you’re hitting me with this lack of common sense and objectivity crap. Is it because I’ve said I enjoy some of the music the guys made? If that’s the case, all your doing is alienating yourself from more and more people who may actual agree with some of what your saying. Go easy pal. It’s like this: Tom Brady is an arrogant jack off. He’s still a great quarterback. No? Deep breathes. Deep breathes. You’ll be alright.

  • Fork Tongue Serpent

    Halen High: I’m simply saying that Hagar didn’t/hasn’t said anything that Van Halen fans didn’t already know!

    It’s like throwing a fit over Watergate today. Get over it.

    The real question is this: If you and yours hate Hagar so much, and nobody cares about him, why do you waste your time on a Hagar thread? Answer……..still waiting…….get ready……..

  • jaaphalen

    @ kayser sozay-nice to visit with someone in the same time-zone. I don’t want to get into any VH/Sammy verbal war. Yesterday on a Portland rock station(called ‘the brew). The DJ brought this story to everyone who was listenings attention. I waasn’t even sure what he meant until I came here. I like Hagar, I love CVH. This would all go by by with an album by VH. I am beyond baffled why Ed is such a recluse. How can any of us really understand any of these guys. Eg. back in 82 or so. Sammy did a show at the Memorial Coleseium in Portland. A friend of mine saw Sammy from a distance(under security) and shouted-“hey Mr. Hagar!” Sammy stopped dead in his tracks turned arround, stuck out his hand and said-“bleep you! just call me Sammy!” They visited for 5 minuets. I think my friend was in shock for weeks. Family fueds or divorces cause rifts. I just want rock-out and enjoy the tunes. Thanks for your comments.

  • jaaphalen

    I went to the 04 show and the 07 in Portland at the Rose Garden Arena. The Rose Garden will never go down as one of the best sounding places to see a show. You want that-go to Red Rocks in Col. I also have seen many CVH shows in different places. 04 was the 1st time that I really heard Mike’s voice, and he can sing. Fast forward to 07. I could not hear MA on that tour where I sat. I was straight up sober for both shows. The rock dj in Portland said Sammy called this one out. He also mentioned the bad blood between the 2 camps. I think its sad all the way around. Any concert vets out there have a similar experience? @ Dooley-hey do you get the brew(radio station) by you? I heard this anounced at 3-30ish yesterday.


    Look everybody, Halen High sticking up for Roth Leaps…again.


    Why do either of you bother reading anything Sammy Hagar related on this site???

    You are not fans and you ALWAYS derail the conversation with your biased opinions.

    Why in the world are we once again in a Sam vs Dave debate???

    This has nothing to do with DLR, so take a hike.

  • kayser sozay

    Cheers, jaaphalen. Wasn’t trying to draw you into “the debate.” Just using your earlier post to tweak Leaps a little bit. I used to live in PDX (94-99) but don’t remember the brew. Lived in Salem for a couple years before that doing some post-grad schooling at Willamette. I think you said your dairy farm is East of Salem, yeah? Where? Mt. Angel? Stayton? Silverton? It’s all pretty and peaceful county.

    I’ve spent a few hazy nights at Mt. Angel’s Oktoberfest. In fact, my first time was in the first week of my first year of school at Willamette. The Univ. sponsored a trip out there on a chartered bus for the new students as a way to get to know each other. I’m chatting up a cute girl in my class. They sold these little plastic buckets of beer. Not buckets of bottles or can but beer poured into the bucket right from the tap – probably 40oz. or so. I set the little bucket on the picnic table and climb over the bench to sit down and resume my conversation with her. As I take a seat, a button on my jacket hooks the front lip of the bucket and as I lower down, the whole thing tipped right into my lap. It was my first beer too. I looked like I’d pissed myself and smelled like a fraternity all night long. Great first impression. The gang of leather-clad bikers at the next table got quite a kick out of it. Ah, Mt. Angel. . .

