VHND Revamped!

The Van Halen News Desk has finally received it’s long overdue redesign! The last two years were the biggest years ever in terms of traffic at the VHND, and although we’ve posted nearly 300 stories or reviews in just the last year and a half, we haven’t been too pleased with the site and would have liked to have been able to update it more often.

Our new design is much easier to update, so expect to see a LOT more Van Halen & Sammy Hagar stories from now on! And note that, for the first time, VHND readers can post comments under each story.

Meanwhile, you will always be able to access the OLD version of the VHND at the link in the top right corner of the new site.

We’ll have many exclusive stories & interviews posted throughout the next several years, and we promise to be better than ever! We hope you enjoy the new site.

  • Adam

    Awesome. Always loved the VHND. Thanks & keep it coming!

  • http://www.USAstrojax.com Biff Malibu

    Like an addict I check the VHND nearly every night before I go to sleep. And you know you do to…

  • http://www.soundofthebeast.com Ian Christe

    Congratulations! I’ve been in a post-VH tour funk, my mind drifting aimlessly, wondering if we’ve seen the last of those guys for a long while. And then BAM!, this redesign jolts some life into the room. Great job!

  • http://jbhalen@comcast.net jason b good

    it was the best show i saw in my life van halen is the best of the best band of all time to me .dave rock the show .alex was it he best edward was rock it was cool i see father and son rock the house wolf was great van halen rules .no one put a better show when van halen does jason b good

  • http://jbhalen@comcast.net jason b good

    van halen is the best thank eddie you rules

  • http://myspace.com/mariosolano Mario Solano

    Congratulations! amazing site!!!

  • Pat G

    Love VHND

  • fletch

    VHND rocks

  • http://vhlinks.com sickman

    Great to see the site updated and the new look. Keep it coming.

  • Guy D

    Saw Van Halen at Madison Square Garden in May. They were incredible. I brought my thirteen year old son we were both blown away by Eddie’s playing. We can’t wait for a new VH CD with Dave on vocals. There is nothing like Van Halen with Dave.

  • Big Chris

    LOVE IT! Great Job.

  • Big Chris

    PS: First saw VH in 1979. I have ticket stubs saved from an additional 47 shows over the years, including 1 with Gary and 7 with Sammy. I now live in Utah (due to my job) and my best friend of 28 years in Sacramento purchased us PIT seats for March 28th in Atlantic City. As we all know, that show was rescheduled for May 9th. I LOVE SAMMY HAGAR!!! HE is awesome! However, with Goof Ball Dave back as the front man, this show was simply unbelivable!!!! Wolfgang is NOT Mikey, yet, but lets hope FOR THE FANS, that Eddie sees the need and joy in touring with MIKEY and SAMMY, and DAVE. A two hour gig, with Dave era first, then Sammy, then BOTH on the stage for the encores, doing “Everybody Want Some, Panama and JUMP” to close the show. Yeah, sell outs at EVERY SHOW for a long time!

  • Jero

    Was there too (NY MSG). I’m from The Netherlands (homeland of the Van Halens) and it took me a solid 13 hours to get in New York, but worth every second. When you hear and see Dave and Ed together on stage after more then two decades, you will notice that the magic is there! There is NO Van Halen without David lee Roth and there is no David Lee Roth without Van Halen!

  • stephen mule

    Love the updated site and I’m still talking about the Toronto show from back in October! can’t wait for a new CD!

  • Guido

    I’ve been visiting the VHND website since 1996, and it’s great that there’s material to post on the site. Glad to see VH back and in full effect.

  • Mitch

    “The” Van Halen news is this.
    Eddie and Dave.

    WTF is Sammy doing on here ??
    Publish his real media (news) interviews and you
    will see he has real problems with Van Halen.
    Yet you plug him regardless. He has nothing to do
    with Van Halen.

    Van Halen News Desk ??

    Grant ??

    What tha ???

    Sammy has not been near Van Hagar in four
    years, are you guys really that behind the news ?

    The eternal debate is over. Dave and Eddie
    are Van Halen. $93 million says so…..

    Why dont you play an “Up for Breakfast” midi
    file when this page loads… Lame Lame Lame…

    We want Van Halen news, not Van Hasbeens news…..

    Aside from that, the site looks cool, nice job !

  • Cabo 5150

    Well done on the revamp, but it would be nice to have a “Gary Cherone” category also – he did front the band for what in my opinion was an excellent album and tour. He is as much a part of the bands legacy as DLR and SH.

  • mark rozela

    great website.

    amex. (mark rozela)

  • Big Chris

    The TRUTH is, what $93 MILLION says is NOT millions of people, but the cost of a ticket. ALBEIT, WORTH EVERY PENNY, from the $1500 PIT seat in Sacramento, to the $300 7th Row seat in Atlantic City, not to mention the 15th Row in Vegas, 15 row in Oakland, and 11th Row in Fresno, ALL ON THIS TOUR…..But yea, its always been about DLR and EDDIE for sure, even tho SAMMY was a different gig all together….LOVE EM ALL, but DAVE makes it VH!!

  • Gerry Gustin


    Good Job Friends – Keep up the good work!

  • Gerry Gustin

    I am sure I meant to type you’ll get some LEG tonight for sure….

    Be kind everyone – it was a LONG day!


  • Grant

    Mitch, my last VHND article was Dec 2003…



  • Herman Snerd

    Thank God! I’ve always LOVED the info you provide, but HATED that damn black background! Hurt my eyes!!!

  • http://www,cainmusic,com Eric A

    Love the new digs here at VHND! I’ve been checking it for years for thing they wouldn’t put on the VH site! Great job!

    As for the guy who now wants to dismiss the Sammy years, he can f**k off! Sammy Hagar was an important part of the band for the better part of 20 years, and VH had more hits with him than with Dave. DLR’s a better showman, for sure, but Sammy’s got the voice that Dave will NEVER have! I like to look at the Dave and Sammy eras 2 different bands, really. Anyone who saw Dave and Sammy’s tour together back in ’02 knows what I’m talkig about…

  • http://www.myspace.com/blakesnow Snowman

    always loved the site. Ed and Al make Van Halen. Can’t wait for the new cd to come out! Keep us informed!
    Thanks VHND