Sammy and Michael Rock Lake Tahoe

Sammy Hagar - lead vocals/guitar has a story about Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas playing in The South Shore Room at Harrah’s/Tahoe over the Cinco de mayo weekend. As usual when Sammy plays in Tahoe, Michael Anthony was the special guest. The sold-out two hour show contained Hagar, Montrose, and Van Halen hits.

See the photo slideshow.

  • Scott

    Are they calling themselves the Other Half ?? Alex Van Halen who just turned 58 years old is the true Other Half.There has been way to much Sammy Hagar in the press and media lately.

  • Rossiter

    Looks like a great time.

  • F’n Rockstar

    Dude, none of these guys are in the press enough. Maybe if Ed and Al play some shows or come out of their cave, they’ll be in the web-pseudo-media like Sam….if you don’t come to websites that feature him, you won’t see ANY former or current VH members in ANY media. Go hang out at and you can see all the things that are going on in VH land….oh wait, nothing.

  • bill1521

    Enough with Sammy already!!! He continues to pretent that he made Van Halen when in fact his version ALMOST KILLED Van Halen. He needs to get off of The Van Halen coattails since he REFUSED to put his ego asside and play vintage Van Halen during his tenure. Sammy your time is up. Support your book on your exploits not Eddies dirt. Oh, yea, he has no exploits.

    Please no more Sammy, He is NOT in Van Halen and it is time to feature ONLY Van Halen material as the boys begin to prepare for touring.

  • MasVH

    WOW, Hagar isn’t promoting his book here?


  • Ed Lief

    So tired of SH and the Waboritas….BORING!! Sammy would be NOTHING without Eddie. He is a mediocre talent and extremely cheesy, albeit a very good business man. The 1st 6 VH albums rock.

  • Mad Mike

    Glad to see Mike and Sam together again. Wish the Brothers would grow up and do a tour with them and Dave like Sam has been calling for. Seriously, that would be so great for the fans. Time for everybody to grow up.

  • DunderChief

    God dammit, are we having the Sam/Dave conversation AGAIN! Both versions were successful. Get the hell over it. How many years have to go by before you make your peace tard’s???

  • Kayser Sozay

    There is nothing sillier than people who visit a website that by its own title includes information about Sammy Hagar, then go out of their way to click on a story that is obviously about Sammy Hagar and then post comments to it bitching about Sammy Hagar and his exposure. Think of the time and aggravation you fools could save yourself if you just passed the story over.

  • HubcapDave

    I hear ya Mad Mike. That would be one EPIC tour! Doubtful it would ever happen, but it would be epic.

    The Tahoe show looked like they had a lot of fun.

  • RobCT

    Well said Mad Mike! “Time for everybody to grow up.” Well said!

  • D.O.A

    Made both of the shows. Both were great, but I thought the first night was just freakin’ electric! Loved when Mikey hit the stage Friday. I’ve seen a ton of shows, but thought they were about as good as I can remember.

    Sorry if you’re not interested in the Hagar stories, but you really need to take note of the header of this site. Coming on here and bitching about it, is about as stupid as going to McDonalds and complaining that they serve salad.

    Thanks VHND for including the news you do.

  • TearItUp

    Coming to Van Halen News Desk & seeing a story about the Waboritas is like going to a brothel for a hug.

  • R A 812

    Saw Both Shows. F ing great as always. Saturday was my favorite. Los Tres Gusanos opened! Awesome. Mike Sang and played runnin with devil. They played poundcake and runaround. Dont hear those too often. All around solid shows.

    Like Hagar or not, the shows always sound good and have a great vibe / atmosphere. Its not VH but its still a solid rock show with music we can all bob our heads to.

  • Mark

    Friday Night ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Sammy and Mike were on fire and hit every note.

    But the so called rock photographer showed a pic of Sam and his son Arron not his brother!!! GEEZ

    Good Solid shows in a great small setting with awesome sound system.

    Love Sammy and Mike

  • Phillster

    Mikey`s a “special guest” again?”The Other Half”show Again? A silly bass solo+Runnin with the Devil&a few VHagartunes?7yrs ago OK maybe,but basically the same exact show.