  • Halen High

    No Mas Tony – great post.

    Sparks says:
    “Leaps- I’ve been anti-Sam’s-big-mouth for years now”

    Yeah that’s what I thought. I think Leaps has you confused with someone else.

  • Halen High

    SPANKED – I see that you conveniently ignored the point I was making.

    So again…if you are going to start Van Halen bashing, Dave bashing or Classic Van Halen bashing in a Sammy Hagar thread, then you are inviting a response from Van Halen fans.

    And as far as being biased is concerned, we can level the same accusation at you and a few others here with your anti-CVH rhetoric.

  • jaaphalen

    @ Kayser sozay-bingo bro My. Angel it is. Yes the ‘O’ fest draws 350000 people to a Bavarian town of oh 3000. Turns it into Bourban Street minis the hooch. Graduated from Silverton in 80. Strong chance you drove by. Sister graduated from Willamatte 4pt. a few years back. ‘O’ fest teach could VH lessons in promo. The town can party fortunately they have upped the police. We had one accident where a car flew into my field and ‘lifeflight’ emergency helicopters had to life flight one of the drivers to a trauma center in Portland. Me? that night my neighbor and I had to fix the cut-away in the fence for the next 3 hours. The ‘brew’ came out about 3-4 years ago. Not my fav. You probably remember 92KGON. They have been around 32 plus years. KGON would have DLR, Steve Perry or Ted Nugent on air back in those days As a matter of fact back in 79 Ted’s concert was sooo loud he cracked the main pillar in the Memorial Coliseum he was not allowed back for 2 years. Hey stop by.

  • Sparks

    Thanks Halen High and that was a great post from No Mas Tony.


    I don’t get why all the Hagaritas are so offended. Leaps is absolutely right!

    By the way, if VHND would do a poll on who is your favorite band CVH or Van Hagar, then the mighty Classic Van Halen would win big time!!! I bet 90% would vote CVH.

    So that means that we should only have 10% Hagar news.
    I like crickets better then Hagar news/music.


    What anti CVH rhetoric would that be exactly???

    I have NEVER bad mouthed Roth era VH.

    You and your fellow Roth only fans talk mad shit about Van Hagar during every single topic.

    Yet someone says one thing about DLR and you act as it’s your duty to defend him.

    Once again, why in the hell do you even bother with Hagar threads??

  • Fork Tongue Serpent

    Have any of you Hagar haters ever thought that maybe Hagar keeps saying negative things about Van Halen is because CVH fans say so many negative, vile things about him, and have for the past 25 years?

    Sammy Hagar joins the band in 1986:
    4 studio albums
    4 No. 1 albums
    8 No. 1 singles
    and a couple Grammies

    You’d think a Van Halen fan would celebrate that. I do.

  • Halen High

    SPANKED – of course it’s our duty to defend Dave, while at the same time maintaining a realistic and objective view of him and his career. For example, I not much of a fan of Dave’s solo career – I only own two of his solo albums.

    The thing is, this is a Van Halen website. Obviously most Van Halen fans who come here prefer their classic era, and Dave, Eddie, Mike and Alex are afforded a level of respect and loyatly that replacement members are not. That’s just the way it is. Other than a minority of the fan base, Sammy, Wolfie and particularly Gary will never be held in the same high esteem as the original four.

    So clearly, if one of the original four is attacked unfairly on a VAN HALEN fan site, there will be a reaction. And you have to admit, Sammy himself has caused much of the angst that we see on Van Halen fan sites with his never-ending, at times bizarre and blatantly wrong commentary on the band – past and present.

  • F’n Rockstar

    The Truth:
    Most prefer classic Van Halen.
    Most like both versions.
    Most prefer to see news on here with All VH Members, past and present.

    Just because 3 people on the fringe bark alot, that’s not going to change anything. You can ALWAYS hang out at the DLRArmy or and listen to those crickets….

