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EVH Frankenstein Guitar w/ Stars Zip Hoodie

Eddie Van Halen “Frankenstein Guitar w/ Stars” Zip Hoodie!

Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL (True to size)  Just $59.95. Order Now.

Van Halen Rings of Fire Shirt
S, L, XL

Chickenfoot Baseball Tee
L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Cabo Wabo Tequila V-neck
S, M, L

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  • Strung Out

    That Frankenstein hoodie is SICK! I want one so bad, not gonna lie! :D

  • JLR

    What an awesome hoodie!! I wonder if wearing it will help my guitar playing?

  • Ray

    the chick in that Cabo shirt has a nice body…

  • VH2008

    The 5150 hoodie is unbelievably cool!!!

  • Gov13

    All that shit is cool. I remember that rings logo tee from the 2004 tour. That and the white shirt with the sneakers were my favorites. The Chickenfoot baseball tee is sweet. But the hoodie is amazing.

  • DiamondDean

    when r they going to reissue the old concerts shirts , with the dates on the back , now that wld be cool

  • Keith

    Why is EVH still still promoting the Franky stripes when he won’t even offer it as a finish option on his new guitars ? And he only plays it on one song on the last tour ?

  • Kevin Malone

    I really wish the VH camp would put some effort into putting out some quality concert videos instead of more and more shirts.

    Seems like the material is there but there’s no willingness on their part to put it out.

    I don’t get it. Look at KISS or The Who; they make a fortune selling DVDs. We don’t need them to be perfect we’d just like to see some of the old shows. If nothing else put out a 2 disc unedited version of “Right Here, Right Now” where they guys aren’t wearing different outfits in every shot.

    It’s simple, give the fans what they want (for once) and make a ton of money!

  • E Phillips

    I ordered the new EVH hoodie form VHstore last week and received it yesterday. It’s killer!! The guitar on the back is actual size and there are striped stars on the sleeves. It looks kinda rough and tough with the raw edge stitching which is killer. I have 2 of their “high end” hoodies made by Chaser – they are more lightweight, this is heavier. Really nice quality. And the “5150″ on the front is a hologram. It’s SOLID!

  • skutch

    @Kevin – I don’t know, wearing a video is mighty uncomfortable. LOL

  • Roth_Leaps_83

    Frankenstrat hoodie = BAD ASS

    Just wish it had the Rings of Fire logo on the front, or maybe a picture of Dave’s face saying “I’m back, you crazy sons-a-bitches”. I also with it came in a t-shirt version since summer is almost upon us and hoodies wont be in vogue until fall. Plus, I need something to wear to the glorious 2011 Van Halen tour this year!