  • Herb

    Phillster, thanks for showing what a moron you are by commenting on something you know nothing about. Well done.

  • Melton

    Tearitup…if the header on this site said “VHND, the ultimate source for CVH news,” then your analogy would be pretty good. But since it does not, it just shows that you lack the IQ to understand what this site is about.

  • jk5150

    Another great show just like in CABO!! Mikey did old VH and they did Sam’s VH, Montrose and even Chickenfoot!! The place lit up when they did everybody must get stoned and chilled when they played Margaritaville!! Did I mention the Waborita girls?? WOW….thanks Sam. Can’t wait for new VH…..still waiting….

  • Roco

    Rock On Sammy

  • MasVH

    Margaritaville?? Sounds like Cabo Wabo Buffet rocked Lake Tahoe.

  • D.O.A.

    Kayser, you gonna do the Puyallup?

  • johnny

    I saw the Saturday show in Tahoe and Michael Anthony Rocked, Van Halen loses a lot of punch not having him on bass and vocals, he doesnt just stand there and stare like a deer in your headlights, anyway……

  • Mr Bear

    MasVH…dumbass. I have never been to a buffet and heard Margaritaville. No, Jimmy BUFFETT sings that classic party tune. Moron.

  • MasVH

    Mr Bear, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to deflate your parrot on your shoulder. It’s just funny that Hagar is covering Jimmy Buffett tunes now at his shows considering that’s who he took his whole beach persona from. It’s all good, no need to get em in a bunch over a missed “t”.

    Just curious, did Hagar happen to rock out a version of Cheeseburger in Paradise for the encore?

  • Melton

    MasVH….really that tool Hagar. He’s the only one that has ever dared to take on Margaritaville.

    Funny, he’s been going to Cabo and livin’ the life since ’89. It’s only in the last five years that you Roth jock sniffers started “parroting” each other. One of you idiots finally saw that not only does JB enjoy a beach life, but hey…Sammy’s copying him. Ever since, one by one you little mindless trolls starting spewing the same stupid shit.

    Let me dumb down this news flash for you guys: Jimmy Buffett is hardly the first to drink rum, wear flip flops and sing about the beach.

  • Daniel Wissert

    All I can say is… GROW UP!!!!! to the badmouthers!!!! Sammy is great & so are VH n Dave!!! there LEGENDS either way you look at it!!! THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!!! will be completed with an All-Star VH show with Eddie, Sammy, Dave, Mike, Alex 7 maybe Wolfie!!! That’s my only opinion on that subject and will never ever change!!! UNCHAINED!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

  • MasVH

    Melton, “Roth jock sniffers”? Aaaw really? Sounds like Melton is having a Meltdown, Cabo Wabo style! No worries, you couldn’t possibly “dumb down” anything more than you just did with that idiotic statement.

    Hagar has already admitted to being a HUGE fan of Buffett and it’s no surprise either, except to Hagar fans. Music, cantina & now he’s even branching out into restaurants… just like his easy-going beach bum persona idol in good ol Margaritaville did.

    Perhaps opening cantinas, restaurants & pissing all over Eddie in a book to make a buck was all part of the aliens’ plans for Sammy too. BIG FAT MONEY!!!!

  • Herb


    Uh…what the hell was that supposed to mean? I get what Melton was saying, but your reply made little to no sense.

    Dude, no Hagar fan in their right mind wouldn’t know that he likes Buffett. What’s not to like?

    Sorry, that was idiotic.

  • CaboWaboCarnage

    Sammy’s been doing pretty much the same tequila-friendly party shows for the last 15 years with his post-Van Halen solo band, The Waboritas. The babes on stage are always nice but I can honestly say, I haven’t heard one song by the Waborita’s that actually blew me away musically or lyrically. Three chord rock jams & cornball lyrics tend to get boring after awhile. Hagar use to be a pretty good lyricist during his Van Halen years…not sure what happened to him post VH.