    If you don’t like the Chickenfoot, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar or Gary news, don’t post in it and don’t look at it, pretty simple.

  • Halen High

    @ F’n Rockstar – as Mike is an original member of Van Halen, most of us are still interested to see what he’s up to, which means looking at Chickenfoot threads.

    And I have never objected to the VHND reporting on Sammy. I realise this is not a CVH/current VH-only site.


    Obviously most people here prefer Roth to Hagar???

    No that much is not obvious.

    Also, this site was around when Sammy was in the band and also is and always has been a site for VH, SH, DLR news etc.

    I find it absolutely pathetic that grown men such as yourself cannot just let it be.

    As stated by many and ignored by you, why do you read Sammy Hagar threads????

    I’m convinced you and Leaps are the biggest Hagar fans on here. Why else are you two plastered all over discussions about him??

  • http://vhnd chuckie lee

    The truth is not realised by many.. Everyone has their opinions and faves, it is what it is. When I was in highschool I was a huge CVH fan and really liked sams solo stuff.. Aldo Nova was another one. Had all three mentioned in my yearbook. I graduated in 84, Dave was my favorite in the band. Then they broke up my first year in college. My world fell apart.. Then we start gettin the mud slinging from the brothers… I took it personally.. Then Mike and sammy started chirpin in like little sand fleas on the beach. Dave came back with his colorful retorts, as only he could.. From then on it was on.. Hager has since while in the band, and like now out has always been intimidated by the presence of Dave. Hence demanding none of the CVH live, at first and vey little later, not wanting to have vanhager stuff on a greatest hits record with the CVH stuff.. Its all right there for all to see. He is a very angry widdle wobberita, and IMO, the 1 thing that frightens him the most is that Eddie and Dave put out a killer album. Which, judging by the time they are takin, will undoutabley happen. The fact that hager continues to talk crap about this is just crazy and bitter. We all have read his book, and noticed ALL those crazy lies and ridiculously over infalted tour figures and album sales, that these mikey background vocals and the album wont come out crap follows suit with his bitter, nervous remarks… PATHETIC…Btw, cf debuted at 9, dropped to 29, dropped to 56… Now it is at 77……hmmmm. What happened to his comment its goin #1…

  • Melton


    That’s some serious ground breaking news you are on to. CVH more popular than Van Hagar? Wow, I never, ever thought about it. But hey, when you’re right, you’re right.

    Move over Einstein and make way for a new genius that just opened our eyes to the fact that one of the biggest bands in the world could win A popularity contest. I bet you were class valedictorian!

    I did wanna make a suggestion though….you obviously just overlooked it: if you don’t care about Hagar news, then dont freakin’ read it ya hick.

  • Mr Bear

    I went to Cabo on my honeymoon…the Cabo Wabo was one of my first stops…I loved it. Food is amazing…tequilla even better. They asked me, without me asking, to go behind the bar and take a photo. We had a great time.

  • Dooley


    yes, I get “the brew” 105.9 fm. Didn’t hear about that Sam story, though. And I think you said that station is not your fav, not mine either. They have a bad habit of playing shortened edit cuts, for example “Twilight Zone” by that “other” Dutch band Golden Earring, has a really cool guitar solo, but you’re not likely to hear it on “the brew”.
    And they won’t play the full version of “Bringin on the Heartbreak” by Def Lep, they always fade it out before that cool instrumental break at the end. That kinda stuff should be a felony!

  • Halen High

    SPANKED says:
    “I find it absolutely pathetic that grown men such as yourself cannot just let it be.”

    Are you talking about us or Hagar?

    SPANKED says:
    “As stated by many and ignored by you, why do you read Sammy Hagar threads????”

    I answered this. Again, many of us are interested in what Mike is doing.

  • Dooley

    Found this news story on the web today…

    WATERLOO, Iowa — An Iowa woman has filed a lawsuit against rock star Sammy Hagar over a passage in his autobiography claiming it violates a confidentiality agreement between them about a child she says he fathered in 1989.

