Chickenfoot to Perform Live, Online!

Chickenfoot to perform live, online!

Fans hoping to get both an eye and ear full of Chickenfoot can live-stream the band playing some of its new songs Tuesday, Sept. 27 (9 p.m. ET/6 PT) at to mark the release of Chickenfoot III.

The band will feature drummer Kenny Aronoff instead of Chad Smith, who is back on Red Hot Chili Peppers duty. A 30-minute online Q&A with fans follows the performance, staged from Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir’s studio in Marin County, Calif.

“It’ll be a really intimate thing, a bit like being there when we’re rehearsing,” says singer Sammy Hagar.

Email your questions for the band to

  • jeff adams

    And no, I wasn’t @ the Rose Bowl show in 82, sounds like a great show. I was saving my $$ for the US FEST.

  • dan slaughter

    @jaaphalen…appreciate hearing your concert stories…post as many of them as you can. It took your response to finally get an answer from Halen High. Did you ever catch them on Fair Warning in ’81 or Monsters Of Rock in ’88??????????

  • ArmyMedic

    @Halen High

    I understand your logic with Eddies interview in 2009. That being said, the same sentiment was quoted by multiple members of the band in 2004. All I’m saying is I don’t think you can count from the end of that tour till now until we actually get PROOF that there’s actually anything going on. With 15+ years of speculation, I don’t know as I automatically trust Mark Tremonti’s ravings or even producers who have worked with the band. I’ll agree with you that if you’re not going to count holidays for one, you can’t for the other. I’m not sure if I believe the last 3 years has been a holiday though. I hope I’m wrong.

    If you’d give an honest review if this album that is supposedly coming out sucks, you’d be a rarity among the groups of people who insist that loving DLR means you have to demean Sammy. I’d applaud you for that.

    Lastly I’ll say this. For everyone out there complaining about Sammy’s lyrical content: ask yourself why you really hate Sammy Hagar. No song is perfect, most people felt “like a stone” by audioslave was exceptionally deep, when ultimately even Chris Cornell called it “nonsensical”. To be honest with you, Chickenfoot III has some of Sammy’s most personal and well written lyrics IMHO. Keep in mind that Eddie Van Halens frustration wasn’t with Sammy’s lyrical content, it’s well established it was his “poor” work ethic that drove both the Van Halen brothers nuts. Oh, and before you attack Sammy for that poor work ethic, judge him based on this. What would you be doing with your life if you were worth 80 Million dollars at 64? I’m willing to bet the majority of you wouldn’t be making an album your fans really liked.

  • Carnal Knowledge

    Halen High: I’m delusional? Now, you’re going with name-calling, a Leaps trademark? Nice one.

    Look, numbskull, I know as much history about the band as you do. I also know, that in between 1974 and 1978 Dave was in and OUT of the band. yet, you count the whole time, and I’M delusional?

    Done with you. Period.

  • D.O.A.


    Clearly it’s you who doesn’t understand. Let me make it simple so you can process what I meant by my original post. I was not saying you were stupid, your post was idiotic.

    I’ll give you an analogy to work off of:

    Let’s say that I was a really good high school baseball player, on a fantastic team that won the triple A championship in 1982. In addition, I was named to the second team all-state team that year. I went on to play four years in college, before being drated by the N.Y. Mets. I played in 6 games that year, in which we won the World Series. We happened to have an All-Star at the same position (catcher) as me, who’s now a member of the Hall of Fame. He could flat out rake.

    Now let’s say, his 8 year old little pain in the ass son doesn’t like me (for whatever reason) and runs around saying how his dad would kick my ass in a home run contest.

    No shit, aj. Of course VH will fill up arenas. They’re a freaking MT. Rushmore band. Chickenfoot is not.

    My point is: you’re like that little 8 year old pain in the ass kid.



    In the public eye, Hagar was the frontman for longer.

    Also, i like to at least acknowledge that Halen_High at least is cool about all of this Sammy/DLR back and forth, unlike other Roth only fans.

  • Mike

    @Halen High – I hear ya, I wanted to be as conservative as possible on Dave’s end and see how the numbers would play out that way.

    Basically – whether one is a big fan of Sammy-era VH or not – it seems fair to say that Sammy has no or negligible edge if you are just talking about years in the band. Even if you are limiting to consecutive years (I’ve always thought it silly for Sammy to say “I was in the band longer than Dave.”).

    Carnal Knowledge, I know you would disagree that attributing 1974-1977 100% to Dave is being “as conservative as possible,” but I that I feel comfortable with.

    Like many have said (you guys as well I’ll bet) – these discussions are enjoyable but I wish this new album would come out so that we can actually discuss MUSIC!

