Michael Anthony Joins ROTUS For Special Treat at the Cabo Wabo Cantina

RotusDuring the week of Sammy Hagar’s Birthday Bash celebration in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, lucky fans had the opportunity to see a special show at the Cabo Wabo Cantina on On October 12, 2011.  This “bonus show” featured an up and coming act “ROTUS”.  Rotus is a band out of Southern California featuring Sean Hall (Lead Vocals & Guitar), David Soria (Bass) & Billy Becerra (Drums).  Billy is the soon to be son-in-law of Michael Anthony. Michael’s daughter Elisha Anthony and Billy Becerra plan to wed next year.

The set list for this fun filled show included Rotus originals and Van Halen covers featuring guest bassist Michael Anthony himself on “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, “D.O.A”, & “Runnin with the Devil”. Other special guests included Vinnie Paul of Pantera singing “Blind in Texas” by W.A.S.P and the infamous Kevin Dugan on drums.

You can catch Rotus live throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  Don’t be too surprised if Michael Anthony shows up and starts jamming out some classic VH tunes.

You can follow Rotus on their website, Facebook page, and their music is available for download on iTunes.

Photos by Elisha Anthony. VHND.com’s full Birthday Bash story coming very soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/guitaristjohnnybeane johnny beane

    Rotus Rocks!

  • Valen

    Rock and Rotus!!!

  • VH2008

    Very cool photos! I will check out Rotus!

  • Fred Gruber

    Check out Sean Hall playing a Wolfgang.

  • Halen High

    Good to see Mike playing some CVH and having a good time. Pretty cool to see they played D.O.A. I wonder if that was Mike’s idea?

  • Mike De Lara

    You know what Van Halen fans need? What`s just about the #1 request from us Van Halenites?? A DVD of Van Halen Live shows!! The “bits & pieces” of the live shows that exist! Hard core old school! The demos, the Fesno `79 live shows, 1980`s “Loss Of Control” video, (the surgeons) – The 1981 Live in Oakland videos, the South American `82 shows (watch all of the Argentinas live shows. They are magic and Produced very well)
    ! The US Festival and MTV coverage of “1984″…… As the bonus, highlights or proshot footage of the 2007 shows! Press conferance and behind the scenes interviews that are available. Make it big, make it Van Halenized! Long Live The Mighty Van Halen =\//-/=

  • Rick Berdeski


  • Halen High

    @ Mike De Lara – that would be awesome. Classic Van Halen’s live performances are legendary. In Dave’s book, there’s a press clipping about their live shows (WACF tour I think), and the intro par really sums them up;

    “The name is mellifluous, deceptively gentle, but Van Halen is the most ferocious rock band in America today.”(Nancy Griffin)

    Yep – it’s about time the world saw an official CVH live DVD, particularly live DVDs of individual performances in the tradition of The Who at Kilburn. I would also like to see a DVD featuring every CVH video with (hopefully) videos from the new album.

  • Robert

    Man, Elisha Anthony is getting married?! I remember meeting her and her sister and their mom backstage at a VH show back in the mid-90s. Now she’s all grown up. Man, I’m getting old! Congrats to her and those in her life.

  • phil

    love vinnie paul!

  • Matt from Australia

    Keep dreaming Mike De Lara

  • DiamondDean

    @Mike De Lara

    EXACTLY!!! id want that more then a new cd?????? maybe , but yr 100% right . Even a VAN HAGAR one later . If led zep acdc can do it????? Maybe they appreciate their fans?

  • greg

    actually what us van halen fans need is ANYTHING from van halen besides another greatest hits album lol

  • mrC

    “You can’t play in 3 bands at the same time.”

    … well, someone was going to say. ;)

  • steve

    you can watch running with the devil on the rotus site. Mike’s voice still sounds great!

  • Fork Tongue Serpent

    Mikey does this all the time down there in Cabo during Sammy’s bday bashes. On the ‘off’ nights, he’ll jam with the local band, or the waboritas, or, in this case, ROTUS…..and it’s mostly old van halen tunes.

  • Andrew

    What is nice is that dude is playing a Wolfgang guitar!!!


    Sure would be great if VH would have archival releases.

    But it will never happen.

  • hikerman

    Mikes Great

  • http://Facebook.com/rotusband Rotunt

    You can see YouTube videos of all 3 of the VH songs they played at Facebook.com/rotusband

  • Feather in a Bucket (Let’s Rock)

    Keep it rocking Mikey!!!

    Forked Tongue Serpent…I missed this reference for a while but now understand. “Certified Hell Hound!!”

    Let’s all keep ROCKIN”!!!!!!!!

    AS we wait…………

  • j wall

    wonder what kind of guitar that dude playing and singing is playing sure looks like a wolfgang!

  • Dooley


    “you can watch running with the devil on the rotus site. Mike’s voice still sounds great!…”

    I know, heard it at CF’s Tahoe show Sept. 2010 and on their two albums. What about Dave’s voice, that’s what I wanna’ know!!

  • Fork Tongue Serpent

    Feather: Good on ya!

    I been a sinner!!

    Still ready…..

  • http://Facebook.com/rotusband Rotunt

    The blind in Texas cover with Vinnie Paul singing was just uploaded on the ROTUS site Facebook.com/rotusband

  • D.O.A.

    @ Feather in a Bucket

    Please explain!

  • http://facebook.com Nick

    This just goes to show Michael still has Van Halen flowing through his blood. Please come back to Van Halen and kick that spoiled kid Wolfie off bass.

  • Feather in a Bucket (Let’s Rock)


    Lyrics from “Last Temptation”,

    “It’s like Adam sitting naked up under the apple tree,
    I don’t wanna to go there,
    It’s like a forked tongue serpent crawling over me,
    I don’t wanna go there……….”

    Turnin’ it up louder and louder sports fans!!!

    As the “wait” continues!!!

    Think the Mayan calendar stops in 2012 because they also could not take another year of this shit??!!

  • http://www.vanhalennation.com PapaDon5150

    Mikey… what else can ya say! the guy is great!!! Keep em comin Mike!!! VH baby!!!

  • No Mas Tony

    Mikey kicks some serious ass in “Runnin with the Devil”! I was checking it out on the ROTUS site, but wish they had a vid of them doing D.O.A. too. I haven’t found one on youtube yet. Mike also sings “Bottoms Up” like a champ. He really harmonized well with Dave and Eddie… it’s a shame but I’m done beating that dead horse.

    ROTUS is a decent group from what I’ve heard. They might make a decent opening act for the foot. And how sweet it would be to have Mike join them and do some CVH tunes. Of course, would be even sweeter to see VAN HALEN perform some VAN HALEN tunes. But they better hit the OZ first cause they’re about due!

  • CEO

    Really, they couldn’t play any Van Hagar to show some respect to the owner of the club?

  • Seabee


    Its Musicians code not to try to upstage the lead act or in ROTUS’ case the owner of the bar
    by covering a van hagar tune. They played it right by giving the crowd what wanted without stepping on any toes.. Good job Rotus rock on and good luck

  • http://Facebook.com/rotusband Rotunt

    No Mas Tony

    DOA video just uploaded on the Rotus page Facebook.com/rotusband

  • No Mas Tony

    Woah! Rock on, ROTUS! Glad to see a band that listens to its fans.

    See that!? — when No Mas speaks… people listen. LOL

    Seriously though, thanks for the link ROTUND.

  • MasVH

    Even ROTUS prefers jamming some CVH over Van Hagar–ya can’t argue with that!!

    CEO says:
    Really, they couldn’t play any Van Hagar to show some respect to the owner of the club?

    I guess ROTUS left their keyboard player at home.