    In his book, Hagar denies he is the father and says he was extorted.

    Well now, where’s Jerry Springer when you need him??

  • Fork Tongue Serpent

    Your comments are unsolicited Halen’s High.

    Sammy’s being asked by either a journalist or a dj. Tell the media to let it be, and Sammy will follow….

  • Fork Tongue Serpent

    Saw both Chickenfoot videos on VH1 this morning. Big Foot, then a few hours later 3 and a Half Letters.

    I was shocked

  • Halen High

    Fork Tongue Serpent – you are incredibly naive if you think journalists are constantly contacting Sammy and asking him for comment about Van Halen. Sure, at times he is asked about his former band. But for most part, the media is more interested in talking with original members. Sammy has always understood the power of the media. His management/publicist contacts a journalist, offers an interview and then starts talking about Van Halen. Why? Two reasons; he is bitter about his demise so it’s his way of trying to diminish them, and he needs publicity for his album. Do a google search for Van Halen and look at all the Chickenfoot stories.

    And of course, Sammy could always try being accurate, respectful and truthful when he is asked about Van Halen.

  • jaaphalen

    @ Dooley-I hear you on the brew. Never ever cut a classic rock song or don’t play it! I also think their DJ’s think they are the reason we listen to the station. Shut-up and play the music! Hey, interesting story out of Ia. Bring on the lawyers and the settlements baby. Maybe Sammy should have taken his(cues (this once) from DLR and had that big Loyds of London insurance take care man.

  • kayser sozay

    @Halen High – “Do a google search for Van Halen and look at all the Chickenfoot stories.”

    True enough. But then there hasn’t been much news about any of the current members of VH for quite a while.

  • Fork Tongue Serpent

    Halen High: You’d be so much better served by contacting all the media outlets and telling them to stop booking Sammy Hagar. Then, he’ll shut up, which is your ultimate endgame….I hope that’s it. I’d hate for it to go further….but you never know with radicals.

    “And of course, Sammy could always try being accurate, respectful and truthful when he is asked about Van Halen.”

    Oh poor poor you. He is being accurate and truthful. Respectful? Has the Van Halen camp been respectful to him? Has their fans?

    Respectful? Are you being respectful? Is the band Van Halen being respectful by pulling the whole Van Hagar catalog off its website?

  • Halen High

    Fork Tongue Serpent says:
    “Oh poor poor you. He is being accurate and truthful.”


    Are you serious? It’s one thing to be a fan of his music, but let’s make an attempt to keep it real shall we. Here’s one of countless examples for you;

    Sammy in his book: “Before I joined the band, Van Halen didn’t have a particularly tight show. Roth would talk. They’d do another song. Ed would play a 20 minute guitar solo. They would do another song. Roth would talk some more, another song, Al would do a drum solo for 30 minutes. On the 1984 tour…they were doing 8 songs in a 2 hour show. They ended every song the same way.”

    Anyone who calls themselves a serious Van Halen fan knows this is utter crap.

  • Halen High

    Fork Tongue Serpent says:
    “Halen High: You’d be so much better served by contacting all the media outlets and telling them to stop booking Sammy Hagar. Then, he’ll shut up, which is your ultimate endgame….”

    First – while some media outlets may contact Sammy for an interview, in many cases, an interview will result in a call from Sammy’s publicist offering his availablity to talk.
    Second – I am not calling for Sammy to shut up. It is not that he is talking that offends Van Halen fans, rather it’s WHAT he is saying.

    Fork Tongue Serpent says:
    “Respectful? Has the Van Halen camp been respectful to him? Has their fans? Respectful? Are you being respectful? Is the band Van Halen being respectful by pulling the whole Van Hagar catalog off its website?”