  • Shine On

    Danielsan: “Van Halen fans-fear not-I guarantee when their ducks are lined up and they are ready to go, the lack of information frustration will be a distant memory.”

    I don’t doubt that at all.

  • Shine On

    JACKN SAM: “Didn’t they say awhile back that they would not make a move without Chad? Was that just the record or the tour also? I can’t keep up…”

    Chad recommended Kenny as his touring replacement. Perhaps the band meant that they wouldn’t make a move without Chad’s input.

  • jaaphalen

    @ Halen High-no I was born in Garden Grove Ca. now live in Oregon running a dairy farm east of Salem, Or. @ Jeff Adams-thanks for responding. It was 33years ago about now that I saw VH do their stuff-about 11,000 or so in the old Memorial Colliseum. Journey was a great show! Fireworks the whole bit. @ D Slaughter-I have a ton of VH concert stories. Thanks for not being ticked at me.

  • jaaphalen

    @ Dan Slaughter-oops forgot to answer your question. Yep I saw FW in May of 81. This my favorite album and the hardest edged concert. I think everything was peaking right at this time-big stage, aggressive playing huge audience, big song catalogue and all players in their prime. Plus, I think they still liked each other. My oldest bro saw Diver Down a year later and started noticing changes within the band, even the concert experience-more generic. Same stories and events-bottle throwing anybody? I’m gonna bleep your girlfriend! That didn’t happen just in Portland? Hmmmmn. I have my theories if your interested I’ll tell you. God bless ya Dan.

  • Little Guitars Sing to Me

    @Halen High, Carnal Knowledge, et al:

    To all concerned parties, this is just a friendly, non-partisan attempt at redirecting the years-in debate. As I recall — correct me if I’m wrong — the original debate over Dave’s and Sammy’s years in the band wasn’t really about getting a consensus on the perfect formula so as to make the perfect years-in comparison.

    My impression was that the years-in debate arose as a secondary point of contention because of the question of whether Sammy has any business making the pejorative or comparative references to Van Halen that he does. (Questions re Michael Anthony came up on this issue, as well.)

    It seems to me that we could all at least agree that both Roth and Hagar spent lengthy and important portions of their respective careers with Van Halen. If so, to me, the question becomes not so much whether Hagar has earned the right to make the references he does. He played a major role in the history of Van Halen (even if one argues it was a lesser role than Dave’s), and Van Halen played a major role in his career (and lifetime). He’s close enough to Dave’s ballpark in this regard that it seems fair to say if one has “earned the right” to refer back, so has the other.

    Instead of focusing on technicalities about years-in, then, or even on “earned rights,” I wonder if the discussion might better focus on questions like: (a) What evidence is there as to whether Sammy is self-destructively stuck in the past versus successfully moving on with his post-VH life? (b) What evidence is there as to whether Sammy’s comments are sniping and vindictive versus merely honest and reflective? (c) What does the ongoing controversy over the Sammy era and his relationship with EVH offer any of us in terms of insight into our own lives and relationships? (d) What has the band learned, if anything, from its tumultous history? (e) etc.

    I’m sure anyone reading this can come up with 100 better questions than I just offered, but you get the idea, I hope.

    Let me add that Carnal Knowledge and Halen High, in particular, have given me a lot to think about regarding the question of counting “time in” for musicians. Very murky waters. (They’re lucky they don’t rely on pensions, eh?)

    It’s a lot more cut-and-dried in many of the rest of our jobs, n’est pas? (Especially regarding the issue of deciding precisely when we do or do not even HAVE a job, a topic too many of us have been painfully familiar with sometime during the past several years.)

  • Halen High

    @ Carnal Knowledge – no Dave was not in and out of the band from 1974-78. And as for name calling, at least I have never called other VH fans extermists, fascists, lunatics and nazis.

    dan slaughter says:
    “@jaaphalen…appreciate hearing your concert stories…post as many of them as you can. It took your response to finally get an answer from Halen High.”

    And what was your point?

  • Halen High

    ArmyMedic says:
    “@Halen High – I understand your logic with Eddies interview in 2009. That being said, the same sentiment was quoted by multiple members of the band in 2004. All I’m saying is I don’t think you can count from the end of that tour till now until we actually get PROOF that there’s actually anything going on.”

    I will always be sceptical about this new album until its actually released, but the VHND, a most reliable source, has confirmed they have been working on this album for some considerable time, and have indeed finished it.

    That said, if Dave was no longer in the band from the moment the 2007/08 tour ended, then it’s logical that Sammy was no longer in the band from the momemt the 5150 tour ended until OU812 was released. Obviously he was, just as Dave still is. At least until we get the dreaded press release telling us ‘Roth quits Van Halen again!’ Anything is possible with these guys.

