Video: MTV’s “Lost Weekend With Van Halen”

Probably not fully aware of what they’ve done, MTV had presented it’s first reality television show when they aired the “Lost Weekend With Van Halen” special back in 1984.

When MTV announced it’s “Lost Weened With Van Halen” contest, the network received over a million postcard entries for a chance to spend three days with the band during their 1984 tour. The lottery couldn’t have found a more perfect average Joe than twenty-year-old Kurt Jefferis, a department store loading dock employee from Phoenixville, Pennsyvania.

Kurt’s catch was the American boyhood dream, 1984-style. A couple days spent tasting the life of Van Halen! Kurt’s hometown newspaper ran the headline, “Would You Let Your Son Spend a Weekend with These guys?” His mother quipped she wished her son had won a lost weekend with Perry Como instead.

The following footage is everything that MTV aired, and even some footage that never aired:

  • DiamondDean

    That was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All VAN HALEN has to do now is release a dvd with all this on it!!!!!!! all the videos , 82 largo , oakland , bits of concerts n interviews etc etc and new interviews .

    BON JOVI , METALLICA IRON MAIDEN AC DC release dvds all the time AND SPOIL THERE FANS , THATS WHY THERE STILL POPULAR n popular all over the world , while VAN HALEN shrivel away sooner or later being forgotten , its sad but true

    Man even led zeppilin released a great dvd

  • OnlyClassicVH

    Yea what was up with Mike’s sound, you only heard a bit of it in the beginning?
    You can defiantly tell it was recorded in mono.

  • D Alexander Toluca Lake

    Sorry Detroit but that was one LAME backstage crowd.

  • D Alexander Toluca Lake

    However, the crowd in Detroit during the show was great.

    People with backstage passes were possibly those with connections, friends of music biz people, etc., hence the lameness.

    Love the onstage perspective in Vid 5. You get the feel of what it was like to be onstage with VH. They lived a LIFE.

  • D Alexander Toluca Lake

    LOL love the way Al blows off one girl that says hi to him for another one next to her. Vid 3, 4:33.

  • http://none Dirty Duck

    Remember this footage the next time we CLASSIC VH fans are told to stop living in the 80’s….

    Like the quote in the beginning of Goodfellas: “It was a glorious time….”

  • OnlyClassicVH

    Yea that was wild how Al did that, the other female was sexy as hell! But you could tell it was someone he already knew.

  • Mark Sachs

    Saturday Night Live did a skit dedicated to Van Halen’s Lost Weekend during that time period. It had Dana Garvey dressed like David Lee Roth and he was acting super hyperactive, even by DLR standards! In the skit, Garvey was holed up in a hotel room with the contest winner and he kept jumping on the bed while continously repeating “Wow, Man!!!!!!” Meanwhile, the cast member who played the contest winner was looking horified like he had just received a one way ticket to Hell! The whole thing was hilarious. To sum up that whole time period, Those Were The Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ENGlishJELLo

    lucky son of a bitch….this a van halen fan’s wet dream!!!!!

  • http://Facebook YOUR DJ

    I agree with all the jealous as sin folks…I just posted ALL of this to my FB page when I found it, with the same comments , the viola…here on VHND as I LOOK to see what happened to Waldo myself…ANYONE find him online?

  • http://Facebook YOUR DJ

    THAT WASNT HAGAR at 1:16….wasn’t that the Guys from AUTOGRAPH? Didn’t they open for them at some point?