    Obviously, the removal of all references to Van Hagar on the band’s official website was childish and indefensible. Although, can Sammy really complain? He is on the record as saying in his unpublished biography, and I paraphrase, that his and the band’s new manager ‘didn’t give a shit about Roth era Van Halen’.

    As far as the fans being respectful to Sammy – well Sammy has done everything possible to alienate the Van Halen fanbase since at least the early 90s, when I first noticed his derogatory comments about the CVH era. How do you expect the band’s core fanbase to respect a replacement member who attack’s their band on a constant basis over many years? Even while he was in the band! I still can’t believe Eddie, Alex and Mike went along with it.

  • Halen High

    kayser sozay says:
    “True enough. But then there hasn’t been much news about any of the current members of VH for quite a while.”

    Absolutely. We have to wonder at times if they are still alive. As for Sammy, I don’t have a problem with him using VH to publicise what he is doing now, but perhaps he could talk about the good times, refrain from airing the dirty laundry, the silly claims etc.

    The way Sammy behaves regarding VH, you would think he was the original frontman who spent over a decade helping to establish this amazing band, and Dave was the fortuitous replacement singer who was lucky to get the gig.

  • http://none Dirty Duck

    Sam just keep showing his true colors more and more…..
    He truly is the bitter x wife….

  • Fork Tongue Serpent

    Halen High: Sammy Hagar was more than respectful to the band when he joined them. Some people say he disrespected the band by not playing enough of CVH songs. But, the ones he did sing, those same people said he shouldn’t do ANY CVH songs. Sammy became “disrespectful”, and I use the term lightly, after the Balance tour when Eddie started his shenanigans with a new GH album, and a couple of songs with Roth. All while Hagar was on vacation. If you ask me, that scenario ascribes Eddie disrespecting Sammy. But, nevertheless, it’s over now. As far as the other stuff he says about Eddie in his book, big freakin deal. Anybody who saw Eddie, or saw a photo, or saw the show, or saw a video knew exactly what kind of shape he was in. And, Sammy SHOULD be pissed. Eddie talked him into the 2004 fiasco.

    I will never understand the hypocrisy on this site from the radical CVH fans, who are actually just radical Dave fans. The reason I say that is because Ed takes little to no heat for the decisions he made. Anyway, the hypocrisy lies in the vile, offensive remarks made at Sammy from people who are mad at vile, offense remarks that Sammy made…..pot, kettle, black?

    I just wish for YOUR sake Halen High that a new album from VH comes out very soon. Hopefully some of this foaming at the mouth will recede. Personally, I’m not sure I trust a new album is actually going to get released. Call me a cynic. But, I do know this: The Hagar haters predicted Chickenfoot would be a one-off. I bet those same people would be okay with this version of VH being a one-off…..

  • D.O.A.

    @ Halen High

    With respect, I would like to point out something you alluded to earlier in this thread about respecting the history of VH before Sam’s time: He absolutely does.

    Ive seen shows time and again, where Mike sings lead on CVH songs. Clearly it’s something he doesn’t have to do.

    To each his own. Props to you and the way you go about your support of CVH. I do have to agree with Fork Tongue Serpent though, in regard to the hypocrisy sometimes displayed here.

    Everyone involved in this band has done and said arrogant, stupid and woefully childish things. They’ve ALL been the kid who got mad and took his toys, kicked sand in another’s face, been fucked up (or sober) and said something they shouldn’t have. You fairly pointed that out earlier.

    I just think it’s dumb to argue who done who more wronger.

    Now, can we please get on with this new album already!

  • jeff adams

    Halen High, YOU own this clown you’re sparing with. You have him writing a 3 paragraph post now so he can try to get his point across to you. Hell I like Sammy, but this guy makes me want to dislike him. He tells you to let it go, yet he keeps trying to state his points to you. Keep up the good work Halen High, you have this guy so worked up, it makes me laugh. You and I both know Dave is the only singer for VAN HALEN.

  • ringostore

    Cabo Wabo has displayed in their memorabilia area, albums of Roth Vanhalen. Very tacky Sammy.