  • hikerman

    I just bought the new Chickenfoot CD, sounds good so far, cant wait for the new Van Halen CD, gonna be a great year for good music, have a good one everybody

  • Shine On

    Have a good one, hikerman, and crank it up! You’ve got good taste, on both counts!

  • Michael C.

    This is my question….seriously, people. Why haven’t we heard anything …..anything from VH? I understand their past as good as anyone. And I can say, with certainty, that VH never kept their fans in the dark like this. I’ve been buying their albums since the 70′s. They never treated their fans bad…until now. Sorry Leaps. This is the truth. Whatever is going on, I wish they would see, for one second that the fans are the reason they are potentially still making music. They should take one moment and thank us and easily clue us in as to what’s going on. We are the sole reason they are relevant. We bought their music. We supported them. Any musician easily sees that.

  • timmy

    That webcast was EXCELLENT. Really great perfromances amd Mikey sounded great. I agree this should be CFND.COM

    Van Halen will release a new album when Monkeys fly out of my butt, its a shame they didnt include Mikey on the “farewell/reunion” tour. Hes a great guy!

  • hikerman

    Michael C, This just seems to be the way they like to do buisness, or they must be having those old ca’nt get along problems, who knows with these guy’s, I’m still holding on to hope that we’ll get some new stuff soon

  • Michael C.

    I certainly hope everything is ok. I know most signs are pointing to a new album next year. Just imagine the disappointment if that didn’t happen. The backlash would get ugly. C’mon VH.


    Van Halen’s business model is a pathetic one at this point.

    They haven’t adapted to the times at all.

    They also hoard their music. In over 30 years and there are no live albums or videos from the Roth years. There are no demo, or bonus tracks ever released.


    I just don’t get it.

  • ArmyMedic

    @Halen High

    I’m not ripping into you, I’m just saying that you have to count the time between the 5150 tour and OU812 because there’s and endcap to it. If OU812 never came out, then wouldn’t the end of Sammy’s tenure have been the 5150 tour? My statement is this; until we get either another tour to start, or an album to be released…for the time being the last tour was the endcap for activity.

    That being said, Roth was in the band for a longer period of time specifically because of the club days, however nobody really counts the time. People state Soundgardens years of activity from 89-97, however the same lineup was playing together since the early 80′s. This I truly believe is the fault of the music industries “best new artist” when somebody has their breakout single when it’s known to true fans they had played music for 10 years prior. Just saying while I’m on your side on the length of time Roth was in VH in the beginning, I’m not sure you can state he’s in when we’re not sure if we’ve already seen the bands end.

    Ultimately though, like I said on another thread to leaps…
    At least I feel like I’m talking to someone who actually listens to the music without feeling the need to throw childish insults at someone who disagrees with them. Cool bro. Give Chickenfoot a few more listens and I guarantee some of them will grow on you.

  • Halen High

    @ ArmyMedic – the thing is, the last tour (which only ended 3 years and 4 months ago), was not the endcap for activity. The VHND is THE most reliable source for information about Van Halen as the guys who run this site are actually connected to the band. So we know Eddie and Dave were spending some considerable time writing together in 2009, working on demos through 2010, choosing producers and discussing venues for recording, then in the studio together in early 2011. That is an active band, as much as it is a frustrating one. If they announce tomorrow that they have shelved the album and Dave is no longer with them, we can’t erase form history the last few years of them working together out of the public eye.

    I realise there will be people in the general public who think they formed in 1978, but real informed fans like us know they formed in ’74. In fact, we celebrate their long, hard road to getting signed as it is one of the all-time legendary rock n’ roll stories. Another poster here attempted to diminish that legacy, which is just wrong.

    As far a CF goes, I still haven’t heard the whole album. But I will listen to it so I can give an informed opinion. Cheers.

  • Panama Red

    Can I ask a simple question? What is the point behind this ongoing discussion about who was in the band longer — Dave or Sammy. Maybe there was a reason for the argument at some point, but if there was I lost sight of it, somewhere over the last 15 or so posts about it. I’ve read all the back and forth posts between Halen High and Carnal Knowledge (and a few other that chimed in) and I just don’t know what anyone is trying to prove (if anything, I honestly don’t know)
    Anyway, I guess I kinda enjoyed reading all the comments, even though I was somewhat perplexed at the intentions of the comments and what the desired achievement was in winning the argument. I mean what does it really matter? Just sayin’
    Was it just another attempt at “proving” one era was better than the other or something?
    Anyway, I’m just drunk, trying to break this ongoing insomnia spell I’ve been going through again.
    So, just thought I would “drunk-post” here at VHND.
    Later guys.

    btw – rockin out to CF III while typing this. Man, I cannot get enough of this album. Every song keeps getting better the more I listen to it. Hell Yeah! Can’t wait for the tour!

