1978 Sammy Hagar Concert Video Surfaces

Wolfgang’s Vault has an incredible new Concert Video section on their website. Unfortunately, they haven’t unearthed any Van Halen footage, but they do have video of a (never-seen?) Sammy Hagar concert at Winterland in San Francisco, May 19, 1978. Check it out here!

  • Scott

    I wish it was a incredible new video concert of Van Halen from 1978.Then you would have something to talk about. At least Sammy is not promoting his book in this video.lol

  • Joe

    Killer! Just Killer! Planets on fire rocks!

  • http://www.digdeeperfitness.com David

    That’s some impressive shit.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0JsSw0LeOw ValiRossi

    Just read Sammy’s book. Wow F’in brutal.

  • Albert Jackson-Munoz

    I am a VAN HALEN fan. I was a VAN HAGAR fan, I was even a Sammy Hagar fan. But it all started because of Van Halen.

    With that being said, since Sammy’s book came out and he spoke ill of Halen & Roth, I can honestly say I could care less about Sammy hagar and all this related to him.

    He lost all credibility especially when he made up facts about his career and stated that he was on par with Halen. All that blustery about records sales and attendance figures in addition to the “aliens”

    he lost a fan, VAN HALEN has been my fave band since 1979, always has, ALWAYS WILL!!!!

    DAVE, EDDIE, ALEX, the epitome of ROCK and ROLL!!

  • Andy

    killer video’s !!!

  • Rob Newell

    Video quality is sensational and sound isn’t too bad. Look forward to checking them all out. I couldn’t see him getting in to that t-shirt now though : )

  • Kayser Sozay

    How cool is that? Pretty amazing quality. My head almost popped in the beginning of “Gimme Some Lovin” when Sam says, “We got a special guest here tonight. C’mon out Eddie!.” Then Eddie Money walks out. LOL. And DAMN Neil Schon’s afro was sturdy! Thanks for posting this VHND.

  • http://hubcapdave.blogspot.com HubcapDave

    That’s some pretty cool sheet!

  • freddiegirl

    For any Hagar fans interested; his bio is on sale at Target for 30% off the cover price. The new Keith Richards book is out in softcover now for those who wanted to pick it up cheaper. It’s 20% off…I bought it and so far it’s a fun read; don’t even have to be a big Stones fan to enjoy it. I’d love a bio like that from Ed one day although I can’t see him ever doing that.

  • Duke Truccio

    Watching these concert clips it’s easy to see why Van Halen blew everyone away when they came along (quick aside, cool to see Neal on Rock Candy); up until then rock was pretty straightforward, 3 chords and a lick. Either that or the other end of the spectrum being too weird like King Crimson and Genesis. Has another band ever even come close to being able at the same time to melt your face with their power and then make you go ‘huh, what was that strange chord, what was that weird lyric?’ and blend it so it felt natural? (Answer: No). Although I wouldn’t say Sammy dumbed down Van Halen, he sure did make them more ‘Plain Jane’. I’ve always liked Sammy whether old solo, new solo, or with Montrose or Van Halen. But let’s keep it real, Van Hagar does not measure up to Van Halen. At the same time I don’t care how much Sammy slams the other guys in his book, that’s what I’m paying for, that’s what I want to be entertained with; besides Eddie deserves every bit of it. It’s too bad all we have to get excited about is some half-ass black n white Sammy videos because Eddie’s too busy being a dick to release masterpieces like 81 Oakland. Well sometimes good things do happen; if George Martin can get off his fat ass and finish ‘Dance with Dragons’ maybe Eddie and Dave can finish an album too.

  • Andre Gagnier

    Wow! Was this one of the concerts where he out-sold Van Halen for 4 shows in a row!!! NOT

  • Carnal Knowledge

    For those interested in converting videos into audio files, check out Tipard DVD to MP3 converter…..just put the whole Van Halen US Festival on my ipod.!!!

    Now this is going on it too!

  • whambamsam

    Jeez – can’t anyone comment on the ACTUAL post? This was pretty cool ’78 footage – Neil Schon with the Super White-Man Fro, and has anyone ever looked MORE stoned than Eddie Money? Very cool vintage rock show!

  • http://hubcapdave.blogspot.com HubcapDave


    It seems Sammy bashing has become internet bloodsport for the Roth Army. Roth Leaps cannot type more than two sentences without laying into Sammy ( I think he might be secretly in love with him).

    I haven’t had a chance to watch all the videos, but I enjoyed watching the one with Red. It really is a cool find!

  • Let’s Rock

    @Albert Jackson-Munoz:

    How easily we forget and continue to forget,

    Van Halen is Dave, Eddie, Alex and MIKE. Michael Anthony!!!

    For god sake please remember that before VH history is rewritten again!!

    The Nation Waits

    Sammy and Neal, brings back the HSAS days.

    (That’s two posts, I cannot help it!!!)

  • Waldo

    Eddie Van Halen should bring back Michael Anthony before Van Halen finishes their 2011 album and tours in 2011. Then Van Halen will have their full band chemistry and charisma again.

  • MasVH

    LMAO @Andre Gagnier!!

    No, I think this was closer to the time when the aliens told Sam he was bigger than Van Halen.

  • Teddy

    Rock Candy with Neal Schon on guitar was awesome.

  • Tooey

    Rock On Hagar!!! Hey Sammy Pay No attention to the bashers you had to be honest of how drunk Eddie was and even more how Egotistical Dave was. Van Hagar had far better music than than the Roth era. The Roth Era in 2007-2008 is a lot better then they were before Hagar Came. The basher’s are the ones with all the excuses since they are just the Rothtards and not real Van Halen fan’s. Wake Up Whiners and Hagar bashers!!! You people need to grow up, Roth is back and let’s leave it at that. As for Sammy, Thank You for the Music you did with Van Halen, cause you rock.

  • Halenhagar

    Just go to show you why Eddie wanted and needed Sammy back in 1985, wht a set of pipes on Hagar. Great stage presnece too, Eddie needed that to replace Roth at the time.

  • Allen

    Listen i’m a Van Halen fan but dont knock Sammy, Sammy is a great musician, a great guitar player. Eddie if you ever read this, get in touch with Sammy & sort things out…for the sake of the fans.