    The fact is Chickenfoot tanked with their newest cd is proof what Van Halen fans really thinks of Sammy & Mike and all of Sammy`s negative mudslinging..the Fact that Van Halen 2007-2008 tour was their biggest tour ever is proof that the fans want Dave & Eddie.And there is nothing Sammy can do about it.

  • Melton

    Yeah…top selling hard rock album. Quite the tank.

    Biggest selling tour ever. Not difficult when everything costs twice as much since they last toured.

    No, zealot fans of VH have a weird hard on for Hagar. Other fans just like music and don’t let fanboism get in the way.

  • Halen High

    Melton – It’s not hard to be the best selling hard rock album right now – there’s not much competition. And Chickenfoot III has dropped to 135 on Billboards album chart, after just five weeks. It tanked. Now why it tanked is the question. The times we live in? Poor material? Bad choice of single? A backlash from Van Halen fans against Sammy for his anti-Van Halen comments and book? A lot of people who bought the first album didn’t like it?

    As far as the 2007/08 tour is concerned – they did charge over-the-top prices for tickets, but the fact is, people still bought them and the stadiums were packed. So the tour was a huge success on all levels – attendances, critical acclaim and commercially.

  • Herb

    Halen High

    Not to split heirs, but this is all total spin doctoring. You can make a case either way for all of this. We dont buy albums the same way we used to. Things cost more than they used to. An epic reunion that OF COURSE people want to see. Critical acclaim? Well that depends on the show you saw I suppose. The one I saw was a bit uncomfortable. It liken it to people getting hugs from someone they didnt want to be hugged by. I heard other shows were better.

    You either dig the music or you don’t. I’m a VH fan and I couldn’t give a rats ass what Hagar says about VH. I guess some will be hold it against him, but I don’t. It doesn’t have anything to do with me, so I just don’t care. I don’t care that Eddie has been a total douche to everyone in that band at one time or another.

  • JasonBourne

    Wow this keeps getting bigger and better each year. Sammy should really capitalize on this with tour packages (as most of us don’t live in Cabo) also he coudl have 1 famous band per week all year come down and play and watch the fans roll in. Who would want ot book a vacation and a concert at the same time ??? I’m telling ya, it’d be huge. Cabo Wabo Rock’n’Roll vacations. Call me Sam, I’ve got the credentials to pull it all together. Seriously.

  • Halen High

    Herb – I didn’t attend any shows in 2007/08 – I live in Australia. I have to travel 2,000km just to reach our eastern seaboard.

    The critical acclaim I was referring to was mostly what we saw in the media. I have about 50 press reviews from the 2007/08 tour and they range from good to very good to fantastic. That is rare indeed for a band to receive so much positive comment from a cynical media. And I must have read 100s of fan reviews across all the sites – with few exceptions, people loved that tour. If there was criticism, it was that they were almost too ‘professional’.

    I don’t understand your analogy about getting a hug from someone you don’t want to get a hug from – unless you are talking about Wolfie.

  • Halen High

    JasonBourne – I’m obviously not a Sammy fan, but the Cabo thing does look fun.

  • Herb

    Halen High,

    Sorry, that was a bit of an enigma. What I meant by it was that the main pricipals looked a bit uneasy. Like having to hold a “smile” for the camera for far too long.

    I love VH and all the lineups for different reasons. But I’ve beek kinda irritated with Dave since the crappy show I saw on the Sam & Dave tour, and Ed for his ridiculous behavior in ’04. The reunion show just left me wishing there was just a little more to it. I have high hopes for a better showing next time around. I feel like we’re gonna get it.

  • Johnh

    it’s kinda ridiculous that Sammy can still sing that great at his age… props to him – and the fact that regardless of age he can still put an album in the charts! For whatever reason, he’s obviously very sellable.

    I think Mikey looks the most happy he’s been in quite some time.