  • Halen High

    Red – from my point of view, the discussion was simply to politely correct another poster who claimed Sammy was in the band longer than Dave, and to also point out that Van Halen formed in 1974 – not the day their debut album appeared on the shelves in 1978.

    Glad to hear you are getting merry. I’ve also typed a few posts here while under the influence of too many glasses of red. How are you these days?

  • Shine On

    TearItUp: “I might tune in later if they play some Van Halen!!!”

    I think it’s really cool that Chickenfoot is trying to rely on their own material, right now. Mike seems to hint that on future tours they may pull out some tunes from the back catalouges (“the other stuff” he refers to could mean Satch solo material, Van Halen songs, and/or Red Hot Chili Peppers songs). Should they decide to go that route on later tours, Mike can sing a mean lead on “Somebody Get Me A Doctor”.

  • ALLhalen

    Chickenfoot III is a great record. At first listen, I found myself wanting only the heavier stuff. But the other avenues the band chose to go to have REALLY grown on me. To me, ALL of the really GREAT records do this. The beatles WHite Album wasn’t all Helter Skelter…depending on the mood, a person would skip Black Bird to get to Helter SKelter and vice versa. A rollercoaster of musical styles, tempos and moods are usually a good recipe for a classic record. This sh_t rocks. lol

  • Melton

    @Shine On

    I happened to catch Mikey at a bar one night playing with Vic Johnson and a drum tech I heard worked (or did work) for VH.

    Mike sang all the songs and did a bunch of the classic stuff. It freakin’ rocked! everyone had a helluva good time that night.

  • whispergirl

    @Panama Red:

    “Anyway, I’m just drunk, trying to break this ongoing insomnia spell I’ve been going through again.
    So, just thought I would “drunk-post” here at VHND.”

    SO FUNNY. I was drunkish (for me which is two drinks) on Saturday — early evening. (Margueritas at “lunch” in Pasadena with a girlfriend of mine who I went clothes shopping with — for clothes to wear to my new job). Needless to say that was some interesting/crazy shopping. I got a really weird look from some lady on Saturday when I was just grabbing clothes to buy (my friend who was also in the same state was encouraging this). I filled up my entire hatchback with clothes and other stuff. (I’m single-handedly going to fix the recession.)

    I looked at this thread after that shopping spree (we ended up at a friends in Pasadena waiting out my inabilty to really drive back into the city until 1:00 a.m.) and was SCARED of this melee. However, I still thought it was funny. I kept picturing a boxing ring, and I laughed, probably too much for polite company. I thought Leaps was really going over the top. But your right, the “length of time” thing was over the top. I could not really follow it, but then again, the lunch, the drinks and the shopping… Who could do anything else.

    Your comment made me laugh so much today. If I had posted on Saturday night, God knows what would have come out. Too bad I did not. (Remembering that woman in Ross; not a fan of me!) You all would have had a laugh. Every once in a while I am reminded I have not fully grown up, good job aside.

  • Shine On

    Melton: “I happened to catch Mikey at a bar one night playing with Vic Johnson and a drum tech I heard worked (or did work) for VH. Mike sang all the songs and did a bunch of the classic stuff. It freakin’ rocked! Everyone had a helluva good time that night.”

    Most excellent, Melton! Mike is a seasoned pro at entertaining a crowd, and does excellent lead vocals.

    Thank you for taking the time to tell me about it; wish I had caught that show!

  • Little Guitars Sing to Me

    @Panama Red, Halen High, Carnal Knowledge:

    As I recall, the debate between Carnal Knowledge and Halen High (and others) about years-in with VH (Dave vs. Sammy) originated because someone challenged Sammy’s right/legitimacy in making his frequent critical comments about VH.

    The subsequent defense of Sammy included reference to his longtime membership in VH — seemingly at least somewhat comparable to DLR — but the phrasing of this defense then led to a whole new debate regarding how to count years in the band.

    Halen High, Carnal Knowledge: Please correct me if I’m mischaracterizing any of this.

    In my view, the years-in debate has been quite interesting, but I do also think the spirit of the original question (whether Sammy has sufficient standing to be commenting on VH) was abandoned.

  • Halen High

    @ Little Guitars Sing to Me – I think that’s a pretty accurate summary of one of the most pointless exchanges in the history of the VHND.

    Obviously Van Halen formed in 1974, and if we have any faith in the VHND, Dave has officially remained Van Halen’s frontman since 2007.