“Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill” opens in St. Louis

The Red Rocker cut the ribbon on Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill on Friday afternoon in Harrah’s St. Louis. Hagar’s portion of the restaurant’s profits will go to local charities.

From KPLR 11:

Sammy Hagar Opens New Bar – ‘Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill’ at Harrah’s
February 27, 2009

It was a Cabo Wabo start to a Friday at Harrah’s — 61 year old Sammy Hagar doing shots with fans who lined up before 9:00am to hang with the Red Rocker and I suspect, do a shot or two themselves. Sammy’s Beach bar comes with a pledge, profits will be put back into the music.

“Now we can get back to keeping tickets cheap, and this will take care of
the rest, OK” – Sammy Hagar

Hagar’s philanthropy is well known and admired — his “Blessings in a Backpack” foundation feeds thousands of school kids.

“I try to find grass roots, hands on organizations that when you give ’em a check, it’s in the system working, not in a bank account” – Sammy Hagar

Hagar’s new band is called Chickenfoot.

“It’s hard rock, a little more passionate. I have a hard time at my age singing that high school stuff” – Sammy Hagar

And of course, there’s Sammy the sports fan.

“If you’re the Red Rocker, you’ve gotta be a Cards fan. Are you kidding, I live in San Fransisco and they get mad cuz I love St. Louis” – Sammy Hagar

And here’s some footage by St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

  • stew

    Sammy Buffet- A beach bar in St. Louis. Come on!

  • http://www.juanbodley.blogspot.com JohnnyC.

    He’s the “Red Rocker” and he’s a CARDS fan???
    Did he forget that the FIRST pro baseball team was the Cincinnati REDLEGS, now just the REDS????

    Come on Sammy…
    (and I kid because I can…I’m just a Reds fan who needs someone to holler at…)

  • Erick

    sorry, not interested

  • Rocko

    I’d prefer the Cabo Wabo Cantina to branch off In Canada

  • http://www.myspace.com/aarxn aarxn

    Yes! another over priced, plastic food selling, too dark to eat, horrible service, bad psuedo-live music, gimmic rideen joint a la Cheeseburger In Paradise! …but i do give him props for giving to charity though, that is pretty cool. now im hungry

  • redarrow5150

    You mean it’s actually possible to run a business while at the same time record and produce new albums?





  • pushtoshove

    Redarrow5150…you are a genius..no wonder Ed hates Sammy….Sammy’s blowing Ed’s cover ( Shit!! Now people will expect results AND effort!…frigging Sammy ! )….Sammy’s a guy who appreciates his place in his world and capitalizes on it…Way to go Sammy!

  • Cabo Joe

    Why does eveyone give him a hard time? No doubt you’re Dave fans, but come on? Anyone that’s been around as long as Sammy has the fucking right to branch off into other passions. For Sammy, it’s not about the money and never has been. How may charities, besides the EVH charity does anyone else in Van Halen affiliate with?

    I am not busting Eddie and Al’s balls for NOT be too charity friendly(that we are aware of), that is their right as well, but don’t bust Sammy’s balls because he does the things that make him happy.

    You guys should try that for a change: Being happy.


  • SCAR

    Relax,sounds like it’s just a fucking fun place to eat, drink and have a good time!! I ask, what’s wrong with having a good time?

  • Shawn

    AARXN-Obviously you have never ate at the Cabo Wabo, the food is great and so is the atmosphere. Thank Sammy you are always out there making the world a little better!! You use your fame the right way! I can’t wait to try your next place!DANOOSH- Get out of 1986 and have some fun with the rest of us.

  • walteR

    People should stop hating on Sammy…. Van Halen had more #1 albums when he was singing with them. If he wants to explore other things that make him happy, so be it…. At least he is giving his share of the profits to charity which is alot more than most rock stars would do!!!! What does Eddie do for the world except ride the glory of songs that are really old ??

  • SCAR

    walteR – How old are you kid, 5 or 6?

  • Kenny

    Congrads Sammy and Good Luck…….

  • http://www.myspace.com/aarxn aarxn

    Shawn: i havent ate at Cabo Wabo yet, and i wasnt harshing on Sammy for branching out, i think its cool how hes giving back, i was just talking about my bitter hatred to places like Cheeseburger In Paradise or Bahama Breeze. lol

  • Jor-L5150

    redarrow LOL LOL !!!

    yeah- this is cool . why not ? he’ll never be as ” commercial ” as KISS

  • Jor-L5150

    i’m hungry

  • http://none J5149.5

    man it’s hard to put a finger on sammy.great singer but i think if he was in the philharmonic orchestra he’d demand his way and sammy’s writing to me is just bland.van halen gives to charities without calling the press and making a specticle of it and that’s the most admirable way to go in my book.i think eddie did an evaluation and figured who he had to get out of his life.wow what friends and spouse he had to write books and tell everyone he was junk,all the while enjoying the money they were getting being associated with ed.with friends like that……

  • sammyvanroth

    help feeding kids in need. i think its great!